NEWS 2020

29th December 2020:

Faunus review

Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows is reviewed in the new issue of Faunus, the journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen: "...a soundtrack for a ritual in a forgotten square off the Caledonian Road where, at certain times, when the right right words are spoken and the right offerings made, strange vistas can be seen."


19th December 2020:


After a few understandable delays,  PS Publishing have published R.B. Russell's second novel, Waiting for the End of the World.

   "Elliot Barton is haunted by a tragic mistake..."



19th December 2020:

Fortean Times

Bob Fischer, in his 'Haunted Generation' column in the new Fortean Times, recommends Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows. "Riddled with the music of the night" indeed!


11th November 2020:

A House of Treasures

Zagava Books have announced the forthcoming publication of A House of Treasures, a new short story by Russell. It will be available as a hand-sewn booklet, printed on a few handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges.


1st November 2020:

The Freak Zone

'Legends of the Great Mystery' by The Sodality of the Shadows has been played again on the Freak Zone, BBC Radio Six, by Stuart Maconie.


13th September 2020:

Publishers Weekly review

Publishers Weekly have published a very positive review of Past Lives of Old Books, by R.B. Russell:

"Lovers of obscure authors and literature will welcome this eclectic collection of mostly previously published essays from British editor Russell His easy, accessible style is a delight to read."


10th September 2020:

Phantom Cities by The Sodality of the Shadows

Phantom Cities is an album of music inspired by the secret society formed by Arthur Machen and A.E. Waite in the early twentieth century. The Sodality of the Shadows is a collaboration between R.B. Russell, Rosalie Parker, Mark Valentine, Cousin Silas and Jon Mueller.

This long-paying vinyl record and CD is now available direct from Tartarus Press. However, to download the album, do go to Bandcamp.


6th September 2020

The Freak Zone

'Legends of the Great Mystery' by The  Sodality of the Shadows has been played on The Freak Zone, BBC Radio Six, by Stuart Maconie.


2nd July 2020:

No review

Thank you to Michael Dirda, who can't review Past Lives of Old Books by R.B. Russell because he is a co-dedicatee, but who gives it a very nice mention in the Washington Post today, calling the book 'highly engaging'.



1st June 2020:

Copsford recommendation

Bob Fischer, in his 'Haunted Generation' column in the new Fortean Times, recommends Russell's Copsford album.



28th May:

Forthcoming second novel

In September 2020 PS Publishing will publish R.B. Russell's second novel, Waiting for the End of the World. More details will follow...




27th May 2020:

New Bibliography:

Tartarus Press has published a Bibliography of Sylvia Townsend Warner by R.B. Russell and J. Lawrence Mitchell. Originally privately circulated in 2000, it is now available as a paperback.



27th May 2020:

Leave Your Sleep reprinted

R.R. Russell's 2012 short story collection, Leave Your Sleep, has been reprinted by Tartarus Press in paperback.




19th May 2020:

New Essays Collection

Tartarus Press has published a collection of essays by R.B. Russell, Past Lives of Old Books. This new volume collects thirty-six essays, mainly on books and writers.




8th May 2020:

New York Review of Books

Michael Dirda has written a very fine article on Arthur Machen in the New York Review of Books, in which he describes R.B. Russell's Occult Territory as '...a delightful pictorial scrapbook', and he recommends Russell's Youtube series of videos on collecting Machen.


3rd May 2020:

'Midsummer, from Copsford, by R.B. Russell and Cousin Silas has been played on The Freak Zone, Radio Six, by Stuart Maconie.





24th March 2020:

Free Music Album

Exactly 100 years ago Walter J.C. Murray rented a derelict house in the Sussex countryside with the aim of making a living collecting herbs. His year is described in the wonderful book, Copsford. On this anniversary Tartarus's Ray Russell is releasing an album of music inspired by the book. It is free to stream and download digitally from Bandcamp.


And here is a video for 'Midsummer', featuring the guitar of Cousin Silas on Youtube.

It is hoped that a physical release will happen later this year. In the meantime, enjoy the music!

NEWS 2019

19th December 2019:

Times Literary Supplement

The Times Literary Supplement has a generous discussion of Occult Territory: An Arthur Machen Gazetteer:

"Occult Territory, the first of three Machenian volumes produced this year by the indefatigable Tartarus Press, seeks to chart as much of the writer’s geographical imaginary as is practicable, blending image and text – including generous excerpts from Machen’s own autobiographies, letters, essays and fiction – in a kind of topographical biography ('gazetteer' is too modest a designation for the book, as is 'editor' for its maker, Tartarus’s founder R. B. Russell)."


15th August:

Late reviews

Peter Tennant has now posted perceptive reviews at Black Static of Russell's novel, She Sleeps, and his novella, The Stones are Singing.

Of She Sleeps he writes:

'This is a delightful novel, gripping in its way and posing important questions about the role of art in our lives, then leaving the reader along with everybody else to puzzle out the answers that fit. I loved it.'

Of The Stones are Singing:

'While the characters and the interplay between them are all done with skill, perhaps the thing that stands out most is Russell's depiction of Venice, the streets and canals of the city, its buildings and open spaces caught in all their decay and beauty, with the suggestion that one quality is contingent on the other.'


