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Ezra Slef

The Next Nobel

Laureate in Literature


Andrew Komarnyckyj


The pioneering writings of celebrated Russian novelist Ezra Slef have made him a titan of contemporary Postmodernism, with a worldwide following keen to know more about the man behind the books. Enter Humbert Botekin, a disgraced former professor of literature, and Slef’s biggest admirer. He writes the definitive biography of Slef, with compendious notes, an introduction, a list of plates, and a glossary.


But Botekin’s narrative soon spirals dangerously out of control. A supreme egotist, Botekin cannot resist assuming the foreground, so that his ostensible biography of Slef gradually changes into a personal memoir in which we learn far more about the biographer than about his subject. The narrative is both sinister and darkly comic.


Botekin’s secrets include making a Faustian pact with a well-travelled gentleman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Devil—a likeness the self-absorbed Botekin fails to notice, even as his world collapses around him.


Andrew Komarnyckyj has been a lawyer, odd-job man, PR Consultant, hospital porter, and plongeur among many other occupations. It’s the classic work history of an author, but it wasn’t planned that way. It was a happy accident which has stood him in good stead for writing novels.

   His literary tastes range across every fiction genre including—perhaps inevitably—postmodernism, with which he has a love-hate relationship.

   When not writing or reading he loves conversation, listening to anecdotes, craft beers, and hiking in mountains. Andrew’s favourite authors include Russell H. Greenan, Vladimir Nabokov, Sebastian Barry, and Gillian Flynn. On a personal note he’s married with two adult daughters.


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"It’s a joyful book, packed with surprises." The Washington Post


"This is a damn fine novel." Manchester Review of Books


"An outstanding read." Rae's Reading Lounge


"A landmark read."  Des Lewis


"The book is a delight." Whispering Stories


"Tartarus Press is well known for producing beautiful books of top quality, often slightly strange, literature & our shelves here are emblazoned with patches of bright yellow from their spines. I can honestly say, however, that I don't think I've ever quite as much fun reading one of their books as I have with this, their latest novel." John Llewellyn Probert


"Oh, but this book is such a joy to read!" David's Book World


"Ezra Slef is an absolutely brilliant novel – I found it to be original and gripping throughout.  And what a pleasure the book itself is.  This is my first from Tartarus Press, but I love the quality of it.  I feel a new collection coming on!" Joe's Book Blog


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