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The Green Round


Arthur Machen


Why is studious, quiet Lawrence Hillyer reviled and shunned by his fellow holiday-makers at a genteel Pembrokeshire coastal resort? Why is staunch and respectable Mrs Jolly all at once the source of police interest and knowing looks from her neighbours? What weird projectile smashed suburban Mr Horncastle’s domed glasshouse from such an improbable distance? What is the inner secret of the Reverend Thomas Hampole’s book?


The Green Round incorporates most of the major themes and preoccupations of Arthur Machen’s writing career. His hero, Hillyer, takes a holiday in West Wales and visits the ‘Green Round’. Hillyer soon finds that he has acquired an unwanted shadow, and the novel becomes a study in dislocated parallel realities. With a perceptive new Introduction by Machen’s most recent biographer, Mark Valentine.

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