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(a.k.a. T.I. Fytton-Armstrong)
b.1912 d.1970 
Although Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong, who used the pen-name name John Gawsworth, was a poet and writer, he will be remembered for championing the cause of many writers between the wars, and persuading many to dust off their pens and create new work. He edited a number of anthologies.
Anthologies edited by John Gawsworth
Strange Assembly, Unicorn (London), 1932
Includes: "The Flying Cat" by M. P. Shiel, "The Vivisector Vivisected" by Sir Ronald Ross, "The Black Lad" by Frederick Carter, "The Franc-Tireur's Escape" by Herbert E. Palmer, "The Gift of Tongues" by A. Machen, "A Feilside Tragedy" by Hubert Crackenthorpe, "The Mask" by Francis Marsden, "Ilya Vilka" by Stephen Graham, "The Journey" by Rhys Davies, "A Fragment" by Stephen Hudson, "Londoners" by Wilfred Ewart, "The Harrying of the Dead" by F. Carter, "A Night in Venice" by M. P. Shiel, "The Rose Garden" by A. Machen.
Full Score, Rich & Cowan (London), 1933. Edited as T. I. Fytton Armstrong
Includes: "Aha" by S Graham, "The Irreverence of Fod" by S Leslie, "Luigi of Catanzaro" by L. Golding, "Dark Lot of One Saul" by M.P Shiel, "The Chemise of Margarita Pareja" by L. Hearn, "The Secret Land" by W. Ewart, "The Coffin" by C. Evans, "Nikaldon" by L.A. Pavey, "Gold Like Glass" by F. Carter, "A Wonderful Woman" by Arthur Machen, "X" by M. Whitaker, "The Gardener" by J. Lindsey, "In the Night" by P. Henderson, "Metamorphosis" by A. Wareham, "The Exorciser" by F. Marsden, "Last Days in High Germany" by H Palmer, "Kitchener at Archangel" by S. Graham, "A Pilgrimage" by W Ewart, "What Is There to Say" by R. Davies, "The Fur Coat" by C. Duff, "The Fluke Cannon" by R L Megroz, "Finding" by J Lindsey, "Innocence" by H.E. Bates, "A Suet Pudding" by T E Powys, "Above the River" by J. Gawsworth, "A Postscript to 'Above the River' " by A. Machen.
New Tales of Horror, Hutchinson (London), ]1934]
Includes: "A Double Return" by Arthur Machen, "The Lost Club" by Arthur Machen, "Love at First Sight" by Richard Middleton, "The Luck of Keith-Martin" by Richard Middleton, "The Amazing Hieroglyphs" by Richard Middleton, "The Making of a Man" by Richard Middleton, "The Murderer" by Richard Middleton, "Wet Eyes and Sad Mouth" by Richard Middleton, "Medusan Madness" by E. H. Visiak, "How Life Climbs" by M.P. Shiel, "The Globe of Gold-Fish" by M.P. Shiel, "Scylla and Charybdis" by John Gawsworth, "The Truth" by Frederick Carter, "Something for Arthur" by Frederick Carter, "Madame Libismina" by Frederick Carter, "The Dead Harlot" by Hugh Macdiarmid, "A'body's Lassie" by Hugh Macdiarmid, "Wound-Pie" by Hugh Macdiarmid, "The Stranger" by Hugh Macdiarmid, "The Ring of Fire" by Sir D. Ross, "The House of Dust" by H. De Hamel, "Effect and Cause" by S. Graham, "Joshua Greenway" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "The Cold-Meat Shop" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "Murderers' Corner" by C. Duff, "Drink Monster" by C. Duff, "The New War," by H. Palmer, "Vision and Television" by R.L. Megroz, "Mrs. Sayce's Guy" by N. Barker, "Force of Habit" by M. Magill.
