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The view from John Dowson’s living room window is a miniature masterpiece. It reveals Venice in decay; crumbling, soft pink brick, and the ever-changing jade waters of a minor canal. But one morning the composition is marred by an old jacket draped carelessly over the iron railings of the balcony. This almost insignificant alteration to the perfect, arranged order of Dowson’s life is just the first of many changes which become more profound as the days pass.


The Stones are Singing suggests that even the smallest of changes in our world can hint at parallel existences, and the ability, for some, to move between alternative realities.


Recommended Halloween reading in The Washington Post.

Russell interviewed at Weird Fiction Review.





'Russell’s expertly orchestrated weird tale.' Publishers Weekly


'While the characters and the interplay between them are all done with skill, perhaps the thing that stands out most is Russell's depiction of Venice, the streets and canals of the city, its buildings and open spaces caught in all their decay and beauty, with the suggestion that one quality is contingent on the other.' Peter Tennant, Black Static


'A remarkable novella ... Russell confirms, once again, his extraordinary talent as a perceptive writer of elegant, subtly disquieting fiction.' Morpheus Tales Reviews Supplement


'...compulsively readable, a page-turner about the most minor events of a mostly ordinary life. It’s masterfully written and plotted, yet it is also sweet and generous.' Rick Kleffel, Narrative Species


'A splendid book that has aleatorically affected me in more ways than one.' The Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Review

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