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Le Grand Meaulnes


Barker, Negent

Written With My Left Hand


Bierce, Ambrose

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge


Carlson, Eric Stener


The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires


Crawford, F. Marion

Uncanny Tales


Crisp, Quentin S.

Morbid Tales


Dobson, Roger

The Library of the Lost


Eisele, Michael

The Girl with the Peacock Harp


Gaskin, John

The Long Retreating Day

The Master of the House


Harvey, W.F.

The Double Eye


Hughes, Rhys

The Smell of Telescopes

Worming the Harpy

Stories from a Lost Anthology

Orpheus on the Underground


Lees, Tim

Frankenstein's Prescription


Lindsay, David

The Haunted Woman


Lloyd, Rebecca

Mercy and Other Stories


Machen, Arthur

Dreads and Drolls

Ritual and Other Stories

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural

The Autobiography of Arthur Machen

The Children of the Pool

The Cosy Room

The Green Round

The Hill of Dreams

The House of the Hidden Light

The Secret Glory

The Secret of the Sangraal


Oliver, Reggie

Holidays from Hell

Mrs Midnight

The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler

Flowers of the Sea

The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini


Parker, Rosalie

The Old Knowledge


Parker, Rosalie (editor)

Strange Tales V


Parker Russell, Timothy

Dark World


Reynier, Michael

Five Degrees of Latitude

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony


Russell, R.B.

Bloody Baudelaire

The Dark Return of Time


Samuels, Mark

The White Hands


Salzman, Anne-Sylvie




The Doll Maker

The Sound of His Horn and Other Stories


The Sacrifice


Slatter, Angela

Sourdough and Other Stories

The Bitterwood Bible


Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Suicide Club and Other Dark Adventures


Sulway, N.A.



Valentine, Mark, and Howard, John

The Collected Connoisseur

Secret Europe


Valentine, Mark

Haunted by Books

Herald of the Hidden


Walpole, Hugh

Tarnhelm, The Best Supernatural Stories


Wharton, Edith

The Triumph of Night and Other Tales


Wyckoff, Jason A.

Black Horse and Other Stories

The Hidden Back Room

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