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John Whitbourn is an English author born at Godalming, Surrey. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy says he 'writes well with dry wit'. In an rare interview Whitbourn admitted to being a former archaeologist but claims 'to be going straight now'. Recent 'author's details' state that JW is 'military attaché (part time) at the Cornish (or Kernow) Embassy in London. This is, to put it mildly, doubtful.
A Dangerous Energy, Victor Gollancz (London), 1992
The wicked life and career of a 20th century wizard-priest set in a meticulously detailed alternative history where the Reformation failed and magic works. This book won the BBC 'Bookshelf' / Victor Gollancz Ltd First Fantasy Novel Prize.
Popes & Phantoms, Victor Gollancz (London) 1993
Admiral Slovo in novel form. Best not read when alone in the house.
To Build Jerusalem, Victor Gollancz (London) 1995
A further novel set in the same alternative history as 'A Dangerous Energy'. High politics and a Papal James Bond in Guildford.
The Royal Changeling, Simon & Schuster (London), 1998
A Restoration romp and revelation of what really happened in English history. Not for the prudish.
Downs-Lord Dawn, Vol. 1, The Downs-Lord Triptych, Simon & Schuster (London), 1999
First of a fantasy trilogy in which a down-trodden 17th century English curate discovers an alternative world light on humans but heavy on danger. In the course of a long life he carves out a baroque empire therein.
Downs-Lord Day, Vol. 2, The Downs-Lord Triptych, Simon & Schuster (London), 2000
Downs-Lord Doomsday, Vol. 3, The Downs-Lord Triptych, Simon & Schuster (London), 2002
Binscombe Tales
The Binscombe Tales volumes are novels containing linked stories, all involving the same characters in the same settings. The chronological progression between the stories make them more of a book than a set of unconnected short stories.
The Binscombe Tales - Sinister Saxon Stories, Vol. 1, Ash Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 1998
The fictional southern English village of Binscombe is introduced and built up with tales involving malevolent bus stops, portals into parallel worlds, longer-than-life marriages, satanic cars, Elves at stations, 'video-nasties', murderous carol services, alternative Popes, and King Arthur ( and the need to stop him ).
The enigmatic Mr Disvan presides, and newcomer Mr Oakley - a man of somewhat basic tastes - never learns.
(Includes: "Introscript" by John Whitbourn, "Introduction" by Professor E. Griffiths, "Another Place", "Waiting for a Bus", "Till Death Do Us Part", ""Only One Careful Owner", "All Roads Lead to Rome", "The Will to Live", "Hello Dolly", "Reggie Suntan", "Here Is My Resignation", "A Video Nasty, or, The Sins of the Fathers", "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Most Men", "Binscombe Jihad", "His Holiness Commands", "Roots", "The More it Changes . . .".)
The Binscombe Tales - Sinister Sutangli Stories, Vol. 2, Ash Tree Press (Ashcroft, British Columbia), 1999
Back in Binscombe, and Mr Disvan rides again. Amongst other high weirdness, stories involve 'potential ghosts', the Angel of Death, Cromwell, the true perils of motorway travelling, history replaying like a tape, Mars exploration, Robin Hood, the selling of souls and who collects, a cursed disco-diva, pocket universes, haunted hermit England rugby heroes, World War II 1939 = ?, the dangers of second-hand furniture, and the great secret of Binscombe revealed ( after all the hints and clues ). Plus several essays and a list of all the potential Binscombe Tales planned but now never to be written.
  (Including: "Foreword, 'An Overview and Cheerio, or A Sutangli Speaks!' by John Whitbourn, "It Has Been Said . . .", "No Truce With Kings", "Let the Train Take the Strain", "Rollover Night", "Yankee Go Home", "Canterbury's Dilemma", "Every Little Breeze . . .", "Oh, I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside (Within Reason)", "But After This, the Judgement", "It'll All be Over by Christmas", "I Could a Tale Unfold", "Up from the Cellar, or, England Expects!", "Stories I'll Never Get Round to Writing".)
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