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Tartarus is a small, British independent press founded in 1990. We specialise in collectable hardback limited editions of literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction, and we also publish paperbacks and ebooks.We have been the recipient of four World Fantasy Awards, and in 2010 received a "Stoker" from the Horror Writers Association.

"When first encountered, the publications of Tartarus Press seem almost as numinous as the supernatural tales they contain. The simple elegance of their presentation. . . jacketed in uniform cream covers with only minimal decoration, recall an earlier age when books were as rare and treasured as jewels. These are not commodities to be piled high on three-for-two tables, but rarities which remain hidden unless sought out . . . The stories hoarded in their pages are so little known you might be forgiven for wondering if you have dreamed them. The Triumph of Night and Other Tales by Edith Wharton. The Supernatural Tales of H.G. Wells. The Lost Poetry of William Hope Hodgson. And dozens of other titles by authors both famous and obscure which taken as a whole form a secret library, a catalogue of weird fiction from its roots in Victorian Britain through to the modern day."  -- Damien G. Walter, The Guardian

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17th October 2014: A great review for The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter at Thirteen O'Clock: "Highly recommended."
And a very fine review of The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley on Goodreads: "The Loney is a lovely book, both in its prose and its plotting and its primary characters and even its darkness, which is dished out slowly and carefully"
9th October 2014: The Loney has received a very good, sympathetic review at theSupernatural Tales Blog. "The Loney is a British horror novel that fits into the tradition of the ghost story while not being entirely bounded by it. I found it an absorbing read, with credible characterisation and an intelligent, satisfying plot that evokes the sense of mystery that abounds in the shadier, wilder parts of our little islands..."
5th October 2014: We are pleased to note a number of very good, new reviews for Tartarus Press books:
Strange Tales IV has received astarred review at Publishers Weekly, where the reviewer writes: "The stories selected for this volume attest to the diversity and imaginative possibilities inherent in the strange tale."
Rupetta by N.A. Sulway has been reviewed by P.P.O. Kane at The Compulsive Reader, and he says: "...there are wondrous, moving passages full of lyricism, elegy, wonder and suggestive speculation. Cherish them as you puzzle out Rupetta’s world and its underlying culture and history.  This is a strangely enchanting, wholly convincing novel.
Mercy by Rebecca Lloyd is reviewed at M.R Cosby's Blog: "These are wonderfully written tales, dealing with life, love, relationships and the loss thereof in a thoroughly believable way, and with a depth not present in many works of short fiction. The way Lloyd interweaves the past with the present is hugely impressive, and adds an extra dimension to her impressive body of work. This has been one of my books of the year so far."
The Master of the House by John Gaskin has also been reviewed:
At Publishers Weekly: "Touched with irony and graveyard humor, his stories will appeal to fans of classic ghostly fiction."
At theSupernatural Tales Blog: "I suspect this book will remind many of us why we first fell in love with the genre."
12th September 2014: Our next publication, on the 1st October 2014, will be The Loney, an atmospheric, slow-burn horror novel by Andrew Michael Hurley. Set in the 1970s on the English Lancashire coast, it tells the story of a Catholic pilgrimage to a shrine for healing. The miracle that occurs, however, has a darker and altogether more horrific side.
Here is a video trailer for The Loney:
15th August 2014: R.B. Russell's The Dark Return of Time is now available as an ebook from Amazon, or direct from Tartarus Press. The hardback edition is still available from Swan River Press.
5th August 2014: Our next publication will be The Bitterwood Bible by Angela Slatter. This new collection of short stories returns to the world of the critically acclaimed  Sourdough and Other Stories (Tartarus, 2010), introducing readers to the tales that came before. The book is enhanced by eighty-six pen-and-ink illustrations by artist Kathleen Jennings and is a sewn hardback of 220 pages, printed lithographically, with decorated boards, silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w.
Publication will be 1st September
18th July 2014: Congratulations to Reggie Oliver, whose collection of short stories, Flowers of the Sea, is shortlisted in this years World Fantasy Awards.
Congratulations, also, to Rebecca Lloyd, whose collection of stories, Mercy, continues to receive glowing reviews:
"These are wonderfully written tales, dealing with life, love, relationships and the loss thereof in a thoroughly believable way, and with a depth not present in many works of short fiction. The way Lloyd interweaves the past with the present is hugely impressive, and adds an extra dimension to her impressive body of work. This has been one of my books of the year so far." M.R. Cosby
 "At times I found it hard to differentiate between this collection and Angela Carter's..." A Universe in Words
Mercy was launched, along with a paperback collection, The View from Endless Street, at Foyles in Bristol, and video of the event can be viewed here.
30th June: Our next book will be a new edition of Nugent Barker's Written With My Left Hand. Perhaps best known for two much-admired tales, the evocative ghost story 'Whessoe' and the grimly humorous horror tour-de-force 'Curious Adventure of Mr Bond', the stories collected range widely, from the Poe-esque Parisian sophistication of ‘The Strange Disappearance of Monsieur Charbo’, to the sly and strangely touching Sussex folk-wisdom of ‘Stanley Hutchinson’; from the dislocated, dreamlike horror of ‘One, Two, Buckle My Shoe’ to the idyllic, time-travelling nostalgia of ‘The Thorn’. Publication 4th July 2014 .
29th June: Mercy by Rebecca Lloyd received another good review, this time at Neon: A Literary Magazine . "Her control of the form is obvious, and it’s a joy to read the work of such a talented short story writer. Or maybe joy is the wrong word, since it seems to be Lloyd’s mission to craft tales loaded with creepy and uncanny details that will stick with you long after the close of any single story"
29th June: We have just returned from London where we attended the Robert Aickman evening at the Freud Museum on Thursday 26th June. Many thanks to Faber and Faber, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Shearsmith for a great evening. And additional thanks to Faber and the Freud Museum for arranging for our books to be made available.
On Saturday 28th we attended "Intrusions: Looking After Robert Aickman" at Printroom in Highgate. With thanks to Chris Maloney and Monica Petzal for a fine day, and for making our books available for the duration of their show.
Both events were in celebration of the centenary of Robert Aickman's birth on the 27th June.
23rd June: Mercy receives a good review: "Rebecca Lloyd is a name to look out for." British Fantasy Society
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