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Le Grand Meaulnes


Aickman, Robert


Assi, Seraj

My Life as an Alien


Barker, Nugent

Written With My Left Hand


Bierce, Ambrose

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


Carlson, Eric Stener

Dark Arts

The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires



Crawford, F. Marion

Uncanny Tales


Crisp, Quentin S.

Morbid Tales


de la Mare, Walter

Strangers and Pilgrims


Dobson, Roger

The Library of the Lost


Falowo, Dare Segun

Caged Ocean Dub


Gaskin, John

Time of Passing

The Long Retreating Day

The Master of the House

The New Inn Hall Deception


Gawsworth, John

The Life of Arthur Machen


Hagy, Jessica

One Morning


Hanson, Eric

What I Was Afraid Of


Hardy, Kate A.



Hartley, L.P.

The Collected Macabre Stories of L.P. Hartley


Harvey, W.F.

The Double Eye


Howard, John, and Valentine, Mark

Inner Europe

Secret Europe

The Collected Connoisseur


Lane, Joel

This Spectacular Darkness


Lindsay, David

The Haunted Woman


Lloyd, Rebecca

Seven Strange Stories

Mercy and Other Stories

The Child Cephalina


Lombardi, Nicola

The Gypsy Spiders and Other Tales of Italian Horror


Machen, Arthur


Murray, Walter J.C.



O'Donoghue, John

The Servants and Other Strange Stories


Oliver, Reggie


Onions, Oliver

The Ghost Stories


Parker: Rosalie

Dream Fox and Other Strange Stories


Strange Tales Volume II

Strange Tales Volume III

Strange Tales Volume V

Strange Tales: Tartarus Press at 30

The Old Knowledge

Literary Hauntings: A Ghost Story Gazetteer (Contributor)

Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows


Poe, Edgar Alan

The Macabre Tales of Edgar Allan Poe


Robbins, Tod

Unholy Tales


Russell, R.B.

Robert Aickman: A Biography

She Sleeps

Occult Territory: An Arthur Machen Gazetteer

Bloody Baudelaire

The Dark Return of Time

Past Lives of Old Books

Putting the Pieces in Place and Literary Remains

Leave Your Sleep

Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Bibliography

Literary Hauntings: A Ghost Story Gazetteer (Contributor)

Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows


Salmon, A.L.

The Ferry of Souls




Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Suicide Club and other Dark Adventures


Symons, A.J.A.

The Quest for Corvo


Sulway, Nike



Underwood, Edna W.

Dear Dead Women


Valentine, Mark


Volk, Stephen

The Good Unknown and Other Ghost Stories


Walpole, Hugh

Tarnhelm, The Best Supernatural Stories of Hugh Walpole


Watt, D.P.

Petals and Violins: Fifteen Unsettling Tales


Wells. H.G.

The Man Who Could Work Miracles


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