7th May 2019:

An Arthur Machen Gazetteer

Tartarus Press has published Occult Territory: An Arthur Machen Gazetteer. This 272 page limited edition hardback book contains over 160 entries for those places in which Arthur Machen lived, worked, wrote, ate, drank and worshipped. It is also a guide to sites that influenced his life and his work. It is illustrated, often with contemporary photographs, and includes quotes from Machen, and those that knew him.


2nd April 2019:


Unfortunately, the production company which hoped to film The Dark Return of Time have not renewed their option for the film, and it will not be going ahead with them. The scriptwriters hope to interest another production company in due course.

NEWS 2018

26th April 2018:

The Washington Post

Michael Dirda in the Washington Post recommends Death Makes Strangers of Us All, calling Russell a contemporary master of the literary weird tale. He writes: 'the disorienting title story of R.B. Russell’s superb Death Makes Strangers of Us All (Swan River) takes us into an “unreal city” straight out of Kafka or Borges.'


19th March 2018:


Death Makes Strangers of Us All is reviewed by Mario Guslandi at The Horror Review. He writes, 'a fine collection of remarkable stories told in a captivating ... fashion.'



24th January 2018:

New short story collection

Russell's next collection of short stories, Death Makes Strangers of Us All, will be published by Swan River Press in February 2018. The book contains ten stories: "Night Porter", "At the End of the World", "Brighthelmstone", "Death Makes Strangers of Us All", "The Man Who Missed the Party", "It’s Over", "The Mighty Mr. Godbolt", "One Man’s Wisdom", "Afterwards", "The Ghosts of Begbie Hall".


20th February 2018:

Video presentation

Russell's video presentation for The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations will be shown at Dean Clough Galleries from Saturday 24th February, 20.




14th January 2018:

BBC Radio Six Music

Stuart Maconie played The Quiet Woman of Montevideo from The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations this evening on The Freak Zone, on BBC Radio Six, and also mentioned the video presentation at Dean Clough, Tartarus Press, along with the publication of She Sleeps.


5th January 2018:

She Sleeps reviewed

She Sleeps has been reviewed at the Gumshoe Review, where Mario Guslandi writes: "Russell's elegant but effective prose ... leads the reader with ease through the many twists of the plot making the novel an engrossing and quite enjoyable reading experience."


NEWS 2017

12th December 2017:

Washington Post

She Sleeps is described as "the much-anticipated first novel from an author widely admired for his “strange tales" by the Washington Post in "Michael Dirda’s wondrous holiday book recommendations".


11th December 2017:

Publishers Weekly

She Sleeps has received a positive review from Publishers Weekly, which describes Russell's first novel as a "cleverly wrought crime thriller."


23rd September 2017:

First Novel

Ray Russell's first novel, She Sleeps, will be published by PS Publishing in late September. The book can be ordered here, an excerpt read here, and a youtube trailer watched here.




16th March 2017:


Russell is interviewed at the Weird Fiction Review website, talking about writing and publishing.




4th January 2017:

The Stones are Singing

Russell's novella, The Stones are Singing,  receives a positive review at Narrative Species from Rick Kleffel: "...compulsively readable, a page-turner about the most minor events of a mostly ordinary life. It’s masterfully written and plotted, yet it is also sweet and generous."

NEWS 2016

16th December 2016:

Publishers Weekly

The Stones are Singing has received a good review at Publishers Weekly: "Russell’s expertly orchestrated weird tale."


26th November 2016:

A Weekend of Weird

R.B. Russell will be attending A Weekend of Weird, talking about Robert Aickman following a showing of Robert Aickman: Author of Strange Tales. He will also be discussing Sarban with Mark valentine.


15th November 2016:

Morpheus Tales Review

The Stones are Singing has received a good review at the Morpheus Tales Reviews Supplement: "A remarkable novella ... Russell confirms, once again, his extraordinary talent as a perceptive writer of elegant, subtly disquieting fiction."


20th October 2016:

Washington Post

The Stones are Singing is included in Michael Dirda's recommended Halloween reading in The Washington Post today.



5th October 2016:

CD Reviews

The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations has been positively reviewed at Ave Noctum where it is described as "an interesting conceptual piece", and on Wormwoodian where Mark Valentine writes: "The music conveys our yearning after meaning in a domain of shadows."


24th September 2016:

Filming begins: The Dark Return of Time

Filming has begun on the opening sequences of The Dark Return of Time, based on the novella by R.B. Russell, and with a script by Todd Niemi, Russell, and Rosalie Parker. The filming has been reported in The Sun, The Star and Hello magazine.



23rd September 2016:

The Stones are Singing

A new novella by R.B. Russell can be ordered from PS Publishing. The Stones are Singing suggests that even the smallest of changes in our world can hint at parallel existences, and the ability, for some, to move between alternative realities. A trailer can be viewed here.


9th August 2016:

New CD

R.B. Russell issues a new CD of original recordings entitled The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations. The nine piano compositions are available in a signed, numbered limited edition with accompanying DVD of videos, as well as a standard trade CD in a jewel case.


