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The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini is a paperback of 333 pages.


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The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

& Other Strange Stories


Reggie Oliver


Variety and originality of setting, strength of characterisation, stylistic elegance and narrative power are qualities for which Reggie Oliver has become well-known in his five volumes of ‘strange stories’. All are present in this ground-breaking debut volume, first published in 2003. It was a nominee for best collection of 2003 in the International Horror Guild Awards.


A doomed relationship in a seaside town that persists after death. . . . A convent in which there is always the unacknowledged presence of an extra nun. . . . A balding actor who acquires a mysterious wig after his rival goes missing. . . . A brilliant inventor who becomes trapped inside his own sinister computer game. . . . A sixteenth-century cardinal who is tormented by dreams of the sect he has persecuted.


Reggie Oliver is an English playwright, biographer and writer of ghost stories. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.


The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini &Other Strange Stories contains: 'Author’s Note', 'Beside the Shrill Sea', 'Feng Shui', 'In Arcadia', 'Evil Eye', 'Miss Marchant’s Cause', 'Tiger in the Snow', 'Garden Gods', 'The Black Cathedral' ,'The Boy in Green Velvet', 'The Golden Basilica', 'Death Mask', 'The Seventeenth Sister', 'The Copper Wig', 'The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini'.


An interview with Reggie Oliver can be viewed here:


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