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23rd February 2018:

Three news items


Joel Lane's This Spectacular Darkness is reviewed in this weeks Times Literary Supplement. Phil Baker writes: 'Joel Lane...was an exceptionally astute and sympathetic critic of supernatural horror' and 'Lane is particularly good on the modernist horror of Fritz Leiber, with its distinctive feel for the urban environment', also 'For Lane, worthwhile supernatural horror is always about something more: a displacement and distillation that crystallizes human situations in a moment of of metaphorical truth'.


'Where's the Harm', a terrific short story by Rebecca Lloyd from her collection Seven Strange Stories has been chosen by Ellen Datlow for her Best Horror of the Year Volume 10.


Wormwood is recommended in the Washington Post today along with The Green Book, Weird Fiction Review, Faunus (published by the Friends of Arthur Machen) and Der Orchideengarte. All highly recommended by Tartarus Press too!



12th January 2018:

Wyrd Britain

Wyrd Britain enthuses of Mark Valentine's A Country Still All Mystery. "A hugely recommended read for anyone with an interest in the roads less travelled and in the words spoken with a quieter resonance." If only we had some physical copies left!



4th January 2018:

Dublin Ghost Story Festival

Tartarus Press is booked in for the Dublin Ghost Story Festival this year. Highly recommended!



3rd January 2018:

Radio Three ... again

Do listen to an effectively spine-tingling essay by Andrew Michael Hurley on BBC Radio Three, in which he considers the hauntings of Chingle Hall, a 17th-century manor house near Preston.



2nd January 2018:


Please feel free to follow us on Instagram, where we are slowly uploading a great number of book photos.



1st January 2018:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all customers and friends of Tartarus Press.



29th December 2017:

The Verb: Radio Three

Ian Macmillan and Stewart Lee discuss Arthur Machen and The Autobiography of Arthur Machen on BBC Radio Three's The Verb. The show can be listened to again via the link.



19th December 2017:

Mirror Dead

Magda McQueen's excellent first novel, Mirror Dead, has just received a great review at Publishers Weekly, which described it as "Mordantly amusing" and says, "Readers fond of dark fantasy with a light touch will be rewarded."



13th December 2017:

Out of print

We are sorry to report that Holy Terrors is now out of print with us. However, copies may still be available from our dealers, and copies may also be obtained from Obsolete Films at screenings of the Holy Terrors film.



12th December 2017:

Holy Terrors

On the 16th December we will publish Holy Terrors, a paperback of five stories by Arthur Machen. This is in association with Obsolete films, whose portmanteau film, Holy Terrors, will be screened at Folk Horror Revival's Winter Ghosts, 16th December at the Metropole Hotel, Whitby, UK.



1st December 2017:

A fantastic review

Mirror Dead by Magda McQueen has received a fantastic review from Nigel Robert Wilson at the British Fantasy Society:

"...The book is not really a ghost story in the traditional sense, but it is a superb tale of possession. It certainly belongs in the supernatural category, but its complex psychology goes well beyond any easy classification. Put simply, this is by far the best written modern horror story I have yet experienced."



1st December 2017:

Out of Print

Please note that the signed, limited edition hardback of A Country Still All Mystery by Mark Valentine is now out of print. The ebook edition is still available.



29th November 2017:

Wormwood 29

The new Wormwood 29 is published tomorrow, 30th November, and contains essays on Hope Mirrlees, Lionel Johnson, Edward Upward and other fascinating writers, by Colin Insole, Nina Antonia,  Henry Wessells, Nick Wagstaff, John Howard and Richard Dalby. There are also the regular columns 'Under Review' by Reggie Oliver, 'Late Reviews' by Douglas A. Anderson and 'Camera Obscura 'by John Howard.



15th November 2017:

Black Static review

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony by Michael Reynier has been reviewed by Peter Tennant in the latest issue of Black Static (#61): "...Reynier is his own man and his creation is as original as it is vivid and entertaining.... Be sure to put Montagascony on your travel itinerary in the near future. You will not be disappointed."



13th November 2017:

Out of Print

Please note that we have sold out of copies of our signed, limited edition of Devil's Day by Andrew Michael Hurley.



13th November, 2017:

The London Adventure

We are pleased to announce the publication of Arthur Machen's The London Adventure, or, The Art of Wandering, in which the author plays a fine game with the reader, discussing what his book might be about, how he should begin it and where it might end. The result is a curiously up-to-date psychogeographical manifesto, written, as always, in the author’s beautiful prose. Added to the original text are a number of essays, several uncollected, which inform and illustrate Machen’s contention that, ‘All the wonders lie within a stone’s-throw of King’s Cross Station.’



