edited by R.B. Russell
We hope that this Guide will be of interest to connoisseurs of supernatural fiction. It is still a "work in progress", but already contains bibliographical information on over 360 authors and editors of supernatural fiction. We are adding images of dustjackets as thumbnails with the bibliographical information, and those bordered in red/brown can be clicked on to provide a larger image. We hope to "upgrade" images over time, and welcome any scans.
There will be many ommissions, which we will endeavour to put right over the coming months (and years!) If you have any suggestions, corrections etc , then we would be very happy to hear from you. The entry that best gives an impression at the moment of how we hope all entries will eventually appear is the one for Arthur Machen.
Our definition of "supernatural" is a very catholic but inevitably subjective one, betraying our own interests and prejudices. Not that this means that we would recommend every author or book contained on the database. We have tried to include as much literature of the supernatural as we can (and therefore a great number of ghost stories), but we only skirt around the boundaries of fantasy, and science fiction is poorly represented. If there is a bias towards the macabre and weird genres, though, this reflects our own personal tastes.
We have not attempted to create complete author bibliographies, but include only those works which fall into our category of the "supernatural".
We welcome any information about writers who have worked/are working in the supernatural tradition. With reference to contemporary writers, we do generally require that an author must have had their work professionally published before they are included.
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15th November 2011: The Supernatural Fiction Database is taking a break from updates to the site. We are in discussion with a third party who has offered to take it over, modernise and update the site.
9th December 2010: Thanks again to Granz Henman, this time for images of Ghosts and Family Legends by Catherine Crowe, a reprint of The Beetle and Curios by Richard Marsh, The Haunted House in Berkeley Square by edric Vredenburg,, and Raw Edges by Percival Landon.
29th September 2010: Many thanks to Richard Dorsett for a picture of the US edition of J. Meade Falkner's The Lost Stradivarius.
17th August 2010: Many thanks again to Granz Henman. He has supplied scans for A Haunted Inheritance and The Shadow of the Unseen by James Blyth, a later printing of The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, The Sinister House by Mary L. Pendered, and Sinister House by Leland Hall.
16th August 2010: Many thanks to Bob Knowlton. He has supplied scans for the UK and US editions of The Supernatural Omnibus edited by Montague Summers.
19th July: Many thanks to Dwayne Olson for a photo of the No Escape by R.R. Ryan and information on Walter Owen.
11th july 2009: Thanks again to Granz Henman. He has supplied scans for Francis C. Prevot's Ghosts and Ghoulies and an illustrated wrapper for Blackwood's John Silence.
23rd April 2010: Many thanks to Granz Henman for a scan of the first Creeps anthology.
7th February 2010: Many thanks again to John Eggling for images of Ghosts I Have Met, Over the Plum-Pudding and The Water Ghost by John Kendricks Bangs, From Whose Bourne by Robert Barr and The Poet's Curse by M.Y. Halidom.
4th February 2010: Many thanks to John Eggling for scans of For the Soul of a Witch, Scottish Witchcraft Trials, Old As The World, Morag the Seal and a Sette of Odd Volumes publication, all by Brodie-Innes. He has also kindly sent on Kalee's Shrine by Grant Allen and the following by Leonid Andreyev: The Crushed Flower and Other Stories, The Red Laugh and Silence. He has also prompted me to scan my own copy of Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker.
4th November: Many thanks to Jim Rockhill for additional information relating to the entries on the Marjorie Bowen page of the database.
1st November 2009: Many thanks to Colin Sheffield for images of The Feasting Dead by John Metcalfe (Arkham House, 1954), Tomato Cain and other Stories by Nigel Kneale (Alfred A. Knopf, 1950, The Arm of Mrs Egan by William Fryer Harvey (Dutton, 1952) and The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories by Horacio Quiroga (University of Texas Press, 1976).
10th August 2009: Many thanks to Granz Henman for photos of the first edition of The White Rose Mystery by Gerald Biss, and reprints of Number Seven Queer Street and Nights of the Round Table by Margery Lawrence.