8th August 2016:


R.B. Russell contributes a short story, 'The Mighty Mr Godbolt' to the forthcoming anthology, Uncertainties: Twenty Two Strange Stories, to be published by Swan River Press in August 2016.


8th August 2016:


R.B. Russell contributes an essay on Le Grand Meaulnes to Booklore, an anthology about the passion for books, to be published by Zagava in September 2016.




1st Match 2016:

Movie premieres

Backgammon will open in select theatres in New York, Denver and Los Angeles on March 11th, as well as be released via VOD. (There are no European dates yet.)



12th January 2016:

From Vienna With Love

R.B. Russell will be contributing two new tracks to the forthcoming Klanggalerie album From Viena With Love (CD album | gg211). The first is the piano instrumental "Let there Be More Love", and the second the guitar and vocal track "There is a Man in the Wood". Other artists participating include: The Residents, Naevus, Eric Random, Mushroom's Patience and The Bumps.


9th January 2016:

Documentary Premiere

Coverdale: A Year in the Life, a new film by Rosalie Parker with R.B. Russell will be released on 10th February 2015. The premiere will be held at The Garden Rooms, Tennants, Leyburn on Tuesday 9th February, 6:30pm. A trailer is available on youtube.


NEWS 2015

9th November 2015:

World Fantasy Award Win!

R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker jointly won a World Fantasy Award last night in Saratoga Springs for Tartarus Press.



6th November 2015:

Backgammon review

Cait Lore, in a preview of films showing at the St Louis International Film Festival, writes of Backgammon:

"Of all [the movies] I previewed I have two clear favorites, which I’m certain I’ll return to again and again once I have a chance to own them. The first is Backgammon ... which is tough to talk about[.] It’s one of those films that’s best to know nothing about going in. What I will say is that it’s an excellently cast thriller from director Francisco Orvañanos. The titular characters are a pretentious artist that won’t stop quoting Baudelaire, his histrionic muse, and a young man who is equal parts sensitive and impressionable. They are thoroughly convincing personalities, as I feel like I’ve met people like each one of them in my own life. The young man gets drawn into the web of those two slightly older aristocrats, and the results are catastrophic."


28th October 2015:

Robert Aickman documentary screening

On Thursday Nov 5th at 9:30pm the Robert Aickman documentary made by R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker will be screened at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs.



19th October 2015:

Denver Film Festival

Backgammon is an official selection of the Denver Film Festival.





2nd October 2015:

St. Louis International Film Festival

Backgammon is an official selection of the 2015 St. Louis International Film Festival .




29th September 2015:

Film News

The Dark Return of Time is scheduled for filming Spring 2016.




28th September 2015:

The Stones are Singing

A new novella by R.B. Russell is scheduled for publication by PS Publishing 2016/17.





6th September 2015:

Radio 6

1hr, 1 min into Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on Radio 6, the dj plays Julian Baal's The Children of the Comet, as performed by the Mysterious Musicians of de Barry Gardens. The music is 'instigated' by R.B. Russell.


July 2015:

Best British Horror

'Night Porter' from Shadows and Tall Trees has been reprinted in Best British Horror 2015 by Salt Publishing.



9th July 2015:

World Fantasy Award Nomination

Ray Russell and Rosalie Parker are nominated for Tartarus Press in the Special Award: Non-professional category. Two Tartarus Press books are additionally nominated.



16th May 2015


This June will see the publication of SOLILOQUY FOR PAN by Egaeus Press, containing "Panic", a short story by R.B. Russell.



17th April 2015


Backgammon, the feature film based on Russell's novella Bloody Baudelaire is premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival.




19th January


R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker are interviewed by Rick Kleffel at the Agony Column.


NEWS 2014

15th August 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

The Dark Return of Time is now available as an ebook from Amazon, or from Tartarus Press.




18th July 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

There are plans afoot to film The Dark Return of Time. It is to be produced by Ian Reed, who is known for The Seasoning House (2012), The Reverend (2011) and The Hooligan Wars (2012). The script has been co-written by Todd Niemi, Rosalie Parker and R.B. Russell. A fan page for the film has been created on Facebook here.


3rd July 2014:

The Washington Post

A brief mention in The Washington Post by Michael Dirda: "R.B. Russell’s The Dark Return of Time ... is a short thriller that opens in a shop selling second-hand books in Paris. What could be better?"


2nd July 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

Two more reviews for The Dark Return of Time:


"Russell's smart, dark novel is thrilling, sensuous and memorable." Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


"As is customary with Russell's work, the book is a real pleasure to read due to the elegant narrative style, the allusive and disturbing atmosphere and the author's ability to question reality as it appears and to challenge the reader's imagination and knowledge of the universe." Mario Guslandi, The Gumshoe Review.


5-6 June, 2014

Exhibition of photographs

A selection of photographs by R.B. Russell are on show at the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, as a part of the conference, Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality.



28th May 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

Two new reviews for The Dark Return of Time:


"Russell is one of those quiet conjurors whose uncanny moments are often three-quarters-hidden behind a slatted blind of noonday normalcy." Mark Andresen, The Pan Review


"While not a supernatural tale within the strict definition of the term, this short novel offers the reader a world that is slightly out of kilter, if not quite that of a nightmare. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes intellectual thrillers with a touch of the outré." David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales


27th May 2014:


Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack is now available digitally at Bandcamp.