11th November 2017:

The British Library

Last night the British Library celebrated the acquisition of the Robert Aickman archive. Left to right on stage, Richard Kelly, Jeremy Dyson, Victoria Nelson, Reece Shearsmith, Leslie Gardner and Ramsey Campbell. Raymond Russell and Rosalie Parker of Tartarus Press attended and were also delighted to talk to Heather, Graham and Guy Smith, Jenny Campbell, Brian Showers, Amelia  Bradshaw, Reggie Oliver and Pippa, Nidge Ince, Steve Jones, James Machin, Roger Luckhurst, Eddy Obermuller, Chris Maloney, Monica Petzal and Valerie Butler. We are sorry we didn't get to talk, Mick Curtis and Darryl Samaraweera! It was a good crowd of approximately 150 people, and not the kind of event we ever imagined when Tartarus Press first published Robert Aickman back in 1999.



13th October, 2017:

Devil's Day

We are delighted to announce the publication of a signed, limited edition of Andrew Michael Hurley's second novel, Devil's Day. This will be published on the 19th October, on the same day as John Murray's trade edition.



11th October, 2017

Easily Distracted

'A Country Still All Mystery is a delightful and fascinating collection of essays about books, landscapes, writers, publishers, and the pleasures derived therefrom. Mark Valentine introduces us to his passion for old books, and recounts some of the pleasurable zig-zags this has sent him on. Readers of Machen and Hodgson will find much of interest in each article.' Jay Rothermel, Easily Distracted



11th September 2017:

Robert Aickman news

We have recently written a guest blog for Wormwoodiana, discussing the Robert Aickman archive, and its sale to the British Library. It also gives detail of a celebration event at the British Library.



10th September 2017:

Ghosts and Scholars

Rosemary Pardoe in the Ghost and Scholars Newsletter 32 discusses A Country Still All Mystery by Mark Valentine, stating that: "Mark's easy, elegant and erudite style, and his vast knowledge of books, places, forgotten legends and folklore, ensure that every single essay is an enjoyable read.



1st September 2017:

New publication: Mirror Dead

We are delighted to announce the publication of Mirror Dead by Magda McQueen, a contemporary novel which we believe demonstrates the rude health of the ghost story at the beginning of the twenty-first century.



29th August 2017:

Joel Lane reviewed

 The British Fantasy Society have reviewed This Spectacular Darkness by Joel Lane: This is an excellent non-fiction book and deserves a place on the shelf of any serious scholar of the genre."



8th August 2017:

A Country Still All Mystery

Our next publication is a collection of literary essays by Mark Valentine, A Country Still All Mystery. It is available as a limited edition hardback (signed by the author), and as an ebook. This new book is a follow-up to the previous volume Haunted by Books.



30th July 2017:

Out of print

Please note that Stories from a Lost Anthology by Rhys Hughes is no longer available as a limited edition hardback. It is still available, however, as an ebook.



20th July 2017:

BFS shortlist

This Spectacular Darkness by Joel Lane is on the shortlist for the British Fantasy Society Awards.



18th July 2017:

In print!

We recently reported that Holidays from Hell by Reggie Oliver had sold out, but we are very relieved to have found another two boxes! These are available through the website once again.


Low stock:

Star Kites by Mark Valentine is now low in stock. Signed copies are still available for the time being.


As previously reported, we are also down to the last few copies of Stories From A Lost Anthology by Rhys Hughes, The Man Who Could Work Miracles by H.G. Wells,  The Wandering Soul by William Hope Hodgson and Dreads and Drolls by Arthur Machen. These remaining copies had been previously held back because they all show slight marks and bumps, and we are unable to replace jackets on the Machen and the Hodgson volumes. These four books have all been substantially discounted on the website to reflect this, and are still offered with free post and packing worldwide.



7th July 2017:

Seven Strange Stories reviewed

Seven Strange Stories by Rebecca Lloyd has been reviewed by Publishers Weekly and is described as an "exquisite collection of macabre tales" which "will appeal to readers who like stories that are subtle as well as strange."

The collection has also been "real-time" reviewed by D.F. Lewis who remarks that it "contains some unforgettable classics of the 'strange stories' genre.'"



4th July 2017:

Muladona review

Eric Stener Carlson's wonderful novel Muladona has been reviewed by Whistlingshade: "Muladona’s story-within-a-framework structure recalls the Decameron of Boccaccio, though the dark tone is more remi­niscent of Dante. It’s a dense tangle of cruelty, anguish, intrigue and history run riot that would be worthy of Borges himself."



29th June 2017:

The Life of Arthur Machen

John Gawsworth's excellent The Life of Arthur Machen is now back in print as a paperback and an ebook.



12th June 2017:


Read 'Olalla' by Robert Louis Stevenson from The Suicide Club and Other Dark Adventures, as a pdf here.



22nd May 2017:

Seven Strange Stories

Our next publication is Seven Strange Stories by Rebecca Lloyd, author of the previous Tartarus Press collection, the World Fantasy Award nominated Mercy and Other Stories.



