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It is 1989 and Lawrence Moore has left University and is working in a record shop. He has written a series of lyrics that have come to the attention of Richie Young, a faded pop star attempting to make a come-back. The lyrics are inspired by dark and unexplained events from six years before, when Lawrence had been at school: a disappearance, a suicide and a hit-and-run. When the record is released Lawrence is accused of exploiting these tragedies and is attacked by the newspapers as well as by friends and family.


The past returns to haunt Lawrence Moore, but the attendant publicity also brings developments...


A murder mystery with the slightest hint of the supernatural, this is R.B. Russell’s first novel.


Published  September 2017. The book can be ordered here, an excerpt read here, and a youtube trailer watched here.





'[A] cleverly wrought crime thriller.'  Publishers Weekly


'...the much-anticipated first novel from an author widely admired for his strange tales.' Washington Post


'Russell's elegant but effective prose ... leads the reader with ease through the many twists of the plot making the novel an engrossing and quite enjoyable reading experience.' Gumshoe Review


'Beautifully written, as always.' Nicholas Royle


'This is a delightful novel, gripping in its way and posing important questions about the role of art in our lives, then leaving the reader along with everybody else to puzzle out the answers that fit. I loved it.' Peter Tennant, Black Static

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