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Kate A. Hardy


Londonia is a magnificently immersive page-turner. Set in 2072, it seems at first to be a dystopia in which the internet and other modern technologies have collapsed. An elite have sealed themselves up in Central London, while everyone else has to get on as best they can, making-do, bartering, and cooperating with their neighbours. Moving between the two societies is Hoxton, a "Finder" of desirable objects, her own past a mystery to be solved, with the help of new friends. Can hope and friendship survive in this strange new world? . . .


Author photo: Penny Millar

Cover art: Karl Fitzgerald


A pdf of the first chapter can be read here.





"Enchanting . . . Hardy’s almost hopeful view of the world’s inevitably chaotic future lifts this entertaining and well-told tale." Publishers Weekly


"A deeply engaging and always-entertaining novel, the author’s superb use and invention of future language is brilliant." Paula Guran, Locus magazine


"I enjoy a good sprawl of a novel about London and Kate A Hardy has served up a good one in her big stewpot of ideas and images with a solid side order of mystery. This is a long, immersive read, excellent for those of us waiting out lockdown." Sarah Tanburn, Horla


"A clever dystopian adventure . . . if you like your apocalypse on the literary side with a relatable human plot, then this is definitely worth your attention . . ." Aurealis


"A good read. It’s certainly well written by a skilled storyteller . . . I believed in the characters and their world events, I wanted them to succeed and to ultimately be happy. Any book that can drag you in that far has to be good." British Fantasy Society


"Londonia fizzes with boisterous humour and quirky invention . . . For those needing diversion, this chunky and handsomely produced novel is a delicious book to sink into; it also helps to think through what really matters in life and perhaps to learn a lesson or two from our own current predicament." Hackney Citizen


"This is a superbly written book retaining dialogue, place and characterisation to a masterful level. You believe in Hardy’s world and it should hardly be long before a producer is clamouring to make her highly visual future London into a film or series… it strikes at the heart of what we consider to be important in life – something all of us are thinking about at this strange time." Kindred Spirit


"Fantastical yet believable, it also shares hopeful messages for the future about how we can live more simply and create less waste – repurposing and reusing, growing food and foraging; less immersed in screens, and more connected to ourselves, each other and nature." Psychologies magazine


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