19th May 2017:

Dollar cheques

Please note that we are now longer able to accept cheques in US dollars, due to a new policy by our bank. Paypal and bank transfers are still fine.



12th May 2017:

Reggie Oliver review

Reggie Oliver's Holidays from Hell receives a glowing review in April's Locus. "Oliver is the leading contemporary exponent of the antiquarian ghost story as established by M.R. James."



11th May 2017:

Out of print

Please no that The Master of the House by John Gaskin is now out of print as a limited edition hardback. It is still available, however, as an ebook.



4th May 2017:

Richard Dalby, RIP

We are very sad to report the death of Richard Dalby, editor and researcher. Richard's literary knowledge was immense, but in the ghost story field, especially, he was without compare. RIP, Richard.



4th May 2017:

Wormwood 28

We are pleased to announce the publication on Tuesday 9th May of Wormwood 28. The new issue contains:

"Among the Toiling Masses: On Robert Aickman’s ‘Meeting Mr Millar’ " by Philip Challinor

"Herbert Moore Pim: Hibernian Hierophant, Chameleon of Identity, Sorcerous Scribbler" by Adam Daly

"Incurable: Lionel Johnson: The Disconsolate Decadent, Part 1" by Nina Antonia

"Kipling’s Fancy: ‘Wireless’ Communication and Cross Correspondences" by Jacob Huntley

"The Fairy Suffragettes: Evelyn Sharp, Bessie Hatton and Mary de Morgan" by Mark Andresen

"Devil’s Tor: A Voyage from Arcturus" by Robert Eldridge

"The Eternal Feminine: David Lindsay’s Fixation as Developed in Devil’s Tor" by Thomas Kent Miller

"Under Review" by Reggie Oliver

"Late Reviews" by Douglas A. Anderson

"Camera Obscura" by John Howard

£9.99 including p&p worldwide.



10th April 2017:

Out of Print

The Secret of the Sangraal by Arthur Machen is now out of print. Please check the Low Stock page to see which other books are low in number.



6th April 2017:

Booking the Hidden Back Room

The Hidden Back Room by Jason A. Wyckoff receives a very good review from Rick Kleffel at Narrative Species: "Readers who enjoy a good dose of terror mixed with their reality will want to book The Hidden Back Room."



3rd April 2017:

The House of the Hidden Light

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paperback edition of The House of the Hidden Light by Arthur Machen and A.E. Waite.

Please note that Ritual and Other Stories is no longer available as a limited edition hardback.



2nd march 2017:

The Autobiography of Arthur Machen

We are pleased to announce the publication, on Friday 24th March, of The Autobiography of Arthur Machen. Comprising Far Off Things and Things Near and Far, this new volume has an Introduction by Stewart Lee, and has four colour plates. It is also available as an ebook.



17th March 2017:

"Starred" review

Holidays from Hell by Reggie Oliver receives a "starred" review in Publishers Weekly: "Each of the 14 stories in Oliver’s seventh collection (after Flowers of the Sea) is a gem of subtly evoked horrors whose climaxes are skillfully understated but still effectively chilling."



7th March 2017:

BFS Review

Holidays from Hell by Reggie Oliver has been very positively reviewed by Mario Guuslandi at British Fantasy Society: "...a wonderful, enticing collection of great stories, apt to prove once again what an incredibly deep pleasure reading can be."


21st February 2017:


A number of our titles are newly available as ebooks direct from Tartarus, or through Amazon:

The Girl With the Peacock Harp, by Michael Eisele from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

And by Arthur Machen:

The Secret Glory, from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

The Secret of the Sangraal, from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

The Children of the Pool from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

The Cosy Room from Amazon UK and Amazon.com

Dreads and Drolls from Amazon UK and Amazon.com.



9th February 2017:

Reggie Oliver Illustrations for sale

Limited edition prints of Reggie Oliver's illustrations from his collections are available for sale:

Holidays from Hell illustrations

Flowers of the Sea illustrations

Masques of Satan illustrations

The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini illustrations

The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler illustrations

Mrs Midnight and Other Stories illustrations



6th February 2017:


Matthew Keeley at Tor.com writes in praise of small presses, specifically Small Beer, Subterranean and Tartarus.



25th January 2017:

New Reggie Oliver collection

We are delighted to announce that a new collection by Reggie Oliver, Holidays from Hell, will be published on January 30th. It contains fourteen stories by Oliver, and an 'Introduction' by Robert Shearman. 'No one story is like another' as poet and critic Glen Cavaliero has written of Oliver’s work. And as Pulitzer prize winning Michael Dirda of the Washington Post wrote: ‘Once you’ve read one story by Reggie Oliver you’ll want to read them all.’


