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Coverley House

Carlton, Leyburn

North Yorkshire, DL8 4AY

United Kingdom.

Telephone/Fax: +44 (0) 1969 640399.

email Tartarus Press  tartarus@pavilion.co.uk


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This website is set up to take payment via Paypal, either with your own Paypal account, or you can use your credit card when 'checking out' via  Paypal.

Direct Paypal payments can be made to this address: tartarus@pavilion.co.uk


Credit card payments:

We no longer accept direct payment by Visa or Mastercard.


Cheque payment:

You are welcome to pay by cheque (in British Pounds Sterling) to the address above.

We can also accept cheques in US dollars, but please add an additional $10 per cheque towards the high conversion fees.



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