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Alain-Fournier, Henri

Le Grand Meaulnes and Miracles


Carlson, Eric Stener

The St Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires



Crisp, Quentin S.

Morbid Tales


Dobson, Roger

The Library of the Lost


Gaskin, John:

The Long Retreating Day

The Master of the House

The New Inn Hall Deception


Gawsworth, John:

The Life of Arthur Machen


Howard, John, and Valentine, Mark

Secret Europe

Inner Europe

The Collected Connoisseur


Hughes, Rhys

Worming the Harpy


Lane, Joel

This Spectacular Darkness


Machen, Arthur:

The 1890s Notebook

The House of the Hidden Light

Dreads and Drolls


Oliver, Reggie:

The Ballet of Dr Caligari

Holidays from Hell

Masques of Satan

The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler

Flowers of the Sea

Mrs Midnight and Other Stories


Parker, Rosalie

The Old Knowledge


Russell, R.B.

Putting the Pieces in Place and Literary Remains

Leave Your Sleep

Past Lives of Old Books

Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Bibliography


Salzman, Anne-Sylvie



Samuels, Mark:

The White Hands


Shiel, M.P.

The Purple Cloud


Slatter, Angela:

Sourdough and Other Stories

The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings


Sulway, Nike:



Underwood, Edna W.

Dear Dead Women


Valentine, Mark

A Wild Tumultory Library

Haunted by Books

A Country Still All Mystery

Herald of the Hidden


Valentine, Mark, and Howard, John:

Secret Europe

Inner Europe

The Collected Connoisseur


Wyckoff, Jason A.

Black Horse

The Hidden Back Room

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