23rd May 2014:

Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack

Russell's CD, Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack, is now available direct from Klanggalerie. It contains 19 tracks written as a soundtrack to an early edit of Backgammon, a feature film based on Russell's novella Bloody Baudelaire. It is a collaboration with Matt Howden of Sieben, and is mastered by Andrew Liles from Nurse With Wound.


21st April 2014:

The Dark Return of Time Published

R.B. Russell's novella, The Dark Return of Time, is now available from the Swan River Press.





20th April 2014:

Night Porter

Russell's story "The Night Porter" has been published in Shadows and Tall Trees, edited by Michael Kelly, Undertow Publications, April 2014



April 2014


An Interview with R.B. Russell, conducted by Brian Showers can be read here.

NEWS 2013

16th October 2013:


Russell's story 'Brighthelmstone', set in Brighton, has been published in Terror Tales of the Seaside, edited by Paul Finch.



26th September 2013:

Ghosts review

Another overlooked review, this time of the Ghosts CD, from Sloucher:


"A perfect fit to R.B. Russell‘s book, this soundtrack is quite a delight. The most captivating piece is, oddly enough, the one with not a single electronic bit in it, the piano-driven ‘Llanfihangel’. If you are unsure about a soundtrack like this working for a book, start with this one ..."


25th September 2013:

Spanish Translation

Russell's short story 'Loup-garou' has been translated into Spanish by María Pilar San Román, and can be read here.

Additionally, an interesting blog entry in Spanish discussing Ghosts can be found here.


12th August 2013:

Leave Your Sleep Reviews

A couple of reviews for Leave Your Sleep, not previously noted:


'Leave Your Sleep is a collection that lingers on your mind for a long time after reading it. Because the stories are hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable, and the prose is amazingly good, it's easy to say that this collection is speculative fiction at its best.' Risingshadow.


'I’ll admit: I wasn’t able to guess the endings of these tales. And for me, that’s enough to recommend this collection.' Hellnotes


19th March 2013:

'At The End of the World'

R.B. Russell's story "At the End of the World" is now available in Shadow's Edge, edited by Simon Strantzas. Unfortunately there is a printing error that means that a part of the first line of the first story is missing!


4th February 2013:

Dark World

R.B. Russell's story "The Paschal Candlestick", set in the Yorkshire Dales, is published in Dark World. All profits from this new collection of ghost stories will be used to help the Amala Children’s Home, funding a three-week working trip in July 2013, and being donated directly to the cause.


NEWS 2012

12th December:

Michael Dirda

Michael Dirda contributes an article In Praise of Small Presses at The American Scholar and writes that Russell is "One of our best writers of unsettling fiction."


8th December:


A good notice of Ghosts appears at the Pan Review. Mark Andresen notes that it is "an excellent introduction to this writer's work"



6th December:

Leave Your Sleep

 A positive review for Leave Your Sleep from Mario Guslandi at Nudge. He concludes"...the collection is a feast of classy, subtly disturbing fiction graced by a polished, stylish prose, terrific dialogues and excellent characterization."



5th November:

World Fantasy Award

Last night in Toronto, Ray Russell  and Rosalie Parker received the World Fantasy Award for Tartarus Press.



4th November:


A new printing of Ghosts is now available direct from Swan River Press. It comes with the accompanying cd.



25th October:

Supernatural Tales Blog

In advance of a full review in Supernatural Tales, David Longhorn writes about Leave Your Sleep on his blog here.



18th October 2012:

Leave Your Sleep Published

Leave Your Sleep is now available from PS Publishing.




18th October 2012:

Dean Clough Galleries

The Ghosts video presentation was shown at the opening of the Dean Clough Galleries last Saturday



10th September 2012:

Shadow's Edge

A new short story acceptance can be reported, for publication in 2013. "At the End of the World" will be published in Shadows Edge, edited by Simon Strantzas, by Grey Friar Press.



1st September 2012:

New Short Story Collection

Russell's new short story collection, Leave Your Sleep, will be available in October from PS Publishing. It is now available for pre-order.



6th June 2012:


Variety notes the filming of Bloody Baudelaire/Backgammon.




4th June 2012:


Filming of Bloody Baudelaire starts today in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It has the working title Backgammon. IMDb entry.



31st May 2012:

The Washington Post

Ray Russell's book collecting videos have been recommended by Michael Dirda in The Washington Post. Dirda also says that ‘[Russell is] among the leading practitioners of classic supernatural fiction.’


15th May 2012:


R.B. Russell has been interviewed by John Kenny at the Swan River Press website here.




23rd April 2012:

Launch in Vienna

On the 23rd March the Ghosts CD was launched with a video presentation at the Xi Cafe & Bar, Vienna.




24th January 2012:


Ghosts receives a rave review from She Never Slept: "This unique and hauntingly beautiful CD is beyond amazing."



24th January 2012:

Sold Out

The first edition of the Ghosts book and CD package is now sold out. A reprint is scheduled.




