PS Publishing, 2020

Elliot Barton is haunted by a tragic mistake. At the time it seemed like the end of his world, but somehow he has managed to rebuild his life, and now lives happily with his partner, Lana, in their house on Sapphire Street. But Elliot’s good fortune threatens to implode when his old schoolfriend, Vincent, reappears. He has become a Christian, and wants to tell the authorities what happened so many years before.


Rather than simply following the teachings of Christ, however, Vincent also claims to have met him. Elliot becomes involved with Vincent’s millennialist church, which prophesied that the world would end in the year 2000. But what happens to the Messiah and his church when that prophesy does not come to pass?


And can Elliot navigate his way through the chaos of incredible experiences back to his happy existence on Sapphire Street?


Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover — ISBN  978-1-786365-94-1  [£25]

100 JHC signed by the author  — ISBN 978-1-786365-95-8  [£35]


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"Ploughing a similar sort of furrow as Andrew Michael Hurley although of perhaps a more cosmic and less earthy bent it is, as I said, an absorbing read and one that I devoured over two afternoons."  Wyrd Britain

Copyright R.B. Russell, 2021