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b.1887 d.1960
Although Asquith wrote ghost stories of her own, she is best remembered as an important early anthologist, persuading many literary friends to write new work for her collections.
Short Stories 
This Mortal Coil, Arkham House (Sauk City, Wisconsin), 1947
(Including: "In a Nutshell", "The White Moth", "The Corner Shop", "God Grante that She Lye Still", "The Playfellow", "The Nurse Never Told", "The First Night", "The Follower".)
What Dreams May Come?, James Barrie (London), 1951
(Including: "In a Nutshell", "The White Moth", "The Corner Shop", "God Grante that She Lye Still", "The Playfellow", "The First Night", "From What Beginnings?")
Anthologies Edited by Cynthia Asquith:
The Ghost Book, Hutchinson (London), 1927
(Contains: "The Villa Desiree" by May Sinclair, "Chemical" A Blackwood, "The Duenna" by Mrs. B. Lowndes, "A Visitor From Down Under" by L. P. Hartley, "The Lost Tragedy" by D. Mackail, "Spinster's Rest" by C. Dane, "Mrs. Lunt" by Hugh Walpole, "Munitions of War" by Arthur Machen, "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D. H. Lawrence, "'A Recluse' " by W. de la Mare, "The Corner Shop" by C. L. Ray, "Two Trifles: 1. The Ether-Hogs, 2. The Mortal" by Oliver Onions, "Twelve O'Clock" by C. Whibley, "The Amorous Ghost" by Enid Bagnold, "Mr. Tallent's Ghost" by Mary Webb, "Pargiton and Harby" by D. MacCarthy.)
ditto, Scribner, 1927
The Black Cap: New Stories of Murder and Mystery, Hutchinson (London), 1928
(Contains: "Shall We Join the Ladies?" by J. M. Barrie (play), "The Killing-Bottle" by L. P. Hartley, "An Unrecorded Instance" by Mrs. B. Lowndes, "A Considered Murder" by Barry Pain, "The Tarn" by Hugh Walpole, "The Islington Mystery" by Arthur Machen, "Circumstantial Evidence" by Edgar Wallace, "The Prince" by W. B. Maxwell, "The Smile of Karen" by Oliver Onions, "The Lovely Lady" by D. H. Lawrence, "The Hospital Nurse" by Shane Leslie, "Telling" by Marjorie Bowen, "Footprints in the Jungle" by W. S. Maugham, "The Lovely Voice Lady" by Cynthia Asquith.)
ditto, Scribner (New York), 1928
My Grimmest Nightmare, Allen Unwin (London), 1935
(Contains: "The Follower" by Cynthia Asquith, "To Be Let Furnished" by Gabrielle Vallings, "Thunderbolt" by Miranda Stuart, "By Water" by A. Blackwood, "Not Long for This World" by Inez Holden, "Jungle Night" by R. A. Monson, "The Anonymous Gift" by L. Vorley, "'There Is One SOS'" S. E. Reynolds, "In the Jotunheim Mountains" by J. B. Morton, "Dead Man's Room" by E. Betts, "Incubus" by Marjorie Bowen, "Into the Enemy's Camp" by H. Jay, "The Mask" by H. de V. Stacpoole, "Behind the Wall" by N. Streatfield, "The Mad Hatter" by E. Middleton, "Six Months Ago" by J. Laver, "Rendezvous With Fate" by C. Madden, "Serenade for Baboons" by N. Langley, "The Surprise Item" by C. Spencer, "Split Second" by Ann Knox, "The Blackmailers" by A. Blackwood, "Room 2000 Calling" by Theodora Benson.
