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b.1869 d.1951
An important British writer of supernatural fiction, Blackwood mined all aspects of the genre, and towards the end of his life became something of a radio and television personality.
Jimbo: A Fantasy, Macmillan, 1909
ditto, Macmillan (U.S.), 1909
The Education of Uncle Paul, Macmillan, 1909
ditto, Paget (U.S.), 1909 (abridged, wraps)
ditto, Holt (U.S.), 1914
The Human Chord, Macmillan, 1910
The Centaur, Macmillan, 1911
A Prisoner in Fairyland, Macmillan, 1913
ditto, Macmillan (U.S.), 1913
The Extra Day, Macmillan, 1915
ditto, Macmillan (U.S.), 1915
Julius Levallon, Cassell, 1916
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1916
The Wave: An Egyptian Aftermath, Macmillan, 1916
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1916
The Promise of Air, Macmillan, 1918
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1918
The Garden of Survival, Macmillan, 1918
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1918
The Bright Messenger, Cassell, 1921
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1922
The Doll and One Other, Arkham House (U.S.), 1946
(including: "The Doll", "The Trod.".)
Short Stories
The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories, Nash, 1906
(Including: "The Empty House", "A Haunted Island", "A Case of Eavesdropping", "Keeping His Promise", "With Intent to Steal", "The Wood of the Dead", "Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House", "A Suspicious Gift", "The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York", "Skeleton Lake: An Episode in Camp".)
ditto, Vaughan (U.S.), 1915 (limited to 500 copies)
The Listener and Other Stories, Nash, 1907
(Including: "Dance of Death", "Insanity of Jones", "The Listener", 'Max Hensig~Bacteriologist and Murderer", "May Day Eve", "Miss Slumbubble--and Claustrophobia", "Old Man of Visions", "The Willows", "The Woman's Ghost Story".)
ditto, Vaughan & Gomme (U.S.), 1914 (limited to 500 copies)
John Silence, Physician Extraordinary, Nash, 1908
(Including: "A Psychical Invasion", "Ancient Sorceries", "The Nemesis of Fire", "Secret Worship", "The Camp of the Dog".)
ditto, John W. Luce (U.S.), 1909
ditto, Brentano (U.S.), 1909 (unauthorised edition)
ditto, T. Fisher Unwin (London), 1922 (popular edition)
The Lost Valley and Other Stories, Nash, 1910
(Including: "Canton's Drive", "Eccentricity of Simon Parnacute", "The Lost Valley", "The Man From the 'Gods'", "The Man Who Played Upon the Leaf", "Old Clothes", "Perspective", "Price of Wiggin's Orgy", "Terror of the Twins", "The Wendigo.".)
ditto, Vaughan & Gomme (U.S.), 1914 (limited to 500 copies)
Pan's Garden, A Volume of Nature Stories, Macmillan, 1912
(Including: "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "The South Wind", "The Sea Fit", "The Attic", "The Heath Fire", "The Messenger", "The Glamour of the Snow", "The Return" "Sand", "The Transfer", "Clairvoyance", "The Golden Fly", "Special Delivery", "The Destruction of Smith", "The Temptation of Clay".)
ditto, Tartarus Press (Carlton-in-Coverdale), 2000
Ten Minute Stories, Murray, 1914
(Including: "Accessory Before the Fact", "Ancient Light", "Deferred Appointment", "Dream Trespass", "Entrance and Exit", "Faith Cure on the Channel", "Goblin Collection", "Her Birthday", "House of the Past", "If the Cap Fits-", "Imagination", "The Impulse", "The Invitation", "Jimbo's Longest Day", "The Lease", "Let Not the Sun-", "News vs. Nourishment", "Pines", "The Prayer", "Second Generation", "The Secret", "Strange Disappearance of a Baronet", "Two in One", "Up and Down"' "Violence", "The Whisperers", "Wind", "Winter Alps", "You May Telephone From Here".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1914
Incredible Adventures, Macmillan, 1914
(Including: "The Damned", "Descent Into Egypt", "Regeneration of Lord Ernie", "The Sacrifice", "Wayfarers".)
ditto, Macmillan (U.S.), 1914
Day and Night Stories, Cassell, 1917
(Including: "Bit of Wood", "By Water", "Cain's Atonement", "Desert Episode", "Egyptian Hornet", "H.S.H.", "Initiation", "Occupant of the Room", "Other Wing", "Touch of Pan", "The Tradition", "Transition", "The Tryst", "Victim of Higher Space", "Wings of Horus".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1917
The Wolves of God, Cassell, 1921 (with Wilfrid Wilson)
(Including: "Wolves of God", "Chinese Magic", "Running Wolf", "First Hate", "Tarn of Sacrifice", "The Valley of the Beasts", "The Call", "Egyptian Sorcery", "The Decoy", "The Man Who Found Out", "Empty Sleeve", "Wireless Confusion", ''Confession'', ''The Lane That Ran East and West'','' 'Vengeance Is Mine' ".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1921
Tongues of Fire and Other Sketches, Jenkins, 1924
(Including: "Alexander Alexander", "Continuous Performance", "Falling Glass", "Laughter of Courage", "Little Beggar", "Lost!", "Malahide and Forden", "Man of Earth", "Man Who Was Milligan", "Nephele", "The Olive", "Open Window", "Other Woman", "Petershin and Mr. Snide", "Picking FirCones", "Pikestaffe Case", "Playing Catch", "S.O.S.", "Spell of Egypt", "Tongues of Fire", "World-Dream of McCallister".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1925
Ancient Sorceries and Other Tales, Collins, [1927]
(Including: "Ancient Sorceries", "The Willows", "The Return", "Running Wolf", "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "The Man Who Played Upon the Leaf".)