A Lost Book

Back in 2001 we published Uncle Stephen by Forrest Reid, a wonderfully sensitive supernatural novel, with a new Introduction by Colin Cruise. We seemed to sell out of the book a little quicker than we expected, but this was because a whole box had been mis-labelled and archived. We recently opened the box and discovered that it contained copies of this great book, and we are pleased to be able to offer copies once again, while stocks last, at the original price of £27.50.



20th January 2017:

Publishers Weekly review

The Girl with the Peacock Harp has received a great review at Publishers Weekly: "Eisele demonstrates uncommon skill at exposing the hearts and minds of his characters and giving their conflicts an emotional immediacy, no matter how weird their circumstances."



9th January 2017:

Happy New Year!

We have updated our low stock report, adding another two books by Arthur Machen which are now low in number, Ritual  and Dreads and Drolls.


In 2009 Tartarus Press published The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires by Eric Stener Carlson. This is still available from Tartarus as an ebook, although the limited edition hardback sold out several years ago. Admirers of the book might like to know that the Megapolisomancy website has created a page called Locations in The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires, which offers photographs of the key sites from the book. Still available as a limited edition hardback, though, is Carlson's Muladona.



21st December 2016:

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all customers and friends of Tartarus Press a very Merry Christmas!

Please note that from 21st December we will not be able to acknowledge orders, and we will be sending physical and ebooks again from the 30th December.



11th December 2016:

The Girl with the Peacock Harp

The debut short story collection by Michael Eisele, The Girl with the Peacock Harp, has been reviewed at the Supernatural Tales website, where the astute David Longhorn has been commenting on the individual stories as his has been reading them. He concludes:

"I think this book will appeal to anyone who enjoys richly-imagined, intelligent fiction. They are not easy to classify, and certainly don't qualify as horror or ghost stories per se. Instead they occupy a fascinating region where myth and legend overlap with the fears and crises of all-too-real world."


The Girl with the Peacock Harp has also been included in Michael Dirda's Holiday Book Picks at the Washington Post.



7th December 2016:

The Los Angeles Review of Books

The books of Sarban, and specifically The Sound of His Horn, are the subject of in-depth analysis at the Los Angeles Review of Books. Paul StJohn Mackintosh discusses Sarban's relevance in the modern world, and recommends Tartarus Press: "...the leading independent English publisher of fine editions of weird and dark fiction, specializes in limited fine-quality print hardbacks and equally well-produced but much cheaper DRM-free ebooks."



5th December 2016:

Ebook available

This Spectacular Darkness by Joel Lane is now available as an ebook, direct from Tartarus, or Amazon.



30th November 2016:

This Spectacular Darkness

We are pleased to announce the publication of This Spectacular Darkness, a collection of critical essays by Joel Lane, edited by Mark Valentine and John Howard.


Joel Lane, renowned as a writer of compelling strange stories, novels in the noir tradition, and acute poetry, was also a thoughtful and perceptive essayist on the fantasy and horror fields. For the journal Wormwood he wrote a series of pieces discussing the leading figures in twentieth-century dark literature, including Lovecraft, Ligotti, Leiber and Aickman. Joel always intended to collect these essays in a book to be entitled This Spectacular Darkness. This cannot be that book: but it brings together all the essays he was able to write in the series.



29th November 2016:

Green Thoughts reviews

A very good review for John Collier's Green Thoughts & Other Stories: "...an attractive showcase of a talented writer’s fiction ... likely to resuscitate the author’s reputation and elicit new interest in his work." Mario Guslandi, Nudge



23rd November 2016:

Out of Print

We regret to announce that the limited edition hardback of The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay is now out of print. It is still available, however, as an ebook.



21st November 2016:

Oddly Weird Fiction

Muladona by Eric Stener Carlson has received a very fine review at Oddly Weird Fiction. They write: "Muladona is original, fresh, and above all, it is a thinking person's horror novel ... well thought out and intelligently written ... Highly, highly recommended for readers who enjoy the work of excellent writers and for people who like their horror novels more on the cerebral side. This is a good one, folks."



20th November 2016:

The Hidden Back Room reviews

Jake Wyckoff's The Hidden Back Room has garnered a number of very good reviews:

Publishers Weekly:

"Wyckoff creates characters with whom the reader can easily identify, and that makes their dramas seem all the more disturbing when events move them into the more shadowed recesses of personal experience. His stories abound with surprises that even diehard readers of weird fiction are not likely to anticipate."

This is Horror:

"Wykoff’s stories are elegantly crafted, aesthetically pleasing."