7th July 209: Thanks to Daniel Corrick who has sent on a couple of scans and prompted me to update the entries for Mark Samuels, Ramsey Campbell and Ted Klein. Thanks also to Granz Henman for a scan of Andrew Haggard's Leslie's Fate.

22nd June: Thanks to Granz Henman for yet another rarity - Ghostly Visitors by "Spectre Stricken"
8th June 2009: Many thanks to Granz Henman for photographs of 100,000 Pounds versus Ghosts and Lady Mary's Experiences by Mrs Robert Jocelyn. I have also updated with new images the M.P. Shiel pages.
25th May 2009: Many thanks to Granz Henman for photographs of Mysteries of Asia by The Sheik A. Abdullah, The Haunted and the Haunters by Lord Lyttonin the first US edition in wraps and a later edition with the scarce dj, The Weird o' it by Clive Pemberton and From Whose Bourne Etc by Luke Sharp [Robert Barr].
15th May 2009: I have just added a scan of Phyllis Paul's first novel, We Are Spoiled. Although not strictly a supernaturalist author, her books do often suggest the supernatural as an explanation for events, and are certainly atmospheric.
5th May 2009: I have just added a scan of the first US edition of Edna W. Underwood's A Book of Dear Dead Women. Apart from having a great title, it is a fine collection of decadent and supernatural tales and appears to be quite rare.
11th March 2009: Many thanks to Colin Sheffield for sending scans of Ghouls in My Grave by Jean Ray, the Gollancz reprint of Wylder's Hand by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, The US edition of The Best Ghost Stories of H.Russell Wakefield and the Midnight House reprint of The Beasts of Brahm by Mark Hansom.
18th January 2009: James Doig has sent images showing some Colonial editions: Widdershins by Oliver Onions, Dracula by Bram Stoker, and The Bell in the Fog by Gertrude Atherton, along with Hell! Said the Duchess by Michael Arlen and some Rosa Praed: The Soul of Countess Adrian and The Body of His Desire (Cassell, 1912).
6th January 2008: Jim Rockhill has provided us with the information to create a new entry for J.B. Priestley. Many thanks to Jim for this and for the image of the jacket to The Other Place.
4th January 2009: Happy New Year! Many thanks to Paul Barnes for sending on pictures for Manhood's short story collection Nightseed, and two variant covers for The Second Coming by Richard Marsh. Also to granz Henman for the jacket to a cheap edition of May Sinclair's Uncanny Tales
18th December 2008: Many thanks to Todd Treichel for his scan of Bells Rung Backwards by Oliver Onions. Todd has also sent on a couple of scans of Reggie Oliver items which has prompted me to update his page and add another few images. I have also updated the pages for mark valentine whose new collection, The Rite of Trebizond, has just been published.
With reference to contemporary authors, tend to focus on classic supernatural fiction and are not able to list many contemporary writers due to time and space constraints.
11th October: A quick note on copyright: Our understanding is that the image of a dustwrapper is subject to copyright but that this is not enforced by publishers because it is seen as available for publicity and promotional purposes.
However, a specific photograph or scan of a dustwrapper or book is copyright the person who created it. In the case of the dustwrappers on this site, collectors of rare books have given their permission for us to publish an image that they will often have gone to considerable trouble to procure.
The internet is subject to the laws of copyright and thus the scans on this site should not be reproduced without permission. We will happily consult the copyright holder to obtain permission for anybody who would like to reproduce them. When certain website rip-off these images it is tantamount to theft, and especially annoying when they are likely to be given permission if only they asked nicely! All we would like is for the originator of the image to get a simple credit.
20th august 20008: Thanks to Jim Rockhill for sending through a scan of the jacket for The Knot Garden, a mixed genre collection published under Marjorie Bowen's pen-name of George Preedy.
4th August 2008: Many thanks to Robert Eldridge once again for a fine variety of obscure images: The first US edition of Ernest R. Suffling's The Story Hunter, Creswick J. Thompson's Zoroastro, J. Bryson Taylor's In the Dwellings of the Wilderness, Dorothy Macardle's Earthbound, Vere Shortt and Frances Matthew's The Rod of the Snake, and finally, a jacketed first edition of Arthur Machen's The Hill of Dreams.