The Dance of Death and Other Tales, Jenkins, 1927
(Including: "The Dance of Death", "A Psychical Invasion", "The Old Man of Visions", "The South Wind", "The Touch of Pan", "The Valley of Beasts".)
ditto, Dial Press (U.S.), 1928
Strange Stories, Heinemann, 1929
(Including: "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "Sea Fit"' "The Glamour of the Snow", "The Tryst", "Transistion", "The Occupant of the Room", "The Wings of Horns", "By Water", "Malahide and Forden", "Alexander Alexander"' "The Man Who Was Milligan", "The Little Beggar", "The Pikestaffe Case", "Accessory Before the Fact", "The Deferred Appointment", "Ancient Lights", "The Goblin Collection", "Running Wolf", "The Valley of the Beasts", "The Decoy", "Confession", "A Descent Into Egypt", "The Willows", "Ancient Sorceries".)
ditto, as The Best Supernatural Tales of Algernon Blackwood, Causeway Books (U.S.), 1973 (abridged facsimile of above edition)
Full Circle, Mathews & Marrot, 1929 (530 signed, numbered copies)
(Includes: "Full Circle".)
Short Stories of Today and Yesterday, Harrap & Co, 1930
(Including: "The Regeneration of Lord Ernie", "The Sacrifice", "Chinese Magic", "Land of Green Ginger", "The Stranger", "First Hate", "The Olive"' "Two in One", "Dream Trespass", "Cain's Atonement".) 
The Willows and Other Queer Tales, Collins, [1932]
(Including: "The Willows", "Ancient Sorceries", "The Return", "Running Wolf", "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "The Man Who Played Upon the Leaf", "The Tryst", "By Water", "The Occupant of the Room", "The Decoy", "Dream Trespass".)
Shocks, Grayson, 1935
(Including: "Adventure of Tornado Smith", "Adventure of Miss De Fontenay", "Chemical", "Colonel's I'ing", "Dr. Feldman", "Elsewhere and Otherwise", "Full Circle", "Hands of Death", "Land of Green Ginger", "The Man Who Lived Backwards", "Revenge", "Shocks", "The Stranger", "The Survivors", "Threefold Cord".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1936
The Tales of Algernon Blackwood, Secker, 1938
(Including: "Ancient Sorceries", "The Camp of the Dog", "Case of Eavesdropping", "The Dance of Death", "The Empty House", "The Insanity of Jones", "Keeping His Promise", "The Listener", "The Man From the 'Gods'", "Max Hensig-Bacteriologist and Murderer", "May Day Eve", "Nemesis of Fire", "The Psychical Invasion", "Secret Worship", "Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary", "Suspicious Gift", "The Wendigo", "The Willows", "With Intent to Steal", "The Woman's Ghost Story", "The Wood of the Dead".)
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1939
Selected Tales of Algernon Blackwood, Penguin, 1942 (wraps)
(Including: "The Empty House", "Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary", "Keeping His Promise", "The Woman's Ghost Story", "Ancient Sorceries", "The Camp of the Dog".)
Selected Short Stories of Algernon Blackwood, Armed Services Editions (U.S.), [1942] (wraps)
(Including: "The Willows", "The Wendigo", "A Psychical Invasion", "The Woman's Ghost Story", "Max Hensig", "The Wood of the Dead", "The Listener".)
ditto, as Selected Tales of Algernon Blackwood, John Baker, 1964
ditto, Dutton (U.S.), 1965
Tales of the Uncanny and Supernatural, Nevill, 1949
(Including: "The Doll", "Running Wolf", "Little Beggar", "The Occupant of the Room", "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "Valley of the Beasts", "The South Wind", "The Man Who Was Milligan", "The Trod", "Terror of the Twins", "Deferred Appointment", "Accessory Before the Fact", "Glamour of the Snow", "House of the Past", "The Decoy", "The Tradition", "Touch of Pan", "Entrance and Exit", "Pikestaff Case", "Empty Sleeve", "Violence", "The Lost Valley".)
ditto, Castle (U.S.), 1974
 ditto, Nevill, 1952 (4th impression)
In the Realm of Terror, Pantheon Books (U.S.), 1957
(Including: "The Willows", "The Man Whom the Trees Loved", "The Wendigo", "A Haunted Island", "A Psychical Invasion", "Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House", "The Empty House", "The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York".)
Tales of Terror and the Unknown, Dutton (U.S.), 1965
(Including: "The Willows", "The Woman's Ghost Story", "Max Hensig", "The Listener", "The Old Man of Visions", "May Day Eve", "The Insanity of Jones", "The Dance of Death", "Miss Slumbubble", "The Wendigo", "The Cam p of the Dog".)
ditto, as The Insanity of Jones and Other Stories, Penguin, 1966
Ancient Sorceries and Other Stories, Penguin, 1968 (wraps)
(Including: "The Empty House", "A Haunted Island", "Keeping His Promise"' "A Case of Eavesdropping", "Ancient Sorceries", "The Nemesis of Fire".)
 Further Reading
Algernon Blackwood, A Bio-Bibliography, by Mike Ashley, Greenwood Press, 1987.
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