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Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony


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Tales from Montagascony


Michael Reynier


These four tales from Montagascony span almost the entire life of investigator extraordinary Professor Summanus Horthólary, from a few days before his birth to within two years of his death. They are among the more unusual of his cases: encounters with flying machines, meteors, witchcraft and giants are not entirely mundane experiences, and they are (unlike many of his related adventures) complete: an ending is indisputably an advantage in the telling of a good tale.


Taken together, these four cases tell us the story of the man himself, of his progression from an impoverished village in eighteenth-century France to his emergence as an international polymath and, perhaps most intriguing of all, of his life-long battle with the Archbishop of Pessane.


Further adventures of the Professor can be found in Five Degrees of Latitude by Michael Reynier (Tartarus Press, 2011).




'...Reynier is his own man and his creation is as original as it is vivid and entertaining.... Be sure to put Montagascony on your travel itinerary in the near future. You will not be disappointed.' Peter Tennant, Black Static (#61)


'These tales are superb examples of worldbuilding fantasy at its finest.' Publishers Weekly


'Highly Recommended.' Risingshadow


'Fearful French Fantastic Fun.' Paul St.John Mackintosh, See the Elephant


'With the quality of Reynier’s Horthólary so well established, I see no reason why he or Tartarus should not gain popularity in coming years. Indeed, both deserve it.' The Weird Fiction Review


'Hortholary, with all its rich imagery, slow storytelling and depth of (even minor) characters, would appeal more to the Gabriel Garcia Marquez fan than the fan of hard-nosed detectives, but it is the perfect meal for lovers of both.' Aurealius # 92

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