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Unholy Tales is a sewn hardback book of 262 + xxix pages with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, printed boards, and d/w. Limited to 300 copies.


First edition.

ISBN 978-1-912586-18-9


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ebook format

Unholy Tales

by Tod Robbins


edited by

Johnny Mains


Clarence Aaron Robbins (1888-1949), often credited as C.A. Robbins, but better known as Tod Robbins, was an American author of horror and mystery fiction. His posthumous and popular reputation is based on the short story ‘Spurs’ (1923), which Tod Browning used as the basis for Freaks (1932), a controversial film that suffered from censorship and bans, but which developed a cult following. Robbins’ novel The Unholy Three (1917) was also adapted for the screen, first in a silent version directed by Tod Browning (1925) and later in a sound version directed by Jack Conway (1930).


Tod Robbins’ short stories and novels, appealed to contemporary readers due to their bizarre and frightening plots. Some of his extravagant mysteries are rationalised, but in other work the supernatural is allowed full reign.


This new selection of the curious work of Tod Robbins contains an insightful Introduction by Johnny Mains, who offers new information about an author who wrote for commercial markets, but also impressed discerning critics such as E.F. Bleiler.



'An Unholy Biography' by Johnny Mains


from Silent, White and Beautiful

'Silent, White and Beautiful'

'Who Wants a Green Bottle?'

'Wild Wullie, The Waster'

'The Unholy Three'



"I am certainly recommending Unholy Tales to anyone who will listen. Deliciously twisted writer indeed, and I can't get enough." Oddly Weird Fiction

"For those readers who tend to skip the preface of any fictional work, I strongly recommend the splendid, exhaustive introduction by Johnny Mains, which provides an extraordinary, enjoyable insight of Robbins’ restless life." Mario Guslandi, Hellnotes

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