3rd January 2012:


February will see the publication of Ghosts by R.B. Russell, comprising a book published by the Swan River Press in Dublin, and a CD on the Klanggalerie label in Austria.


The book will be an omnibus volume collecting Russell's out of print debut collection Putting the Pieces in Place and the novella Bloody Baudelaire. This omnibus edition will include a new introduction by Mark Valentine, and will come with a CD of Russell's music (which will also be available seperately through Klanggalerie).


Pre-orders for the book and CD package are now being taken by the Swan River Press .

The Ghosts CD contains 12 songs composed by Russell (eight instrumental tracks, and four with vocals by Lidwine.


NEWS 2011

13th December 2011:

'The Unsettled Dust'

This Thursday R.B. Russell is interviewed in The Unsettled Dust, on Radio 4. Screenwriter Jeremy Dyson praises the supernatural stories of British author and conservationist Robert Aickman and argues they should receive greater recognition for their contribution to literature.


13th December 2011:

Cameras Roll

Bloody Baudelaire is still due to be filmed by 3:1 Cinema in the USA, with filming now due to commence February/March 2012.



12th December 2011:

Black Static Review

And Delicate Toxins, edited by John Smith, has recently been reviewed by Peter Tennant in Black Static: "R.B. Russell gives us a forbidden love affair in ‘Mathilde’, with the hapless Bernard sacrificing everything for the eponymous femme fatale, only nothing is quite what it seems in this obliquely written romance and death itself has a role to play. Russell touches on the hopelessness of desire when transmuted into obsession, and how our expectations keep us chained in place, the narrator having become as spellbound as Bernard prompting a spectral intervention at the height of the story."


24th November 2011:

Debut album

R.B. Russell's debut album will be released in February 2012: Ghosts is the soundtrack to the writings of British author, R.B. Russell. The songs are composed and arranged by Russell, and vocals for a number of songs are provided by Lidwine, whose voice is the perfect complement to the music. “Ghosts” will be available in February 2012 as a stand-alone CD from Klanggalerie, and also as a limited edition set with the book Ghosts (which reprints his first two publications, “Putting the Pieces in Place” and “Bloody Baudelaire”).


9th November, 2011:

Today Programme

R.B. Russell will be interviewed by David Sillitoe today on Radio Four's Today programme, as a part of the feature on Murmurations, the RSPB anthology, and will read an excerpt from "The Beautiful Room".


16th October, 2011:


Ray Russell reports that, with great regret, he has withdrawn The Dark Return of Time from Ex Occidente Press. The publisher has stated that all pre-orders for this title will be refunded. It is hoped that the material which was intended for this box set will be published elsewhere, in due course.


October 12th, 2011:

Sold Out

Bloody Baudelaire has now sold out!




September 28th, 2011:

Nightjar Press chapbooks

The Nightjar Press chapbooks receive a positive review here and The Beautiful Room is described as "a terrific short story".




September 23rd, 2011:

Dead Reckonings

A fine review of Literary Remains in Dead Reckonings # 10: "...readers are held spellbound by Russell’s elegant prose."



September 14th 2011:

Three Short stories

Three new short stories are due to be published in forthcoming anthologies this autumn: "The Restaurant San Martín" in This Hermetiic Legislature, edited by Dan Ghetu and Dan Watt (Ex Occidente Press),  "The Beautiful Room" in Murmurations: Uncanny Stories About Birds, edited by Nick Royle (Two Ravens Press), and "The Bridegroom" in  Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead, edited by Stephen Jones (Ulysses Press).


22nd July 2011:

Literary Remains Review

A fine review of Literary Remains can be found at The Stars at Noonday: "The stories in this collection are, to be sure, effective taken individually (I first read 'Loup-garou', an unsettling story that has less to do with werewolves than you might imagine, in an anthology, and very much admired it). But read as a cohesive whole, preferably in one sitting, they reveal a profound awareness of human drives and limitations, an understated but very real sense of the large and small tragedies that characterize our lives. Literary Remains is dark fantasy of the first order."


19th July 2011:

The Master in Cafe Morphine

The Master in Cafe Morphine, a tribute to Mikhail Bulgakov, has been published, containing "The Exquisite Process of Gala Gladkov" by R.B. Russell.



16th July 2011:

Film option

Bloody Baudelaire has been optioned for a film by 3:1 Cinema in the USA, with filming due to start later this year.



16th July 2011:

BFS review

The British Fantasy Society review The Beautiful Room very positively here.




27th June 2011:

Shortlisted for Award

Russell's The Beautiful Room is shortlisted in the British Fantasy Society Awards.




22nd June 2011:

Best Horror of the Year

In The Best Horror of the Year 3, Ellen Datlow writes: "Literary Remains by R. B. Russell (PS) is the second collection of stories by a writer who in the past few years has been making a name for himself with his well-written weird and dark fiction... The ten stories, eight new, are all well worth reading."

"The Beautiful Room" receives an "honourable mention" in the book.


17th June 2011:

Delicate Toxins review

Mario Guslandi on the SFSite reviews Delicate Toxins very positively and says, " 'Mathilde' by R.B. Russell, a beautiful, odd love story with an elusive but touching ending, stands out for its excellent narrative style and terrific dialogues."


