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We are sorry to have to report that the following titles are now out of print as hardback limited editions or paperbacks. Selected books may still be available through dealers listed on the links page, but can no longer be purchased direct from the publisher. Many are available as ebooks.


In Alphabetical Order by Author


Aickman, Robert, The Collected Strange Stories of Robert Aickman

Aickman, Robert, The Strangers and Other Writings

Aickman, Robert, Sub Rosa

Aickman, Robert, The Attempted Rescue


Bierce, Ambrose, An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge


Blackwood, Algernon, Pan's Garden


Cannon, Peter, Forever Azathoth


Cavaliero, Glen, Steeple on a Hill

Caveliero, Glen, The Justice of the Night


Charlton, William, Undesirable Guests


Collier, John, Green Thoughts


Connell, Brendan, Against the Grain Again


Coppard, A.E., Father Raven and Other Tales


Cram, Ralph Adams, Black Spirits and White


David, Charles, The Way Things End


de Bernières, Louis, Günter Weber's Confession

de Bernières, Louis, A Walberswick Goodnight Story


Egan, Beresford, by Adrian Woodhouse


Eisele, Michael, The Girl with the Peacock Harp

Eisele, Michael, Tree Spirit and Other Strange Tales


Falkner, John Meade, The Lost Stradivarius


Ferris, Henry, A Night with Mephistopheles


Gale, John, A Damask of the Dead


Gaskin, John, The New Inn Hall Deception


Gautier, Théophile, Clarimonde


Harvey, W.F.: The Double Eye


Hawthorne, Nathaniel, The Snow Image


Heard, Gerald, Dromenon


Hearn, Lafcadio, Nightmare-Touch


Heron-Allen, Edward, The Collected Strange Papers of Christopher Blayre

Heron-Allen, Edward, The Princess Daphne


Heuler, Karen, The Clockworm


Hodgson, William Hope, The Lost Poetry


Hoffmann, E.T.A. The Sand-Man and Other Night Pieces


Holmes, Carly, Figurehead


Howard, Elizabeth Jane, Three Miles Up


Hughes, Rhys, Worming the Harpy

Hughes, Rhys, Stories from a Lost Anthology

Hughes, Rhys, The Smell of Telescopes

Hughes, Rhys, Orpheus on the Underground


Hurley, Andrew Michael, The Loney

Hurley, Andrew Michael, Devil's Day


Irving, Washington, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


James, Henry, A Sense of the Past


Komarnyckyj, Andrew, Ezra Slef


Lorrain, Jea, Monsieur de Phocas

Lorrain, Jean, Nightmares of an Ether-Drinker


Machen, Arthur, A Fragment of Life

Machen, Arthur, Afterglow/On Paganism (with Mitchell S. Buck)

Machen, Arthur, The Children of the Pool

Machen, Arthur, Hieroglyphics

Machen, Arthur, Ornaments in Jade

Machen, Arthur, N


Maupassant, Guy de, Tales of Terror


McQueen, Magda, Mirror Dead


Methuen-Campbell, James, Denton Welch: Writer and Artist


Lees, Tim, Frankenstein's Prescription


Meyrink, Gustav, The Golem


Parker, Rosalie, ed, Strange Tales I

Parker, Rosalie, ed, Strange Tales II

Parker, Rosalie, ed, Strange Tales III

Parker, Rosalie, ed, Strange Tales IV


Parker Russell, Timothy, ed., Dark World


Reid, Forrest, Uncle Stephen


Reynier, Michael, Five Degrees of Latitude

Reynire, Michael, Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony


Saki, Sredni Vashtar


Salzman, Anne-Sylvie, Darkscapes


Samuels, Mark, The White Hands


Sansom, William, Various Temptations


Sarban, The Sacrifice


Schwob, Marcel, The King in the Golden Mask


Shiel, M.P., Prince Zaleski

Shiel, M.P., Shapes in the Fire

Shiel, M.P., The Pale Ape

Shiel, M.P., The Purple Cloud


Saint-Cyr, Jacques-Antoine Révéroni, baron de, Pauliska, or, Modern Perversity


Strantzas, Simon, Cold to the Touch


Strong, L.A.G., The Buckross Ring


Underwood, Edna, Dear Dead Women


Valentine, Mark, Masques and Citadels

Valentine, Mark, In Violet Veils

Valentine, Mark, Star Kites

Valentine, Mark, Time, A Falconer


van Rijswijk, Philomena, House of the Flight-helpers


Various, Aklo


Various, Tales from Tartarus


Walpole, Hugh, Tarnhelm


Townsend Warner, Sylvia, The Salutation


Welch, Denton, Where Nothing Sleeps


Wharton, Edith: The Triumph of Night


White, John Manchip, Echoes and Shadows


Woodhouse, Adrian, Beresford Egan


Wormwood issues 2 and 3


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