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Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows:


UK and EU

LP: £20 + £4 p&p






US and ROW

LP: £20 + £10 p&p

Phantom Cities


The Sodality of the Shadows



Atmospheric music inspired by writer Arthur Machen and occultist A.E. Waite. Phantom Cities is a new album of noir soundscapes with echoes ranging from Labradford to Duane Eddy.


Join The Sodality of the Shadows as they walk in Black Raven Alley, visit the Strange Houses of Sleep, hear the Tales of the Assassins, and stray in terrain where the Other Stations are encountered.


Taking their name from Machen and Waite’s mysterious early 20th century society, The Sodality brings together a group of musicians, artists and writers exploring a rich world of myths and symbols.


Phantom Cities is available as a digital download from Bandcamp, on CD (ltd to 100 copies), or on vinyl (ltd to 200 copies, with free CD).


The Sodality of the Shadows are:

R.B. Russell

Rosalie Parker

Mark Valentine

Cousin Silas

Jon Mueller


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Tartarus Press/Persepolis Records 2020



As played on BBC Radio Six, The Freak Zone




"A soundtrack for the longer nights of encroaching autumn." John Coulthart, Feuilleton


"A cohesive yet enigmatic maze of instrumental expression. It’s artistic and literary inspired themes make for an album of cerebral solemnity, a sonora of hauntingly atmospheric music." View from a Bay


"...a soundtrack for a ritual in a forgotten square off the Caledonian Road where, at certain times, when the right right words are spoken and the right offerings made, strange vistas can be seen." Timothy J Jarvis, Faunus











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