Thrills, Crimes and Mysteries, Associated Newspapers Ltd (London), [1935]
Includes: "The Skeleton" by Frederick Carter, "The Vivisector Vivisected " Sir Ronald Ross, "The Gift of Tongues" by A. Machen, "The Purchester Instrument" by M. P. Shiel, "A Feilside Tragedy" by Hubert Crackanthorpe, "The Invalid" by Nugent Barker, "The Wrong Turning" by R. Middleton, "The Flying Cat" by M.P. Shiel, "The Old Lawyer's Tale" by Charles Duff, "Rescued" by E.H. Visiak, "Torture" by A. Machen, The Last Adventure" by R. Middleton, "A Woman, a Dog, and a Walnut Tree" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "The Death Dance" by M.P. Shiel, "The Mask" by Francis Marsden, "The Cry of a Century" by R. Middleton & Edgar Jepson, "At the Eleventh Hour" by M.P. Shiel, "What the East Wind Brought" by Anthony M. Ludovici "I Am a Murderer" by E.H. Visiak & A. Vesselo, "The Miracle of the Octagon Room" by Elmar O'Duffy, "Gold Like Glass" by Fred. Carter, "The Place of Pain" by M. P. Shiel, "The Mills of Hell" by Herbert De Hamel, "Kitchener at Archangel" by Stephen Graham, "The Captain" by F. Marsden, "Drake's Drum" by A. Machen, "The Harrying of the Dead" by F. Carter, "The Bath" by F. H. W. Meyerstein, "The Glass Panel" by E. O'Duffy, "A Suet Pudding" by T. F. Powys, "Superintendent Deering's Dilemma" by OsweIl Blakeston, "The Strangeness of Joab Lashmere" by E. Wallace, "December" by R.L. Megroz, "The Flying Pig" by Malachi Whitaker, "A Shot at Goal" by Dorothy L. Sayers, "The Disappearance of George Wake" by R.L. Megorz, "The Six" by N. Barker, "A Document From the Russian" by S. Graham, "The Triptych" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "The Funspot Street Affair" by T. Burke, "You Wouldn't Understand" by John Lindsey, "Superintendent Deering Puts a Question" by O. Blakeston, "Statement of a Scholar" by E.H. W. Meyerstein, "There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard" by M. R. James, "Mr. Parsons' Revenge" by Simon Dewes, "Miss Kitten's Case" by E. O'Duffy, "The Fear From the Lake" by O. Blakeston, "The Second Gong" by Agatha Christie, "The Pageant" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "Whessoe" by N. Barker, "Orpheus" by L.A.G. Strong, "Tom Mackie's Trial" by Hugh MacDiarmid, "En counter at Night" by Mary F. McHugh, "The Coffin" by Caradoc Evans, "The Fluke Cannon" by R. L. Megroz, "The Legacy" by E.H. Visiak, "The Solution" by O. Blakeston, "The Shopwalker's Wife" G.R. Malloch, "Flat to Let" by Marcus Magill, "The Rival Poets" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "The Friendly Creature" by Rhys Davies.
Thrills, Associated Newspapers Ltd (London), [1936]
Crimes, Creeps and Thrills, E. H. Samuel (London), 1936
Includes: "The Shadow" by E.H. Visiak, "Hunger" by P. Lindsey, "The Eyes of Obi" by E.E. Page, "The Uncharted Islands" by E.H. Visiak & J. Gawsworth, "The Woman With the Bundle" by K. Hare, "The Skull" by A. L.Davis, "The Rattlesnake" by J. Rowland, "Chinese Mask" by J. St. C. Muriel, "The Ninth Year" by R.E. Page, "Sacrifice" by S. Dewes, "Broken" by H. Yalden, "The Hand" by R. Middleton, "The Falls Scandal" by M.P. Shiel & F. Armstrong, "Eccentric Lady Tullswater" by R. Middleton, "The Execution of Damiens" by H.H. Ewers, "Murray's Child" by R. Middleton & G. Dundas, "The Cat-Lovers" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "The Tube of Radium" by R.E. Page, "Coincidence" by F. Carter, "The Woman Avenge" by E. Jepson, "High Politics" by G.R. Mallock, "The Signet Ring" by F. Marsden, "The House Opposite" by O. Blakeston, "My Friend Trenchard" by E. O'Duffy, "Boxbug Paints His Kitchen" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "On Lighthouse Rock" by J. Lindsey, "Secret Service Work" by E. Jepson, "Gilmartin" by Mary F. McHugh, "Decision" by J. St. C. Muriel, "Death for the Gander" by Simon, "The Case of the Absconding Financier" by E. Jepson, "Really Was a Bluetit" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "Helping Mummy" by Norah C. James, "The Jingling Telephone" by R.E. Page & K. Jay, "Carson" by E.H. Visiak, "The Ride" by Mary F. McHugh, "A Whistling Woman, and a Crowing Hen" by E.H.W. Meyerstein, "Summer Harvest" by H. MacLaren, "Cruelty in Sunlight" by P. Henderson, "The Lost Meadow" by E. Jepson, "The Disappearance" by Simon, "The 'Master'" by M. P. Shiel and F. Armstrong, "The Announcement" by N. Barker, "The Fakir of Teheran" by F. Carter, "The Shifting Growth" by E. Jepson & Gawsworth.
