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b.1893 d.1961
An American poet and author of fantasy fiction, Clark Ashton Smith was a member of the circle of writers surrounding H.P. Lovecraft. His work is recognisable by its rich vocabulary.
The Star-Treader and Other Poems, A.M. Robertson (U.S.), 1912
Odes and Sonnets, The Book Club of California (U.S.), 1918 (300 numbered copies)
Ebony and Crystal, Auburn Journal Press (U.S.), 1922 (500 signed, numbered copies, no d/w)
Sandalwood, privately printed (U.S.), 1925 (250 signed, numbered copies, wraps)
The Immortals of Mercury, Stellar Publishing Corporation (U.S.), 1932 (wraps)
The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies, Auburn Journal Press (U.S.), 1933 (wraps)
The White Sybil, Fantasy Publications (U.S.), 1935 (wraps)
Nero and Other Poems, Futile Press (U.S.), 1937 (dark tan boards with the title printed on the front and the spine covered in a light tan tape)
ditto, Futile Press (U.S.), 1937 (with two inserts: a three-page printing of David Warren Ryder's 'The Price of Poetry' from Controversy, and an offprint of Smith's poem, 'Adventure')
Out of Space and Time, Arkham House (U.S.), 1942
ditto, Spearman, 1971
Lost Worlds, Arkham House (U.S.), 1944
ditto, Spearman, 1971
Genius Loci and Other Tales, Arkham House (U.S.), 1948
ditto, Spearman, 1972
The Ghoul and the Seraph, Gargoyle Press (U.S.), 1950 (85 numbered copies, wraps)
The Dark Chateau, Arkham House (U.S.), 1958
Spells and Philtres, Arkham House (U.S.), 1958
Abominations of Yondo, Arkham House (U.S.), 1960
ditto, Spearman, 1972
Hesperian Fall, Clyde Beck (U.S.), 1961 (wraps)
The Hill of Dionysus: A Selection, Squires, 1962 (100 hardback copies, half cloth, no d/w)
ditto, Squires, 1962 (manuscript edition, 15 hardback copies in full cloth with poem signed by Smith, no d/w)
ditto, Squires, 1962 (wraps)
Cycles, Squires, 1963 (wraps)
?Donde Duermos, Eldorado? y Otros Poemas, Squires (U. S.), 1963 (176 copies, poems in Spanish, wraps)
Nero: An Early Poem, Squires (U.S.), 1964 (381 copies, wraps)
ditto, Squires (U.S.), 1964 (50 numbered copies, wraps)
Poems in Prose, Arkham House (U.S.), 1964
Tales of Science and Sorcery, Arkham House (U.S.), 1964
The Tartarus of the Suns, Squires, 1970 (165 copies, wraps)
The Palace of Jewels, Squires, 1970 (167 copies, wraps)
In the Ultimate Valleys, Squires, 1970 (160 copies, wraps)
To George Sterling: Five Poems, Squires, 1970 (199 copies, wraps)
Other Dimensions, Arkham House (U.S.), 1970
Zothique, Ballantine, 1970 (wraps)
The Mortuary, Squires, 1971 (180 copies, wraps)
Selected Poems, Arkham House (U.S.), 1971
Hyperborea, Ballantine, 1971 (wraps)
Sadastor, Squires, 1972 (108 copies, wraps)
Xiccarph, Ballantine, 1972 (wraps)
Planets and Dimensions, Mirage (U.S.), 1973 (500 numbered copies)
ditto, Mirage (U.S.), 1973 (wraps)
Poseidonis, Ballantine, 1973 (wraps)
From the Crypts of Memory, Squires, 1973 (198 copies, wraps)
The Fantastic Art of Clark Ashton Smith, Mirage (U.S.), 1973 (wraps)
Grotesques and Fantastiques, De la Ree (U.S.), 1973 (600 numbered copies, wraps)
ditto, De la Ree (U.S.), 1973 (50 hardback copies)
Klarkash-Ton and Monstro Ligriv, De la Ree (U.S.), 1974 (500 numbered copies, wraps)
ditto, De la Ree (U.S.), 1974 (50 copies in black buckram)
The Titans in Tartarus, Squires, 1974 (320 copies, wraps)
A Song From Hell, Squires, 1975 (296 copies, wraps)
The Potion of Dreams, Squires, 1975 (292 copies, wraps)
The Fanes of Dawn, Squires, 1976 (303 copies, wraps)
Seer of the Cycles, Squires, 1976 (321 copies, wraps)
The Burden of the Suns, Squires, 1977 (295 copies, wraps)
The Fugitive Poems of Clark Ashton Smith: Xiccarph Edition, Squires, 1974-1977: (contains: The Titans in Tartarus, A Song From Hell, The Potion of Dreams, The Fanes of Dawn, Seer of the Cycles, The Burden of the Suns, all printed on large paper, in a Gray Parrot traycase, and with a tipped in signed poetry manuscript by C.A.S. from the series, limited to 51 copies)
The Black Book of Clark Ashton Smith, Arkham House (U.S.), 1979
The City of the Singing Flame, Timescape, 1981 (wraps)
The Last Incantation, Timescape, 1982 (wraps)
The Monster of the Prophecy, Timescape, 1983 (wraps)
Clark Ashton Smith: Letters to H.P. Lovecraft, Necronomicon Press, 1987 (wraps)
Mother of Toads, Necronomicon Press, 1987 (wraps)
The Dweller in the Gulf, Necronomicon Press, 1987 (wraps)
The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis, Necronomicon Press, 1988 (wraps)
The Monster of the Prophecy, Necronomicon Press, 1988 (wraps)
Nostalgia of the Unknown, Necronomicon Press, 1988 (wraps)
The Witchcraft of Ulua, Necronomicon Press, 1988 (wraps)
Xeethra, Necronomicon Press, 1988 (wraps)
A Rendezvous in Averoigne, Arkham House (U.S.), 1988
Strange Shadows, Greenwood Press, 1989 (no d/w)
The Hashish-Eater, Necronomicon Press, 1989 (wraps)
ditto, Donald Sidney-Fryer, 1990 (wraps)
The Devil's Notebook, Starmont House, 1990
ditto, Starmont House, 1990 (wraps)
Tales of Zothique, Necronomicon Press, 1995 (wraps)
Live from Auburn: The Elder Tapes, Necronomicon Press, 1995 (cassette with booklet)
The Book of Hyperborea, Necronomicon Press, 1996 (wraps)
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