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Most recent titles:

The Ghost Stories of M.R. James (out of print)

The Good Unknown by Stephen Volk (paperback and ebook still available)

My Life as an Alien by Seraj Assi

Time of Passing by John Gaskin (ebook still available)

The Collected Macabre Stories of L.P. Hartley


Authors (alphabetically)


Aickman, Robert

We Are for the Dark (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)

Dark Entries

Powers of Darkness

Sub Rosa

Cold Hand in Mine

Tales of Love and Death


Night Voices

Go Back at Once

see also: Robert Aickman: An Attempted Biography by R.B. Russell


Assi, Seraj

My Life as an Alien


Barker, Nugent

Written With My Left Hand


de la Mare, Walter

Strangers and Pilgrims


Falowo, Dare Segun

Caged Ocean Dub


Hartley, L.P.

The Collected Macabre Stories of L.P. Hartley


Lloyd, Rebecca

Seven Strange Stories

Mercy and Other Stories

The Child Cephalina


Machen, Arthur

The Hill of Dreams

The Secret Glory

The House of Souls


Parker, Rosalie

Dream Fox and Other Strange Stories

Through the Storm



Waiting for the End of the World



Ringstones and Other Curious Tales

The Sound of His Horn

The Doll Maker

see also Time, A Falconer by Mark Valentine


Stevenson, Robert Louis

The Suicide Club and Other Dark Adventures


Symons, A.J.A.

The Quest for Corvo


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