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and Other Curious Tales 
by Sarban
Ringstones and Other Curious Tales ‘have a curiously-imparted quality of strangeness; the feeling of having strayed over the border of experience into a world where other dimensions operate.’ So said one of the original reviewers of these unique stories, first published in 1951.
The title story is set on the Northumberland moors, where Daphne Hazel appears to cross the boundaries of time, becoming involved with terrifying personalities from the mysterious past. ‘Calmahain’ deals delicately and imaginatively with two children’s attempts at escape from the grim realities of the Home Front during World War Two. Sarban shows himself equally at home in the Middle East, where, against an authentic background of expatriate life, three further stories explore ancient legends with spine-chilling results.

Ringstones and Other Curious Tales, Sarban’s first published work, established him amongst critics and readers as a writer of unusually evocative power.
First published in 1951, this collection contains 'A Christmas Story',' Capra', 'Calmahain', 'The Khan' and 'Ringstones'.
Ringstones as a 307 page, sewn hardback book.
Printed lithographically on acid-free paper, with headbands, tailbands, silk ribbon marker and dust jacket.
Second Tartarus printing. ISBN 978-1-905784-35-6
Price £32.50 inc. p&p.
Also available as an ebook, £4.99 (Please note that this will be emailed to you manually!)
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