The Hidden Back Room has also been the subject of a "real-time review" by D.F. Lewis:




10th November 2016:

Wormwood 27

We are pleased to announce the publication on 14th November of Wormwood 27. The new issue of our journal contains:

"The Dystopian Bones of Peake’s Castle Gormenghast" by James Butler

"Lords of All Power: The Apocalyptic Science Fiction Novels of Robert Hugh Benson: Part 2" by John Howard

" ‘A Death Most Peculiar and Sad’: LeeRoy J. Tappan and the Omar Khayyam Cult" by Gavin Callaghan

"Amyas Northcote’s Ghostly Companies" by Mike Barrett

"Worlds: The Life and Theurgic Artistry of Andrei Bely" by Avalon Brantley

"Under Review" by Reggie Oliver

"Late Reviews" by Douglas A. Anderson

"Camera Obscura" by John Howard



30th October 2016:

Green Thoughts recommended

The Daily Telegraph has recommended a number of books for Halloween, including Green Thoughts by John Collier: "A handsome hardback brimming with his unique, wicked, dandyish style."



21st October 2016:

The Girl with the Peacock Harp

We are delighted to announce the publication of The Girl with the Peacock Harp, a new collection of entrancing short stories by contemporary author, Michael Eisele.



20th October 2016:

The Washington Post

Michael Dirda, in his Halloween reading recommendations in The Washington Post today writes: "R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker are not only the proprietors of England’s much-admired Tartarus Press, but also accomplished practitioners of the eerie tale." He then goes on to recommend The Stones are Singing by Russell, and Damage by Rosalie Parker.



15th September 2016:

Green Thoughts by John Collier

Our latest publication is Green Thoughts and Other Stories by the inimitable John Collier. The collection represents what we believe to be the very best of John Collier's dark, witty, sardonic stories.



10th August 2016:

Back in print

We are delighted to announce that Sarban's The Sound of His Horn is back in print as a Tartarus Press hardback, and is now available with all of the posthumously published stories from The Sacrifice.



5th August 2016:

Out of print

We regret to note that Tarnhelm by Hugh Walpole is now out of print as a limited edition hardback. It is still available, however, as an ebook.



27th July 2016:

Black Horse

Please note that Black Horse by Jason A. Wyckoff is now unavailable as a limited edition hardback. It remains in print as an ebook.



18th July 2016:

Horthólary review

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony by Michael Reynier has been positively reviewed in Aurealius # 92 by Stephanie McLeay: "Hortholary, with all its rich imagery, slow storytelling and depth of (even minor) characters, would appeal more to the Gabriel Garcia Marquez fan than the fan of hard-nosed detectives, but it is the perfect meal for lovers of both."



11th July 2016:

The Hidden Back Room

Our next publication is The Hidden Back Room, a collection of strange stories by Jake Wyckoff, author of Black Horse (about which Publishers Weekly wrote '...these tales are the work of a writer skilled at navigating the twists and turns of his unconventional horror themes.') The Hidden Back room will be published 14th July, and will be available as a limited edition hardback and as an ebook.



24th June 2016:

Wormwood Number 1 reprinted

We are pleased to announce a reissue of Wormwood 1.



15th June 2016:

Really Weird Books for Fogged-in, Coast-Side Reading this Summer

Muladona is reviewed by Rick Kleffel at KQED: "Carlson captures the terror of an almost-remembered nightmare, juxtaposing the familiar and the strange with ease."



24th May 2016:

Supernatural Tales

The Supernatural Tales Blog, administered by David Longhorn, has reviews Muladona by Eric Stener Carlson and pronounces it to be "a brilliant work of American Gothic supernatural horror."



20th May 2016:

Arthur Machen's 1890s Notebook.

Please note that Arthur Machen's 1890s Notebook is now out of print! While FoAM still welcomes new members, we can no longer offer the Notebook as a part of the membership package.



17th May 2016:

Wormwood 26

We are pleased to announce the publication of Wormwood 26. The new issue of our journal contains two essays that consider how supernatural fiction works: Daniel Watt reflects on some sources of the fantastic in literature today, while John Gaskin argues that the ghost story form assumes a distinction between the natural world and another, super-natural world separate to ours Colin Insole considers the work of Rudyard Kipling, while John Howard provides the first part of an extensive essay studying R.H. Benson's apocalyptic science-fiction novels. Mark Samuels takes us on a literary jaunt with the late Roger Dobson, while Mike Barrett considers the short stories of D.K. Broster. In his ‘Under Review’ column, Reggie Oliver considers Charles Williams, Sax Rohmer and Lafcadio Hearn.



10th May 2016:

We have various items of news:


Arthur Machen First Edition

Later this month we are delighted to be publishing, along with the Friends of Arthur Machen, the first ever publication of Arthur Machen's 1890s Notebook. The book is only available as a part of the FoAM membership package, so to secure a copy please join (and also receive two hardback journals a year!)


The Suicide Club & Other Dark Adventures

Next week sees the republication of The Suicide Club & Other Dark Adventures. This definitive collection of Robert Louis Stevenson’s fantastic and macabre stories is Introduced by Mark Valentine. We first published the collection in 2004 and it quickly went out of print.


How The Loney took the publishing world by storm

As revealed by the Daily Telegraph.