9th May 2011:


The Beautiful Room (currently available as a limited edition chapbook from Nightjar Press) will be included in Murmurations later this year, edited by Nicholas Royle with all proceeds going to the RSPB. Other authors include Daphne du Maurier, Anna Kavan and Russell Hoban.


14th April 2011:


Delicate Toxins, an anthology of stories inspired by Hans Heinz Ewers, is now available from Side real Press. It contains "Mathilde" by R.B. Russell.



17th January 2011:

'An Unconventional Exorcism'

The Eloquent Page have reviewed The Sixth Black Book of Horror and in discussing their personal highlights of the collection mention Russell's "An Unconventional Exorcism" .



NEWS 2010

21st December 2010:

Black Comedy

Peter Tennant describes "An Unconventional Exorcism" as "a delightful black comedy... There are some great characters here, a witty writing style and a great twist at the end" in his review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror in Case Notes for Black Static.



10th December 2010:

Black Static

Peter Tennant recommends both Literary Remains and The Beautiful Room in the new issue of Black Static.



9th December 2010:


"Mathilde" by R.B. Russell will be published in the Side Real Press anthology, Delicate Toxins in the New Year.



17th October 2010:

Supernatural Tales review

A great review of Literary Remains in Supernatural Tales 18: "a worthy successor to R.B. Russell's first collection, Putting the Pieces in Place. It should appeal to those who enjoy well-crafted short stories in general, and strange stories in particular."



11th October, 2010:

Bloody Baudelaire

Sarah L. Covert at She Never Slept has favourably reviewed Bloody Baudelaire:

'This book defies categorization, as most good books do. It is equal parts gothic horror, mystery, romance, strange tale, and more. Bloody Baudelaire is a memorizing tale that deserves to be read slowly as one sips on a glass of aged wine, enjoying each sensation it brings with adoration and awe. I would recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys strange tales, dark fiction, or well written stories with great characterization.'



9th October, 2010:

Link Gallery Exhibition

Eight illustrations by R.B. Russell which have previously appeared on the jackets of Tartarus Press publications are on display now in the Link Gallery at Dean Clough. They are displayed alongside the artwork of Stephen J. Clark and the show continues through to January 2011.



9th October 2010:

Another Russian Review

A Russian review of The Beautiful Room says that it is "highly recommended".



8th October 2010:

A Russian Review

A Russian review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror describes "An Unconventional Exorcism" as "elegantly written.



7th October 2010:

Peter Crowther

The importance and power of recommended reads, by Peter Crowther



2nd October 2010:

'The Beautiful Room'

A positive review of The Beautiful Room by Paul Magrs



28th September 2010:


Des Lewis in his real-time review that he "LOVED this story" of "Decision" by R.B. Russell from Never Again.



21st September 2010:

First review

A first review of The Beautiful Room: "...a stunning little story, simply and understatedly, as well as artfully, told." - Simon Marshall-Jones, Beyond Fiction.



20th September, 2010:

Two stories published

The Beautiful Room is now available from the Nightjar Press for only £3. Also available is Never Again, a collection containing Russell's story "Decision".



5th September, 2010:

Halifax Ghost Story Festival

R.B. Russell will be at the Halifax Ghost Story Festival on Saturday 30th October at the Dean Clough Galleries. Tartarus Press will be hosting a number of events 11am-1pm in the project room.

In addition, 7-9pm in the Viaduct cafe, Russell will be appearing with Jeremy Dyson, who is taking time off from his new West End production of Ghost Stories, to talk about Robert Aickman.



24th August 2010:

World Fantasy Award Nomination

"In Hiding" from Putting the Pieces in Place has received a nomination in the World Fantasy Awards.



16th August 2010:

Leave Your Sleep

Leave Your Sleep, a new collection of stories by R.B. Russell will be published by PS Publishing in Spring 2012.



13th August, 2010:

'The Beautiful Room'

A chapbook of Russell's short story "The Beautiful Room" will be launched by the Nightjar Press at Fantasycon, run by the British Fantasy Society, 17–19 September, 2010, at the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham.



18th July 2010:

Table of contents

The table of contents is announced for Never Again, along with a facility to pre-order.



9th July 2010:

Never Again

"Decision" by R.B. Russell will be included in the forthcoming anthology Never Again, published by Gray Friar Press in September 2010. Edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane, the book is an attempt to voice the collective revulsion of writers in the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion and deny our collective human inheritance. All profits made from sales will be donated The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and others.



3rd July 2010:

Rue Morgue

A positive review of Literary Remains in Rue Morgue # 102



28th June 2010:

Yet another Literary Remains review

Another good review for Literary Remains, this time at Hyraxia, the book collecting website.



22nd June 2010:

Another Literary Remains review

Literary Remains reviewed by Paul Charles Smith.



18th June 2010:

Literary Remains review

Literary Remains reviewed by The Supernatural Fiction Junkie.



1st June 2010:

Black Abyss

A good review at Tales from the Black Abyss: "A fine collection at times reminiscent of Machen, Aickman, Ligotti and others but always with that unique R.B Russell style."



31st May 2010:


A pre-review from Supernatural Tales suggests that Literary Remains is "...a remarkable read..."