28th April: Many thanks to James Doig for all of the biographical information he has supplied for the hitherto enigmatic R.R. Ryan.
23rd April 2008 - It has been a while, but worth waiting for . . . Robert Eldridge has supplied the images for some rather obscure titles: The Scarecrow and Other Stories by G. Ranger Wormser, The Shape of Fear and Other Ghostly Tales by Elia Peattie, Oldham by Catherine M. Verschoyle, Priest or Pagan by John Rathbone Oliver, The Cross of Carl by Walter Owen, The Lost Valley by Algernon Blackwood, The Last Devil by Signe Toksvig, True Ghost Stories by Cheiro, A College Mystery by A.P. Baker and Between the Lights by Margaret Baillie-Saunders.
2nd January - Happy New Year! Many thanks to Don Kobetsky for images of The Shrine of Death by Lady Dilke, The Shadowy Thing by H.B. Drake, The Hand of Fate by Cheiro, A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest by Amelia B. Edwards, and The Sweet Singers and Dark Encounters by William Croft Dickinson.
5th December 2007:
Many thanks to Granz Henman for images of The Haunted Organist by Rosa Mulholland, a later editon of Ghost Stories by E. & H. Heron, The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale, A Sheaf of Yule Log Stories by Rev, A.D. Crake and Told in the Dimpses by H. C. O'Neill.
Many thanks also to Richard Dorsett for images of A Farm In Fairyland by Laurence Housman, L'Apprenti Sorcier by Hanns Heinz Ewers, the title pages of the 1st U.S. edition of Uncle Silas by Le Fanu, Tongues of Conscience by Robert Hichens, and Tales Before Supper which contains Gautier's Avatar.
28th November 2007: A few new pictures: The Man With the Scales by Marjorie Bowen (thanks to Jim Rockhill), Beam of Malice and Flies on the Wall by Alex Hamilton and The Woman in Black by Halidom (thanks to Chris Roden), and Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber, Beware After Dark anthlogy, the first paperback edition of The Curse of the Snake by Guy Boothby, the American first of The Brood of the Witch Queen by Sax Rohmer, and The Place Called Dagon by Herbert Gorman (thanks to sean Donnelly).
26th November 2007: Thanks to Richard Dorsett for a scan of a Dutch edition of Vampier by Hanns Heinz Ewers. It is only a second edition, but it has a great vignette on the cover.
7th october 2007: Thanks to Sean Donnelly for a photograph of John Buchan's Watcher by the Threshold.
27th September 2007: Thanks once again to Nick Granger-Taylor for scans of the 3rd British (cheap) edition of Machen's The House of Souls, and for Thomas Burke's Billy and Beryl in Chinatown.
30th august: Thanks to Nick Granger-Taylor for emailing to us scans of a number of books by Thomas Burke.
25th August: Many thanks again to Robert Eldridge for sharing more scans of rare supernatural books with us. We have now uploaded an illustrated edition of The Tinted Venus and the first edition of The Statement of Stella Maberly by F. Anstey, Through the Night by Mrs G Linnaes Banks, the first US editions of The Ghost by Arnold Bennet and Margery of Quether by Sabine Baring-Gould, The Devil's Mistress by J. Brodie-Innes, and a later edition of Phantastes by George MacDonald.
3rd August 2007: Thanks to Robert Eldridge for sending on pictures of the US edition of Cold Harbour by Francis Brett Young and What Cuthbert Knew by Grace V. Christmas.
27th July 2007: Thanks to Robert Eldridge for sending on images of the folowing: Rhoda Broughton's Betty' Visions, Mark Hansom's The Shadow on the House, Q's Mystery Stories, Saki's The Square Egg, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Russell Thorndyke's The Master of the Macabre, Evelyn Underhill's The Gray World, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Mary E Wilkins Freeman's The Wind in the Rose-Bush.
18th June, 2007: Many thanks to Charles Oliver for sending through scans of Twilight Stories by Rhoda Broughton, and the The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards.
