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Günter Weber's Confession is a paperback of 18 pages.


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Louis de Bernières


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is a modern classic, loved by millions, but few readers will know that a short while after the book was first published Louis de Bernières wrote a further, final chapter to the novel. This tells how Leutnant Günter Weber returned to the house of Pelagia and Dr Iannis after the massacre of the Italian soldiers. Weber wishes to explain his part in various events that have occurred, but the Doctor does not give him the reception he expects.


Günter Weber's Confession, by Louis de Bernières was published by Tartarus in December 2001.


Limited edition of only 350 numbered copies, hand-set in Perpetua type and printed and bound by Alan Anderson at the Tragara Press.


We have a handful of copies available of the 250 on Teton paper.


With a specially commissioned colour frontispiece by David Johnson, lithographically printed.




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