ditto, as Not Long for This World, Telegraph (New York), 1936)
The Second Ghost Book, Barrie (London), 1952
(Contains: "Introduction" by Elizabeth Bowen, "Captain Dalgety Returns" by L. Whistler, "Christmas Meeting" by Rosemary Timperley, "Danse Macabre" by L. A. G. Strong, "The Memoirs of a Ghost" by G. W. Stonier, "The Bewilderment of Snake McKoy" by Nancy Spain, "A Story of Don Juan" by V. S. Pritchett, "The Guardian" by W. de la Mare, "Whitewash" by Rose Macauley, "The Chelsea Cat" by C.H.B. Kitchin, "W S." by L. P. Hartley, "The Amethyst Cross" by Mary Fitt, "Bomber's Night" by Evelyn Fabyan, "Spooner" by Eleanor Farjeon, "Autumn Cricket" by Lord Dunsany, "The Restless Rest-House" by J. Curling, "Back to the Beginning" by J. Connell, "Possession on Completion" by C. Brooks, "Hand in Glove" by Elizabeth Bowen, "The Lass With the Delicate Air" by Eileen Bigland, "One Grave Too Few" by C. Asquith.)
ditto, as A Book of Modern Ghosts, Scribner (New York), 1953
Shudders, Hutchinson (London), 1929
(Contains: "The Travelling Grave" by L. P. Hartley, "Those Whom the Gods Love" by Hilda Hughes, "The Hanging of Alfred Wadham" by E. F. Benson, "Crewe" by W. de la Mare, "The Cosy Room" by A. Machen, "The Snow" by H. Walpole, "The Cat Jumps" by Elizabeth Bowen, "Rats" by M.R. James, "The Stranger" by A. Blackwood, "Dispossession" by C.H.B. Kitchin, "The Lord-in-Waiting" by S. Leslie, "The Last Man In" by W. B. Maxwell, "The End of the Flight" by W. S. Maugham, "Her Judgment Day" by Mrs. B. Lowndes, "The Playfellow" by Cynthia Asquith.)
ditto, as Scribner (New York), 1929
The Third Ghost Book, J. Barrie (London), 1956
(Contains: "The Telephone" by Mary Treadgold, "The Claimant" by Elizabeth Bowen, "Napoleon's Hat" by Evelyn Fabyan, "The Bull" by Rachael Hartfield, "The House That Wouldn't Keep Still" by L.A.G. Strong, "The Doctor" by Mary Fitt, "On No Account, My Love" by Elizabeth Jenkins, "The Ghost of My Valley" by Lord Dunsany, "The Day of the Funeral" by Mary Lane, "Take Your Partners" by R. Blythe, "Someone in the Loft" by L. P. Hartley, "Ringing the Changes" by R. Aickman, "The Tower" by Marghanita Laski, "I Became Bulwinkle" by L. Curling, "Mrs. Smiff" by C. Brooks, "Somebody Calls" by J. Laver, "Harry" by Rosemary Timperley, "The Shades of Sleep" by Ursula Codrington, "The Woman in Black" by D. George, "A Laugh on the Professor" by Shane Leslie, "Poor Girl" by Elizabeth Taylor, "The House in the Glen" by J. Connell, "The King of Spades" by Nancy Spain, "The Uninvited Face" by M. Asquith, "Animals or Human Beings" by A. Wilson, "Remembering Lee" by Eileen Bigland, "Who Is Sylvia?" Cynthia Asquith.)
When Churchyards Yawn, Hutchinson (London), 1931
(Containing: "The Apple Tree" by Elizabeth Bowen, "A Little Ghost," Hugh Walpole, "The Cotillon" by L. P. Hartley, "The Buick Saloon" by Mary O'Malley, "A Threefold Cord" by A. Blackwood, "Opening the Door" by Arthur Machen, "The Birthright" by Hilda Hughes, "Beauty and the Beast" by C.H.B. Kitchin, "As in a Glass Dimly" by S. Leslie, "The Horns of the Bull" by W. S. Morrison, M.P., "The Man Who Came Back" by W. Gerhardi, "The Unbolted Door" by Mrs. B. Lowndes, 'John Gladwin Says ...,'" Oliver Onions, "Our Feathered Friends" by P. MacDonald, " 'God Grante That She Lye Stille,' " by Cynthia Asquith.)
Children's Stories
The Treasure Cave, edited by Lady Cynthia Asquith, Jarrolds, [1928]
(Includes: Johnny Double by Arthur Machen and The Game At Cards by Walter de la Mare: A charcoal burner is granted the wish that he may never loose at cards, and uses this gift to keep an old lawyer out of hell.)
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