26th May 2010:

Grim Blogger

Another positive review for Literary Remains at The Grim Blogger: "This collection sets the bar high for himself, not to mention future authors, but also ensures a special place for his fiction in the contemporary weird's bright future. "



26th May 2010:


A good review of Literary Remains at Risingshadow.net: "...strangely beautiful prose . . . compelling stories. "



11th May 2010:

Bookgeeks review

A new review has just gone online at Bookgeeks, written by Mario Guslandi: "...all the stories are elegantly written, clever, classy tales apt to delight the reader throughout the whole volume..."



10th May 2010:


All previously ordered copies of Literary Remains have now been posted by the publisher.



4th May 2010:


A great review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror by Mario Guslandi at Horrorworld singles out "An Unconventional Exorcism" saying: "...by far the most accomplished piece in the book, is a perfect, delightful tale, very elegantly written."



30th April 2010:

Honourable mention

An honourable mention for R.B. Russell in the Campaign for Real Fear competition for the story "Don't Ask Me".



25th April 2010:


Despite the suggestion that Literary Remains is now available (made by the author himself!), there has been a delay as the jackets and covers have been reprinted. (The publisher considered them too dark.) It will be ready to ship any day now...



25th April 2010:

Real Time Review

Literary Remains has recently been subject to a "real-time" review by Des Lewis on his Weirdmonger blog. (He has also just completed a "real-time" review of Putting the Pieces in Place).



25th April 2010:

'An Unconventional Exorcism'

Also recently published is the story "An Unconventional Exorcism" by Russell in The Sixth Black Book of Horror. There have been a couple of positive reviews of the collection from Colin Leslie at Tales from the Black Abyss and by the indefatigable Des Lewis.



14th March 2010.


Literary Remains will be launched on Friday 26th March at 5pm in Bar Rogue at the Royal Albion Hotel as a part of the World Horror Convention. All attendees welcome! The trade edition will be available from that date, and the traycased, limited edition shortly afterwards.



21st February 2010:

'Excellent and very satisfying debut'

Putting the Pieces in Place is described by Ellen Datlow in The Best Horror of the Year Volume II as:

'...an excellent and very satisfying debut.'

 She also favourably mentions Russell's contribution to Cinnabar's Gnosis.



6th February 2010:

Putting the Pieces in Place

A very good review for Putting the Pieces in Place from The Speculative Fiction Junkie:

'The hallmark of these stories is their subtlety. Putting the Pieces in Place is a wonderful debut from an author who is among those leading the way in blending horror and the strange tale.'



5th February 2010:


'Looking for Somebody', a poem by Ray Russell has just been published in Staple # 72, the Music Issue.



28th January 2010:


The new collection of short stories by Ray Russell, Literary Remains, is now available for pre-order from PS Publishing as a trade hardcover, or a signed, traycased hardcover. The provisional publication date is May 2010.



20th January 2010:


Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year and 'Loup-garou' have been positively reviewed at Michael Lambe's Blog.



17th January 2010:


R.B. Russell will be attending the launch and book signing of Black Book of Horror # 6 at the World Horror Convention on Friday 26th March. The latest volume in Charles Black's series contains Russell's story "An Unconventional Exorcism". He will also be appearing on the "We Are Not Worthy" panel on Thursday night, discussing literary influences. More World Horror Convention news to follow.



11th January 2010:

Wonderfully disarming

Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year has been very positively reviewed in Locus. R.B. Russell's contribution" is described thus: " ‘Loup-garou’ is a wonderfully disarming and original story that offers a thoroughly original exploration of the shapeshifter theme in an otherwise ordinary marital relationship."

NEWS 2010

9th December:


Ex Occidente Press are now shipping copies of Cinnabar's Gnosis, a tribute to Gustav Meyrink, which includes the short story "The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold" by R.B. Russell. Their next anthology, The Master in Cafe Morphine: A Homage to Mikhail Bulgakov, will contain Russell 's new tale "The Exquisite Process of Gala Gladkov".



27th October 2009:

Starred Review

A starred review in Publisher's Weekly for Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year describes R.B. Russell's “Loup-garou” as "a highly original shape-shifter story with a subtle psychological twist".



22nd October 2009:

Great Review

A great review of Bloody Baudelaire from The Grim Blogger.

'...a jittery, intelligent conundrum that leaves the shadowy questions raised by Cliffe House and its inhabitants with readers well after the book has been placed back on the shelf.'



18th October, 2009:

Speculative Fiction Junkie

A positive review of Bloody Baudelaire from the Speculative Fiction Junkie:

'...a first rate weird tale wrapped in multiple layers of tension that Mr. Russell expertly stokes and manipulates.'



12th October 2009:


The first review of Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year has been spotted. The Bibliophile Stalker says: " 'Loup-garou' by R.B. Russell feels like it's another of those stories that uses the horror trope about a rare film, but actually presents a unique take on it that makes this feel refreshing." Copies will be available very soon.



4th October 2009:

Cinnabar's Gnosis

Russell's story "The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold" will be published later this month in Cinnabar's Gnosis, to be published by Ex Occidente Press. Also forthcoming before Christmas is "Company", which will be published in Supernatural Tales 16.



