Zagava, 2021

Ruth Pritchard’s childhood friend, Oliver Dacey, works for GCHQ. He claims that after receiving strange messages broadcast on an outdated Cold War radio station he is able to travel in time. He involves Ruth and, inevitably, the authorities take an interest in both of them. At the heart of the mystery is Oliver’s mother, Dee, who directed them in games when they were children--games that bear an uncanny resemblance to the broadcast messages.


Ruth and Oliver travel back to 1965 together, and find that Dee is still directing them. It is a glamorous, but often confusing and frightening world …


Numbered edition

Bound in black fabric and bears Zagava’s trademark die-cut through which we see the book’s title designed to emulate the style of an old school record label. The title is embossed on the spine in purple as well. This edition comes with head- and tailband and a purple silk bookmarker.


Lettered edition

Bound in finest purple leather and comes with a lathe-cut 7“ vinyl with music composed and performed by the author manufactured by Bladud Flies/The Bricoleur. The edges are black, the title is embossed in silver on the spine and the front cover is adorned with a silver embossed design depicting a record. Head- and tailband and a purple silk ribbon marker complete this edition.


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"Russell’s writing is effortlessly smooth and the flow of the story consistent, catching the reader’s attention from the first chapter. Scenes and interactions have impeccable and descriptive detail, and the trips back in time are an engrossing read. Heaven’s Hill is a wonderfully-fun read full of drama, mystery and time travel and one that any fan of these genres will proudly add to their collection."

Belinda Brady, Aurealis


"...a rollicking mash-up of all your favourite ITC shows such as 'The Champions', 'Jason King' and 'The Prisoner' alongside 'The Avengers' and a very healthy serving of 'Sapphire and Steel' through which Russell launches his characters on a mind bending journey through time . . . Don't be fooled though this is no mere pastiche but a love letter to a genre now pretty much consigned to history (and blogs like this one) but one written with an awareness of both it's absurdities and it's joie de vivre."

Ian Holloway, Wyrd Britain


"Russell's novel is a crazy rollercoaster ride about belief and doubt, science and the inexplicable, at the same time a wicked satire on the conspiracy theory nonsense of our time, part family history, part spy thriller and last but not least the question of how we are shaped by our own history and our parents, and why nostalgic attracts us so magically. One unpredictable twist follows the next. Once again, Russel has succeeded in creating a page turner."

Gerrit Wustmann, Rocks

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