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The Buckross Ring is a sewn hardback book of 237+ xii pages with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w.


Limited to 300 copies.


ISBN 978-1-905784-13-4.


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The Buckross Ring

and Other Stories of the

Strange and Supernatural


L.A.G. Strong


Edited and with an Introduction by Richard Dalby


L.A.G. Strong may be little-known today, but in the mid twentieth century he was considered one of the most popular, versatile and acclaimed writers of his generation. The author of novels, plays, poems, criticism, biography and film scripts, he wrote short stories with 'the passion of a poet' in a closely-knit style with brilliant bursts of description.


Throughout his life Strong was a firm believer in the paranormal, experiencing many psychic phenomena, which inevitably inspired much of his supernatural fiction. He took his own strange and vivid dreams and transcribed them into enigmatic narratives and characters like the unearthly Bibi in 'The Buckross Ring'.


The supernatural is a recurring theme in Strong's varied Ĺ“uvre, and his short stories in the genre can be found in his own collections from Doyle's Rock in 1925 through to Lady Cynthia Asquith's Second and Third Ghost Books (1952 and 1955). In The Buckross Ring and Other Stories of the Strange and Supernatural L.A.G. Strong's atmospheric, strange and supernatural stories are collected together in one volume for the first time.


Contents: 'Introduction' by Richard Dalby, 'The Buckross Ring', ' "Splidges" ', 'Mr Tookey', 'The Farm', 'Tea at Maggie Reynolds's', 'Breakdown', 'The Gates', 'Crabtree's', 'Death of the Gardener', 'Orpheus', 'Sea Air','Lobsters', 'The Doll', 'Let Me Go', 'Danse Macabre', 'The House That Wouldn't Keep Still', 'Light Above the Lake', 'Afterword: The Short Story'.



'LAG was particularly interested in the supernatural, though, being fascinated by the paranormal and this is reflected in the odd and genuinely chilling tales in The Buckross Ring. In 'The Doll', there's voodoo in the kind of quiet country setting that makes these kinds of things even more shuddery and abnormal, and the prose at the end of the story achieves a kind of bleak and affecting poetry.' Ian McMillan, Yorkshire Post

'...the author manages to achieve remarkable results thanks to his graceful and skilled narrative style.' Mario Guslandi, The SF Site

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