4th October 2009:

Literary Remains

The collection of short stories, Literary Remains, is now due to be published some time in 2010.



1st September 2009:

Highlander's Book Reviews

A perceptive review of Bloody Baudelaire at Highlander's Book Reviews:

'...timeless elegance ... the book maintains a rich aura of mystery and intrigue ... an excellent study on human characters, flaws and all.'



20th August, 2009:

Publishers Weekly

Another good review for Bloody Baudelaire at Publishers Weekly:

'Russell ... mixes menace, mystery and romance in a plot that keeps the reader teasingly off-balance and guessing how matters will resolve themselves until the tale’s final twist ending.' Publishers Weekly



17th August, 2009:

The Zone

A great review from Mario Guslandi at The Zone for Bloody Baudelaire.

'Russell is a master of subtlety, enfolding the reader in a smart net of elegant prose and ambiguous facts. A mainstream piece or a gothic novella..? It's up to you to decide.'



11th August, 2009:

Real Time Review

Bloody Baudelaire received a positive reaction from Des Lewis in one of his real-time reviews. Strangely, the story 'Literary Remains', recently published in Postscripts 18, is described by The Fiction Desk as having something of M.R. James about it.



30th June, 2009:

Supernatural Tales

A perceptive review by David Longhorn of Putting the Pieces in Place has just been published in Supernatural Tales 15:

'...the author's gift for a finely-turned sentence and a well-crafted tale.'


17th June, 2009:

Another great review

Another great review for Putting the Pieces in Place just in. This time from Andy McQuade in Gorezone.

'Russell's horror is profoundly internal - the horrors of alienation, of loss, of obsession, even of love. Fans of Walter de la Mare take note. Hartley makes a good point of reference … for like him and his successor Robert Aickman (and by that logic his predecessor Henry James also deserves a mention), Russell is concerned primarily with giving you a glimpse of daily life gradually warped into another perverse shape without you knowing it. … an outstanding collection.'



28th May, 2009:

Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews

A positive review for Putting the Pieces in Place just in from Mihai Adascalitei at Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews:

'In “Putting the Pieces in Place” R.B. Russell plays with human emotions without drawing a perceptible line between reality and fiction, passion and obsession, and creates an atmosphere of unease without pointing exactly the reason for it.'



27th May 2009:

Best Horror of the Year

Above is the newly released cover artwork for Ellen Datlow's The Best Horror of the Year, containing "Loup-garou" from The Werewolf Pack.



11th May 2009:

The Freak Zone

The song "It Is There" was played on Stuart Maconie's The Freak Zone yesterday evening on BBC Radio Six. The show is available online for the next seven days here. "It Is There" is played 18 minutes and 20 seconds into the show. The song is by R.B. Russell, with vocals (and vocal arrangement) by Lidwine, who also plays the autoharp on this particular track.



10th May 2009:

Putting the Pieces in Place

Many thanks to Simon Unsworth for the appreciative review of Putting the Pieces in Place on his blog.



4th May 2009, 2009:

'Literary Remains'

The short story 'Literary Remains' is now available in issue 18 of Postscripts from PS Publishing. It has to be admitted that the interior artwork is a little disappointing.



24th April, 2009:

Year's Best Horror

'Loup-garou', which was first published in The Werewolf Pack in 2008, has been chosen by Ellen Datlow for her Year's Best Horror anthology, to be published later in the year.



12th April, 2009:

Rue Morgue

Putting the Pieces in Place is reviewed favourably in Rue Morgue magazine this month:

'As with Henry James, one might ask whether Russell is telling stories of the supernatural or of the psychological. It comes down to perception and this superb collection illustrates how each of us has a different way of putting the pieces in place.' Brian J. Showers



5th April, 2009:


The poem 'On Chaldon Down', previously published in Staple, has been reprinted in the Powys Society Newsletter, No 66, March 2009.



22nd March, 2009:

Putting the Pieces in Place

A small number of reviews and comments have been received for Putting the Pieces in Place. The publisher, Ex Occidente, report that the first run of 400 copies has just about sold out. Reviews include:


'Ray Russell's stories in Putting the Pieces in Place are captivating for their depth of mystery and haunting melancholy. These qualities place Russell in a tradition of authors that includes Sheridan LeFanu and Ramsey Campbell, storytellers whose works proceed with a creeping uneasiness that leaves a lasting impression on the reader.' Thomas Ligotti


'R.B. Russell has produced a work of timeless elegance which wouldn’t be out of place among the classic European ghost stories collections. The stories are all richly enigmatic with a subtle horror subtext. The European setting give the stories a distinctive feel, everything here is slightly, subtly different.' Highlander's Book Reviews



23rd Feb, 2009:


A very good review of Putting the Pieces in Place has been published in Hellnotes:

'. . . classy, tasteful stories of quiet horror told in an unassuming, polished narrative style. Mostly starting out as mainstream tales, Russell’s stories gradually convey a subtle feeling of disquiet as, page after page, the supernatural or the horrific unobtrusively creeps in. . . . In short, an enticing, remarkable collection proving that it was high time Russell would start a career as a writer. I’m looking forward to his next book.'

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