Wormwood 26

The new issue of Wormwood has been slightly delayed, but is now at the printers. An email will be sent when it is available to order.


New Ebooks

New ebooks are available in mobi and epub formats of the following Tartarus Press books:

Tarnhelm by Hugh Walpole

The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay

The Double Eye by W.F. Harvey

Uncanny Tales by F. Marion Crawford

and The Suicide Club & Other Dark Adventures


Out of Print

The House of Souls by Arthur Machen is no longer available as a limited edition hardback.



9th May 2016:

Book of the Year

Andrew Michael Hurley has won great critical and popular acclaim for his debut novel, The Loney, first published by Tartarus Press. He has been shortlisted for a number of awards and in January won the Costa First Novel Award. It has now won both the Debut Novel and the Book of the Year at the British Book Industry Awards. The full story with pictures can be read at the Telegraph and Guardian websites.



12th April 2016:


We are delighted to announce the publication, on April 18th, of a new novel by contemporary author Eric Stener Carlson. Muladona is a Southern Gothic horror story, by the author of the acclaimed The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires (Tartarus Press, 2009) which received, amongst others, the following reviews:

"The multi-layered narrative is full of surprises, and the conclusion provides a modest grace note that beautifully befits the tale." - Christopher Fowler, Financial Times

"At bottom, it’s a deal with the Devil story, and as always in these it’s the Devil who has the last laugh, but made special by the distinctive tone and the wealth of ideas planted in the text. Recommended." Peter Tennant, Black Static 17

"Unpredictable and steeped in allusions to classic and contemporary works, this spry exercise in magic realism can be enjoyed as a parable on how our reading transforms our perception of the world." - Publishers Weekly

"...a captivating novel written in a sparkling style, precise yet imaginative." - Rick Kleffel's Agony Column


In addition, The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires is now available as an ebook.



23rd March 2016:

Robert Aickman

We Are for the Dark and Cold Hand in Mine are now back in print, which means that all eight of Robert Aickman's short story collections are available once more, along with both volumes of autobiography:


We Are for the Dark (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)

Dark Entries

Powers of Darkness

Sub Rosa

Cold Hand in Mine

Tales of Love and Death

Intrusions (now including 'The Strangers')

Night Voices (now includes 'The Coffin House' and 'The Fully-Conducted Tour')

The Attempted Rescue

The River Runs Uphill


Additionally, our Documentary, Robert Aickman: Author of Strange Tales is now available to view on Youtube. We do still have a few copies of the DVD left, which we are happy to make available for £10 (inc. p&p)


22nd March 2016:

The Loney

Congratulations to Andrew Michael Hurley whose novel The Loney is included in the inaugural British Book Industry Awards’ Book of the Year shortlists.


18th March 2016:

Louis de Bernières

We have recently discovered a handful of copies of our two hand-set, hand-printed booklets by Louis de Bernières, Günter Weber's Confession (2001) and A Walberswick Goodnight Story (2006). We are making these available at the original price, while stocks last.



3th March 2016:

Last copies

We are down to our last couple of boxes of The House of Souls by Arthur Machen. However, these books all have unfortunate marks to the book block (made during the production process) and/or bumped corners. We have therefore reduced the price of these from £40 to £35 (incl. p&p worldwide.)



16th February 2016:

The Cosy Room

We are delighted to announce that our newest publication is The Cosy Room and Other Stories by Arthur Machen. This 1936 collection of Arthur Machen’s short stories was curated by John Gawsworth (aka Fytton Armstrong), and as well as exhuming some very early tales published in the first half of the 1890s, Gawsworth included Machen’s decadent prose poems from Ornaments in Jade. But the highlight of the collection is ‘N’, the only original contribution to The Cosy Room, and perhaps the most interesting and thought-provoking story of Arthur Machen’s later career.



16th February 2016:


The Weird Fiction Review publishes a great review of Hortholary by Michael Reynier today! "With the quality of Reynier’s Horthólary so well established, I see no reason why he or Tartarus should not gain popularity in coming years. Indeed, both deserve it."



2nd February 2016:

New Reggie Oliver paperback

We are delighted to announce the paperback publication, on 15th February, of Masques of Satan by Reggie Oliver. (It was first published in 2007 by Ash-Tree Press.) The first 250 copies of the paperback come numbered and signed by the author.

We are also able to report that the paperback reprint of The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini is back in print once more. Also available in paperback are The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler, The Flowers of the Sea and Mrs Midnight and Other Stories.



29th January 2016:

The Bitterwood Bible reprinted

The World Fantasy Award winning The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter is now available as a trade paperback.



28th January 2016:

'Starred' Publishers Weekly review

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony by Michael Reynier has received a 'starred' review at Publishers Weekly, who write: 'These tales are superb examples of worldbuilding fantasy at its finest.'



