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b.1917 d.1994
Author of horror and crime stories, often underlain by a black humour. Psycho became the best-known of his novels following Hitchcock's classic film.
The Scarf, Dial Press (U.S.), 1947
ditto, New English Library, 1972 (wraps)
The Kidnapper, Lion (U.S.), 1954 (wraps)
Spiderweb, Ace (U.S.), 1954 (Ace Double with David Alexander's The Corpse in My Bed wraps)
The Will to Kill, Ace (U.S.), 1954 (wraps)
Shooting Star, Ace (U.S.), 1958 (Ace Double bound with Bloch's Terror In The Night And Other Stories, wraps)
Psycho, Simon & Schuster (U.S.), 1959
ditto, Robert Hale, 1960
The Dead Beat, Simon & Schuster (U.S.), 1960
ditto, Robert Hale, 1971
Firebug, Regency (U.S.), 1961 (wraps)
ditto, Corgi, 1977 (wraps)
The Couch, Fawcett (U.S.), 1962 (wraps)
Terror, Belmont (U.S.), 1962 (wraps)
ditto, Corgi, 1964 (wraps)
The Star Stalker, Pyramid (U.S.), 1968 (wraps)
The Todd Dossier, Delacorte (U.S.), 1969 (pseud. 'Collier Young')
ditto, Macmillan, 1969 (pseud. 'Collier Young')
It's All In Your Mind, Curtis (U.S.), 1971 (wraps) £10
Sneak Preview, Paperback Library (U.S.), 1971 (wraps)
Night World, Simon & Schuster (U.S.), 1972
ditto, Robert Hale, 1974
American Gothic, Simon & Schuster (U.S.), 1974
ditto, W. H. Allen, 1975
Strange Eons, Whispers Press (U.S.), 1978 [1979]
ditto, Whispers Press (U.S.), 1978 [1979] (300 signed copies, slipcase)
There is a Serpent in Eden, Zebra Books, 1979 (wraps)
Psycho II, Warner Books (U.S.), 1982 (wraps)
ditto, Whispers Press (U.S.), 1982
ditto, Whispers Press (U.S.), 1982 (750 signed, numbered copies, slipcase)
ditto, Whispers Press (U.S.), 1982 (26 signed, lettered copies, d/w and slipcase)
ditto, Corgi, 1983 (wraps)
Twilight Zone - The Movie, Warner Books (U.S.), 1983 (wraps)
ditto, Transworld, 1983 (wraps)
Night of the Ripper, Robert Hale, 1984
ditto, Doubleday (U.S.), 1984
Unholy Trinity, Scream Press, 1986
ditto, Scream Press (U.S.), 1986 (250 signed, numbered copies, slipcase)
Lori, Tor (U.S.), 1989
Screams, Underwood/Miller, 1989
ditto, Underwood/Miller, 1989 (300 signed copies, slipcase)
Psycho III: The Psycho House, Tor (U.S.), 1990
ditto, Robert Hale, 1995
The Jekyll Legacy, Tor (U.S.), 1990
Short Stories
Sea Kissed, Utopian Publications, [1945] (first issue printed in Great Britain, wraps)
ditto, Utopian Publications, [1945] (second issue printed in Eire, wraps)
The Opener of the Way, Arkham House (U.S.), 1945
ditto, Neville Spearman, 1974
Terror in the Night, Ace (U.S.), 1958 (wraps)
Pleasant Dreams, Arkham House (U.S.), 1960
ditto, Whiting & Wheaton, 1967
Blood Runs Cold, Simon & Schuster (U.S.), 1961
ditto, Robert Hale, 1963
Nightmares, Belmont (U.S.), 1961 (wraps)
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper, Belmont (U.S.), [1962] (wraps)
ditto, as The House of the Hatchet, Tandem, 1965 (wraps)
Atoms and Evil, Fawcett (U.S.), 1962 (wraps)
ditto, Frederick Muller, 1963 (wraps)
ditto, Hale, 1976 (hardback)
More Nightmares, Belmont (U.S.), [1962] (wraps)
Horror-7, Belmont (U.S.), 1963 (wraps)
ditto, Four Square, 1965 (wraps)
Bogey Men: Ten Tales, Pyramid Books (U.S.), 1963 (wraps)
Tales in a Jugular Vein, Pyramid Books (U.S.), 1965 (wraps)
ditto, Sphere, 1970 (wraps)
The Skull of the Marquis de Sade, Pyramid Books (U.S.), 1965 (wraps)
ditto, Robert Hale, 1975
Chamber of Horrors, Award (U.S.), 1966 (wraps)
ditto, Corgi, 1977 (wraps)
The Living Demons, Belmont (U.S.), 1967 (wraps)
ditto, Sphere, 1970 (wraps)
Dragons and Nightmares, Mirage Press (U.S.), 1968 (1,000 numbered copies)
Ladies' Day/This Crowded Earth, Belmont (U.S.), 1968 (wraps)
Bloch and Bradbury, Tower (U.S.), 1969 (wraps)
ditto, Sphere, 1970 (wraps)
Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Award (U.S.), 1971 (wraps)
Bloch & Bradbury: Whispers From Beyond, Peacock Press (U.S.), 1972 (wraps)
The King of Terrors, Mysterious Press (U.S.), 1977 (250 signed copies, slipcase and d/w)
ditto, Mysterious Press (U.S.), 1977
ditto, Robert Hale, 1978
Cold Chills, Doubleday (U.S.), 1977
ditto, Robert Hale, 1978
The Best of Robert Bloch, Ballantine (U.S.), 1977 (wraps)
Out of the Mouths of Graves, Mysterious Press (U.S.), 1978
ditto, Mysterious Press (U.S.), 1978 (26 signed, lettered copies, slipcase)
ditto, Mysterious Press (U.S.), 1978 (250 signed, numbered copies, slipcase)
Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of, Ballantine (U.S.), 1978 (wraps)
Mysteries Of The Worm, Zebra Books (U.S.), 1981 (wraps)
Lost in Time and Space With Lefty Feep, Creatures at Large Press (U.S.), 1987 (wraps)
ditto, Creatures at Large Press (U.S.), 1987 (250 signed copies in d/w and slipcase)
The Selected Stories of Robert Bloch, Underwood/ Muller (U.S.), 1987 (3 vols, 500 copies, slipcase, no d/ws)
ditto, Underwood/Muller (U.S.), 1987 (11 signed, numbered, leather-bound sets, 3 vols, slipcase, no d/ws)
Midnight Pleasures, Doubleday (U.S.), 1987
Fear and Trembling, Tor (U.S.), 1989 (wraps)
The Early Fears, Fedogan and Bremer, 1994
ditto, Fedogan and Bremer, 1994 (100 signed, numbered copies, slipcase and d/w)
Further reading
The Complete Robert Bloch, by Randall D. Larson, Fandom Unlimited, 1977.
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