1st June 2007: We have had problems with our old server, which is frozen, and are now in the process of transfering all of our websites to a new one. This will take some time (as we still use dial-up rather than broadband) so please be patient with the links and pictures here for the next few weeks. - All best wishes, Ray
26th march 2007: Thanks once again to Don Kobetsky - this time for a picture of Ghostly Tales by the Countess of Munster.
22nd March 2007: Thanks once again to Don Kobetsky who has sent on images for Madeleine Dahlgren's The Woodly Lane Ghost, Can Such Things Be? by Ambrose Bierce and Arabesques by Mrs Richard S. Greenough.
12th March 29007: Don Kobetsky has generously sent on scans of Violet Hunt's Tales of the Uneasy and More Tales of the Uneasy, and Death, The Knight And The Lady: A Ghost Story by H. de Vere Stacpoole.
16th February 2007: Thanks again to Nick Granger-Taylor who has sent scans of The Shrine of Death by Lady Dilke, and a curious variant binding of Arthur Machen's The Three Impostors.
13th February 2007: Thanks to Nick Granger-Taylor who has sent scans of the US edition of Arthur Machen's The Three Impostors, and a later issue of The Great God Pan.
19th December 2006: A Merry Christmas to you all! If, over the Christmas season, you'd like to discuss classic ghost and horror stories you might like to check out the Fireside Frights reading group.
1st December 2006: Many thanks again to Nick Granger-Taylor who has sent a scan of the super-rare Thesaurus Incantatus by Arthur Machen.
26th November 2006: Many thanks to Nick Granger-Taylor for a scan of An Exchange of Souls by Barry Pain.
29th October 2006: Thanks to Richard Molyneux for sending a picture of the jacket of a later edition of Walter de la Mare's The Riddle
22nd October 2006: Further scans very gratefully received from John Pinkney: US editions of de la Mare's The Riddle and On the Edge, and Hector Bolitho's The House in Half Moon Street
20th September.: Scans gratefully received from John Pinkney: Tales of Mysetry and Revenge by Noel Langley, The Rent in the Veil by Margery Lawrence, and two later editions of books by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Ralph the Bailiff and Weavers and Weft.
18th September 2006: Once again John Pinkney has generously sent on more scans - this time of the UK edition of The Street of Queer Houses and Two and Two Make Five by Vernon Knowles, along with The Eternal Moment by E.M. Forster and Ghost Stories by H.R. Wakefield.
4th September 2006: Thanks to Don Kobetsky for images for Not for the Night Time by Theo Gift, Ghost Stories by Michael Arlen, and Fear by Edith Nesbit.
30th August 2006: Thanks again to James Doig for help with creating a page for H.B. Marriott Watson, and sending scans for Marahuna and Diogenes of London.
22nd August: Many thanks to James Doig for sending through a scan of Nigel Tourneur's Hidden Witchery.
19th July 2006: Rather belatedly, I'd like to thank Don Kobetsky for sending us images for A Hair Divides by Claude Houghton, the Chatto edition of Black Spirits and White by Ralph Adams Cram, and Revenge! by Robert Barr.
9th june 2006: Thanks again to John Pinkney, this time for taking the trouble to photograph The Horned Shepherd by Edgar Jepson
5th June 2006: Many thanks to John Pinkney for a scan of a new edition of Mrs Campbell Praed's The Soul of Countess Adrian, A Romance
12th March 2006: Thanks to Nick Granger-Taylor who has sent images of three titles by Evelyn Underhill: The Grey World, The Lost Word and A Column of Dust.
8th March 2006: Many thanks to Nick Granger-Taylor for sending images of Vincent O'Sullivan's The Houses of Sin. Thanks also to Malcolm F. Lawrence for information on the Peruvian writer Clemente Palma
10th February 2006: John Pinkney has sent on some fine scans of Some Ghost Stories by Burrage, The Floating Cafe by Margery Lawrence, and The Painted Face by Oliver Onions.
