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Most recent titles:

The Autobiography of Arthur Machen

Holidays from Hell by Reggie Oliver

This Spectacular Darkness by Joel Lane

The Girl with the Peacock Harp by Michael Eisele



Authors (alphabetically)


Aickman, Robert

We Are for the Dark (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)

Dark Entries

Powers of Darkness

Sub Rosa

Cold Hand in Mine

Tales of Love and Death


Night Voices

The Attempted Rescue

The River Runs Uphill


Barker, Nugent

Written With My Left Hand


Carlson, Eric Stener



Caveliero, Glen

The Justice of the Night


Collier, John:

Green Thoughts and Other Stories


Crawford, F. Marion

Uncanny Tales


de la Mare, Walter

Strangers and Pilgrims


Egan, Beresford

Beresford Egan by Adrian Woodhouse


Eisele, Michael

The Girl with the Peacock Harp


Gaskin, John

The Master of the House


Gautier, Theophile

Clarimonde and Other Stories


Hartley, L.P.

The Collected Macabre Stories of L.P. Hartley


Harvey, W.F.

The Double Eye


Hawthorne, Nathaniel

The Snow-Image and Other Stories of the Supernatural


Hearn, Lafcadio



Hodgson, William Hope

The Wandering Soul


Hoffmann, E.T.A.

The Sand-Man and Other Night Pieces


Howard, John, and Valentine, Mark

Secret Europe


Hughes, Rhys

Stories From A Lost Anthology

Orpheus on the Underground


Irving, Washington

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Lane, Joel

This Spectacular Darkness


Lees, Tim

Frankenstein's Prescription


Lorrain, Jean

Monsieur de Phocas


Lloyd, Rebecca

Mercy and Other Stories


Machen, Arthur

Dreads and Drolls

The Autobiography of Arthur Machen

The Secret of the Sangraal and Other Writings

The Secret Glory

The Children of the Pool

The Cosy Room


Maupassant, Guy de

Tales of Terror


Oliver, Reggie

Holidays from Hell


Parker: Rosalie

Strange Tales Volume I

Strange Tales Volume II

Strange Tales Volume III

Strange Tales Volume IV

Strange Tales Volume V


Reynier, Michael

Horthólary: Tales from Montagascony


Salzman, Anne-Sylvie





The Sound of His Horn and Other Stories


Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Suicide Club and Other Dark Adventures


Strong, L.A.G.

The Buckross Ring


Underwood, Edna W.

Dear Dead Women


Valentine, Mark

Star Kites

Time, A Falconer: A Study of Sarban

Secret Europe (with John Howard)


Welch, Denton

Where Nothing Sleeps


Wells. H.G.

The Man Who Could Work Miracles


Wharton, Edith:

The Triumph of Night


Woodhouse, Adrian

Beresford Egan


Wyckoff, Jason A.

The Hidden Back Room

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