25th January 2016:

Horthólary review

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony by Michael Reynier has been very positively reviewed by Paul St.John Mackintosh at See the Elephant: "Fearful French Fantastic Fun"!



20th January 2016:

The Bitterwood Bible

The limited edition hardback of The Bitterwood Bible has now sold out! A paperback reprint will be available at the end of January.



19th January 2016:

Low Stock

Please note that we are now down to the last few copies of Stories from a Lost Anthology by Rhys Hughes, and The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter. A paperback reprint of The Bitterwood Bible is in hand and will be available in February.



4th January 2016:

Happy New Year!

And we start off the New Year with some great news: The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley, first published by Tartarus Press in 2014, has just won the Costa First Novel Award. Many congratulations to Andrew! Copies of this wonderful novel are now available direct from John Murrays.



22nd December:

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a great New Year. Please note that any orders received over the next week will be dealt with from the 30th December.



15th December:

Out of print

Please not that Haunted by Books by Mark Valentine and The Pale Ape by M.P. Shiel are both now out of print.



14th December:

Low stock

Requests for copies of Haunted by Books by Mark Valentine have been very high and we have had to add it to our low stock page. It is likely to go out of print in the next few days, along with The Pale Ape by M.P. Shiel.



3rd December 2015


All pre-ordered copies of Haunted by Books have now been posted. For those interested in Mark Valentine's fiction with John Howard Wyrd Britain have just reviewed The Collected Connoisseur, noting that the stories '...intrigue, they entice and they beguile; they are, simply, magical.'



27th November 2015

Haunted by Books

Our next book, to be published on 3rd December, will be Haunted by Books by Mark Valentine. This substantial collection of essays highlighting the author's varied and esoteric literary interests will be signed, and orders received by the end of Monday 30th November can be personally inscribed, if customers let us know when placing their order.



24th November

Highly Recommended

A very positive review has been received for Hortholary by Michael Reynier at Risingshadow



18th November 2015:

Costa short-list

The Guardian has just announced that The Loney by Andrew Hurley is short-listed for the Costa first novel award. Congratulations Andrew!



16th November 2015:

Black Static Reviews

Black Static Issue 49 is now published and contains very positive, lengthy reviews of four Tartarus Press Books.


Towards the end of his review of Orpheus on the Underground by Rhys Hughes, Peter Tennant writes: '... Nearly every story here is highly entertaining, filled with prose pyrotechnics and inventive verve, a joyful outpouring of literary madness and mayhem. ... Taken individually several of the stories here are outstanding ... Complementing the text are some splendid ink drawings by artist Chris Harrendence.'


All of the stories in Strange Tales V edited by Rosalie Parker are discussed at length, starting with ‘The Investigation of Innocence’ by Charles Wilkinson '... an extremely clever story, one that hints at much more than is conveyed...' through to ‘McBirdy’ by David McGroarty '...in which two young boys fall under the influence of teachers with an interest in the occult, with disturbing consequences in later life. It is a story in which the outré elements barely impinge and yet are central to the story, one in which nothing supernatural takes place and yet the whole is imbued with a sense of the weird.'


Of World Fantasy Award-winning The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter, Tennant concludes: '...now time for me to gush. This is a collection of stories in which each individual work is a perfectly crafted gem, and the whole is considerably greater than the sum of its parts. ... As intricately plotted as Martin’s magnum opus, and with similar outbursts of bloody violence. ... As of today’s date, I rate The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings the best book I have read so far this year.'


And finally he reviews The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley: 'A beautifully written and thoroughly absorbing work of fiction, The Loney is also a book that touches on themes that are fundamental to the human condition.'




11th November 2015:

The American Scholar

Only just brought to our attention is this article at The American Scholar in which Michael Dirda recommends 13 books for Halloween. SUB ROSA by Robert Aickman is pictured in our edition, but they could have easily chosen to illustrate our editions of The House of Souls by Machen, The Triumph of Night by Edith Wharton, The Man Who Could Work Miracles by H.G. Wells, and An Occurrence at Owl-Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce



9th November 2015:

World Fantasy Awards

We are delighted to hear that The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter won a World Fantasy Award in Saratoga Springs yesterday (jointly with Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen Marshall.) Additionally, Tartarus won an award in the Best Non-Professional category. The full results can be found here.



2nd November 2015:

Back in Print

We are pleased to report that two volumes by Robert Aickman are back in print, and containing new material from The Strangers and Other Writings (which will not be reprinted).

Intrusions: New second printing adds 'The Strangers'.

Night Voices: New second printing adds 'The Coffin House' and 'The Fully-Conducted Tour'.



2nd November 2015:

Out of print

The Lost Poetry of William Hope Hodgson is now out of print.



31st October 2015:

Halloween mentions in the Daily Telegraph

Tartarus receives a number of mentions in The Daily Telegraph in Tim Martin's double-page spread of recommended ghostly reading.