9th February 2006: Thanks to Sean Donnelly for sending scans of George Sylvester Viereck's The House of the Vampire, A.M. Burrage's Seeker to the Dead, E.R. Morrough's The Temple Servant and Other Stories, Maurice Level's Tales of Mystery and Horror, Frank Owen's The Porcelain Magician, Henri Beraud's Lazarus, Conrad Aiken's Among the Lost People, Margaret Oliphant's The Open Door and The Portrait: Two Stories of the Seen and Unseen and Gustav Meyrink's The Golem..
29th December 2005: I have added a scan of a jacketed copy of Arthur Machen's The Secret Glory. It is a pretty unremarkable jacket, but in over twenty years of collecting machen it is the first one that I think I have seen.
30th September 2005: Many thanks to John Pinkney for supplying an image of the jacket of The Horror of Abbot's Grange by Frederick Cowles.
19th September 2005: Thanks to John Ricketts for a scan of Gerald Gardner's High Magic's Aid.
11th September 2005: Many thanks to Luther Martin for a scan of Robert Bloch's Dragons and Nightmares.
19th July 2005: Thanks to Charles Oliver for a scan of Spook Stories by E.F. Benson
1st July 2005: Many thanks once again to Dave Scroggs for sending through scans of The Centaur by Algernon Blackwood, The Room in the Tower and The Flint Knife by E.F. Benson, and The Lady of the Island and The Lust of Hate by Guy Boothby.
24th June 2005: Many thanks to Dave Scroggs for sending through scans of Algernon Blackwood's The Dance of Death and Other Tales and Short Stories of Today and Yesterday, and also the great jacket for Lord Dunsany's The King of Elfland's Daughter.
17th June 2005: Work on the database has slowed for the last few months as I work on the revisions to the Tartarus Press Guide to First Edition Prices. However, in the autumn I hope to get back to work on the webpages, providing more bibliographical information and descriptive material. In the meantime, we are pleased to have been sent by Sean Donnelly images for The Moon Terror by A.G. Birch, the boards of Lukundoo by Edward Lucas White, and the boards of the first American edition of The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen.
21st May 2005: Many thanks to John Pinkney for a scan of Gertrude Dunn's Unholy Depths
27th March: Many thanks to Brian Lavelle for images of A Beginning by Walter de la Mare, and The Surly Sullen Bell and Watchers at the Straight Gate by Russell Kirk
24th March 2005: Many thanks to John Pinkney for scans of the US edition of Richard Marsh's Tom Ossington's Ghost and a yelowback reprint of Catherine Crowe's The Night Side of Nature.
14th March: Jim Rockhill has kindly sent through a scan of the cover of Algernon Blackwood's John Silence in the unauthorised, 1909 US edition, featuring a solemn-looking John Silence on the cover.
1st March: Thanks to Sean Donnelly for sending a couple more scans: The Sorcery Club by Elliott O'Donnell, and Stories of the Seen and Unseen by Margaret Oliphant
27th February: It has been quite quiet here recently, but Sean Donnelly has recently sent through images of the cover of The Garden at 19, the American edition of Jepson's book which has Arthur machen and the New Bohemians amongst it's real-life charatcers. He has also sent through the image of the d/w for Talbot Mundy's Om. Simon Strantzas has also sent scans of a few more recent titles: The Nightmare Exhibition by Quentin S. Crisp, Black Altars by Mark Samuels, Conference With the Dead and Dark Matters by Terry Lamsley, the Collected Ghost Stories of Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, and Kecksies by Marjorie Bowen.

16th January: More great scans from John Pinkney: The Goat-Foot God by Dion Fortune, From Out of the Silence by Lady Bessie Kyffin-Taylor, The Vampire by Reginald Hodder, Stories in the Dark by Barry Pain, The Haunted Station by Hume Nisbet, and Gerard by M.E. Braddon.

1st January 2005: Happy New Year! John Pinkney has generously supplied a number of interesting scans: The Yellow Death by Uel Key, The Discovery of the Dead by Allen Upward, In Ghostly Company by Amyas Northcote, and The Insane Root by Mrs Campbell Praed.