Swan River Press, 2014



The past doesn’t always stay where it should. It is as though somebody, or something, is forever trying to bring it painfully into the present.


Flavian Bennett is trying to leave his past behind when he goes to work in his father’s bookshop in Paris. But a curious customer, Reginald Hopper, is desperate to resurrect his own murky origins. Hopper believes that a rare and mysterious book, The Dark Return of Time, may be the key to what happened before he arrived in Paris. In this quiet thriller by R.B. Russell, the futures — and pasts — of these two men will soon cross.


The Dark Return of Time is available as a limited edition hardback from the Swan River Press.


The Dark Return of Time is also available as an ebook from Amazon, or from Tartarus Press.





'R.B. Russell’s "The Dark Return of Time" ... is a short thriller that opens in a shop selling second-hand books in Paris. What could be better?' Michael Dirda, The Washington Post


'Russell's smart, dark novel is thrilling, sensuous and memorable.' Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


'As is customary with Russell's work, the book is a real pleasure to read due to the elegant narrative style, the allusive and disturbing atmosphere and the author's ability to question reality as it appears and to challenge the reader's imagination and knowledge of the universe.' Mario Guslandi, The Gumshoe Review.


'Russell is one of those quiet conjurors whose uncanny moments are often three-quarters-hidden behind a slatted blind of noonday normalcy.' Mark Andresen, The Pan Review


'While not a supernatural tale within the strict definition of the term, this short novel offers the reader a world that is slightly out of kilter, if not quite that of a nightmare. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes intellectual thrillers with a touch of the outré.' David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales


'Russell has produced a beautifully written and very clever work of art' Peter Tennant, Black Static

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