30th October 2015:

Low Stock

In addition to those titles listed on our low stock page, we must now add the signed, numbered paperback edition of Flowers of the Sea by Reggie Oliver. (Unsigned copies will still be available.)



29th October 2015:

Sold Out

We have now sold out of Wormwood issue 3



28th October 2015:

Documentary screening

For those going to the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, there will be a screening of our documentary, Robert Aickman: Author of Strange Tales, on the Thursday night at 9:30.



27th October 2015:

Wormwood 25

In our twenty-fifth year, Tartarus Press is delighted to announce the publication on November 9th of Wormwood 25. The new issue contans 'Notes on the Modernist Ghost Story' by James Riley, 'Dark Dreams and Deep Desires: A Reading of Sarban’s The Doll Maker' by Rebekah Memel Brown, 'Alexei Remizov: An Opleshik in Exile' by Avalon Brantley, 'Romanticism and the Deranged Mind: The Maniac' by Robert Eldridge and 'The Many Lives of Guy Endore' by Chris Mikul, as well as the regular columns, 'Under Review' by Reggie Oliver, 'Late Reviews' by Douglas A. Anderson and 'Camera Obscura' by John Howard.


Additionally, please note that we only have a couple of copies of Wormwood 3 left.



19th October 2015:

Sold Out

We have now sold out of all copies of Five Degrees of Latitude by Michael Reynier



16th October 2015:

Further tales of Montagascony

Our next book will be Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony by Michael Reynier. It continues the adventures of Professor Horthólary from Five Degrees of Latitude. The new book is a sewn hardback volume of 340 pages with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w. Limited to 300 copies.



13th October 2015:

Film Rights sold and Radio Four

Congratulations to Andrew Hurley for selling the film rights to his novel The Loney, now available from John Murrays. Andrew is interviewed by Mariella Fostrup on Radio Four's Open Book.



28th September 2015

The summation of the French Decadent Movement...

Our new book, published today, is the decadent novel Monsieur de Phocas by Jean Lorrain. It comes with an extensively-illustrated Introduction by Francis Amery, a full-colour frontispiece, silk ribbon marker, illustrated boards and head and tailbands



21st September 2015

Robert Aickman reprints

We have temporarily sold out of our editions of Cold Hand in Mine, Intrusions and Night Voices, and We Are for the Dark is very low in stock. We will be reprinting the first three of these titles, and we are in negotiations to reprint the last.



16th September 2015

Last chance to read...

We have had a number of requests for information on titles that are low in stock. We have therefore created a new low stock page which will be updated on a regular basis. The titles listed will not necessarily go out of print in the order listed, of course.

Please also note that we hope to reprint the Robert Aickman titles once they have sold out. (It is our hope to keep in print, long-term, the eight main short story collections, and the two volumes of autobiography.)



10th September 2015

Sold out...

We are sorry to report that we have now sold out of copies of The Strangers and Other Writings by Robert Aickman.



9th September 2015

The Loney Re-launched...

The Loney by Andrew Hurley, first published by Tartarus Press in October 2014, has been republished by John Murray, and was officially re-launched at Waterstones in Lancaster on the 8th September. It is now available in an elegantly-designed hardback, and has been receiving further great reviews (many of which are very complimentary about Tartarus Press.) It also now comes with a blurb from Stephen King: "The Loney is not just good, it's great. It's an amazing piece of fiction."

A date for your diary: Andrew Hurley will be in conversation with Ramsey Campbell at Waterstones Liverpool One on 16th October.




25th August 2015

The Bitterwood Bible again...

Yet another good review for The Bitterwood Bible, this time from The Newtown Review of Books: "..a compendium of bittersweet tales to be devoured with relish."



16th August 2015

The Bitterwood Bible reviewed

The Bitterwood Bible receives a glowing review at Risingshadow. '...a short story collection of exceptional beauty, grace and style. It should be part of everybody's speculative fiction collection.'



13th August 2015

The Children of the Pool...

Our next publication will be The Children of the Pool by Arthur Machen. This collection, originally published in 1936, contains: 'Introduction' by Mark Valentine, 'The Exalted Omega', 'The Children of the Pool', 'The Bright Boy', 'The Tree of Life', 'Out of the Picture', 'Change'. With a Vorticist frontispiece drawing of the author. Publication 20th August 2015.



9th August 2015

The Sunday Times, again...

The Sunday Times reviews The Loney in the new John Murray edition. They state that the book was "...first released last autumn ... by Tartarus ... it failed to attract mainstream attention". We did receive an article in the Sunday Telegraph and a "starred" review at Publishers Weekly, but we know what they mean. The book and author deserve all the praise they have been, and will continue to receive.



8th August 2015


Rebecca Lloyd is interviewed at Risingshadow



2nd August 2015

The Sunday Times...

The Sunday Times prints a nice article discussing The Loney.





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