Masterpieces of Thrills, Daily Express (London), 1936
Includes: "Kali" by Dr. M. R. Anand, "Death's Door" by N. Barker, "Sluice Gates" by "The Grim Case of Mrs. John" by O. Blakeston, "Felo de Se" by J. Brownson, "The Grey Room" by R. Burford, "Spells by Night" by F. Carter, "Bergamask's Revenge" by F. Carter, "Fine Hands" by F. Carter, "The Fetch" by F. Carter, "The Mannikin's Tale" by F. Carter, "Judgment" by S. Dewes, "What Happened to Larry?" by R. Dewsbury, "A Mysterious Coincidence" by C. Duff, "A Man of Spirit" by R. Dundas, "The Cherries" by L. Durrell, "The Upstairs Room" by W. Ewart, "Sprigge" by W. Ewart, "A Stele From Atlantis" by L. G. Gibbon, "The Woman of Leadenhall Street" by L. G. Gibbon, "First and Last Woman" by L. G. Gibbon, "The Dark Wood" by H. Gore, "5,000 Enemy Planes Over London" by S. Graham, "Whither Thou Goest..." by J. Greenidge, "The Man Upstairs" by F. Gregg, "Charlie" by F. Gregg, "Strange Idyll" by F. Gregg, "Dr. Samson Gregory" by N. Harman "The Superintendent's Story" by N. Harman, "The Mother" by P. Henderson, "Melodrama," by J. Lindsey, "Mrs. Biggadyke's 'Unconscious'" by A. M. Ludovici, "The String Game" by M. Magill, "The Secret Chapel" by F. Marsden "The Companion" by F. Marsden "Duty" by F. Marsden "Shillings" by F. Marsden, "Second Sight" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "The Folkema" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "The Crossword" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "Hengo" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "Death Pages Mr. Startle" by E. H. W. Meyerstein, "The Failure" by R. Middleton, "Busman's Holiday" by J. L. Mitchell "The Road to Freedom" by J. L. Mitchell "Lost Tribes" by J. L. Mitchell, "Kametis and Evelpis" by J. L. Mitchell & F. Armstrong, "Ghost of Fleurde-Lis Court" by K. Myer, "Murder Most Foul" by E. O'Duffy, "Dr. Todor Karadja" by M. P. Shiel & J. Gawsworth, "The Mystery of the Red Road" by M. P. Shiel & J. Gawsworth, "The Hanging of Ernest Clark" by M. P. Shiel & J. Gawsworth, "The Flying Worm" by 'Simon', "Borderlines" by 'Simon', "The Traveller" by Gay Taylor, "Red Foam" by Hedda Veseley & R. L. Megroz, "A Good Reprisal" by F. H. Visiak, "In the Mangrove Hall" by F. H. Visiak, "The Mist Rider" by G. West, "A Shawl From the East" by P. Whitehouse.
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