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The Justice of the Night is a sewn hardback of 88 pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands,

and d/w.


Limited to 400 copies.


ISBN 978-1-905784-01-1


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The Justice of the Night

poems by

Glen Cavaliero


This sixth collection of poems by Glen Cavaliero is perhaps a little darker in tone than his previous volumes. Peter Scupham said of Ancestral Haunt in PN Review that it was 'Formally adroit, various in tone, this collection is quite unconcerned with the skin-deep.' This applies no less to The Justice of the Night which covers a wide range of subjects in a variety of poetic styles and methodologies. In the words of Glyn Pursglove, he is 'a poet with much to offer. . . Very well worth getting to know.'


'Like Geoffrey Hill, Cavaliero evades statement, suggests and then withdraws behind the glittering surface of the poem. Nevertheless the poems can be read as exploring the possibility of transcendence, in a time and place when all the old coats are worn out.' Janet McCann, The Powys Journal.


Contents: 'The First Lesson', 'Points of Recognition', 'Sky Light', 'Solo', 'Mater', 'Armistice', 'The Grange', 'Lay-By', 'Doomsday', 'Golden Girl', 'The Auditors', 'Bolt Hole', 'Winky', 'In Mrs Blicker's Room', 'That Old Black Magic', 'Sad Old Song', 'A Metamorphosis', 'View Halloo', 'The Brown Way', 'Dark Tower', 'Just for the Record', 'Garbo Talks', 'Bexhill-sur-Mer', 'Recantation', 'Moroccan Blues', 'The Wise Woman of Amounderness', 'Spoil', 'Ground Level', 'London Fires', 'Museum and New Moon', 'Hellingly', 'A Legacy', 'Elegy for James', 'Mountain Rescue', 'Memorial', 'Bound in Green', 'Watcher of the Deep', 'The Doorway', 'Mater Dei', 'Dismissal', 'By Command', 'On the March', 'Promised Land', 'Cat Nap', 'Settlement', 'Dulce Domum', 'La Gonterie', 'Midwinter Burial', 'Moving House', 'A Spell of Vertigo', 'Wakey Wakey!', 'Dead Ringers', 'Zero Summer', 'Dedication'.


Glen Cavaliero is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He lives and works in Cambridge, where he is a member of the University Faculty of English and a Fellow Commoner of St Catharine's College. He will be known to many afficionadoes of the supernatural fiction genre for his study The Supernatural and English Fiction, and for his introductions to Tartarus editions of Three Miles Up by Elizabeth Jane Howard, Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker and The Sense of the Past by Henry James. He has also been a contributor to Wormwood (issues 2 and 5)



'It is characteristic of [Cavaliero] and his poetry as a whole that he offers no easy comfort, no easy assurance; and the verse, tautly combining mythology and motorways, the classic deportment of the ode with a diction garnered from fields not tilled by the grand style, is the appropriate vehicle of a vision which is strenuous, unflinching, and comprehensive. . . . footnote. The hardcover volume is beautifully produced by Tartarus Press: printed in elegant type on quality paper and with a very handsome dust wrapper . . .' Derek de Silva, Poetry Salzburg Review

'Cavaliero is a visionary, taking us beyond the manifestly seen and felt.' Edward Gauntlett, The Charles Williams Quarterly, Summer 2007

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