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289: WORMWOOD 36.


288: THE GHOST STORIES OF OLIVER ONIONS, 17th June 2021. 384+xi and 364 pages. £80.00. Sewn signatures, printed lithographically on 120gsm acid-free paper, and bound by Antony Rowe, in  wibalin cloth stamped in silver, ribbon marker and head and tailbands. ISBN 978-1-912586-34-9.

Contents: Volume One: "Introduction" by Rosalie Parker, "Credo", "The Beckoning Fair One", "Phantas", "Rooum", "Benlian", "IO (The Lost Thyrsus)", "The Accident", "The Cigarette Case", "Hic Jacet", "The Rocker", "The Ascending Dream", "Dear Dryad", "The Real People", "The Woman in the Way", "The Honey in the Wall". Volume Two: "Gambier", "‘John Gladwin Says . . .’", "The Painted Face", "The Rosewood Door", "The Smile of Karen", "The Out-Sister", "The Rope in the Rafters", "Resurrection in Bronze".


287: SPHINXES & OBELISKS, by Mark Valentine, 15th April 2021. 266 pages. £40.00. Sewn signatures, printed lithographically on 120gsm acid-free paper, and bound by TJBooks, in printed wibalin cloth stamped in gilt, ribbon marker and head and tailbands. ISBN 978-1-912586-31-8.

Contains: ‘Introduction’, ‘“Change Here for the Dark Age”: Edward Shanks’ The People of the Ruins’, ‘The Interplanetary Jacobite: H.M. Vaughan’, ‘Sombre Gloom: The Macabre Thrillers of Riccardo Stephens’, ‘The Magician and the Book: E. Temple Thurston’s Man in a Black Hat’, ‘The Cry of the Curlew: Anne Douglas Sedgwick’s The Third Window’, ‘A Visit to Old Haunts: Cynthia Asquith’s Ghost Book’, ‘Brushed by Moth Wings: The Fleeting Fame of Francis Bourdillon’, ‘Apocalypse and Marrow Jam: Pilgrim from Paddington by Naomi Royde-Smith’, ‘Phoenician Rites and Chaldee Roots’, ‘A Map of Old Dunwich, and Egypt in England’, ‘The Summoner of the Sphinx’, ‘Cricket in Babylon’, ‘The Atlantean Angel in Nightingale Lane’, ‘Racing Cheetahs: Kenneth Gandar-Dower, Explorer and Eccentric’, ‘The “Wonder Unlimited”: Hope Hodgson’s Tales of Captain Gault’, ‘“A Strange and Striking Fragment”: Gerald Warre Cornish’s Beneath the Surface’, ‘The First Master Villain: Guy Boothby’s Dr Nikola’, ‘An Experiment in the Sensational: Gerald Cumberland’s The Cypress Chest’, ‘Three Regency Fantasias’, ‘Cat-at-the-Window: A Note on a Late Victorian Game’, ‘Three Literary Mysteries of the 1930s’, ‘A Dry Patrician Wine: John Gray’s Park, A Fantastic Story’, ‘The Fall of a Cup: Philip Toynbee’s Tea with Mrs Goodman’, ‘Twinned Destinies: Helen Simpson’s Cups Wands and Swords’, ‘Tarot in the 1950s: A Note on Bernard Bromage’, ‘Three Strange Novels of the Sixties’, ‘Tin Mine Gothic (& others also lost)’, ‘The Road to Caermaen: Arthur Machen in the 1980s’, ‘“A Fashion in Shrouds”: What Do Ghosts Wear?’, ‘Stuck in a Book’, ‘The Saracen’s Head’, ‘Passages in the West’, ‘Acknowledgements’.


286: THE TALLOW-WIFE AND OTHER TALES, by Angela Slatter, 18th February 2021. 342 + vii pages. £40.00. Sewn signatures, printed lithographically on 120gsm acid-free paper, and bound by Antony Rowe Ltd, in printed wibalin cloth stamped in gilt and copper, ribbon marker and head and tailbands. Each copy issued with a postcard signed by the author. ISBN978-1-912586-24-0. Contains ‘Introduction’ by Helen Marshall, ‘The Promise of Saints’, ‘The Tallow-Wife’, ‘What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely’, ‘Embers and Ash’, ‘Bearskin’, ‘The Nightingale and the Rose’, ‘Of Ghosts and Glory’, ‘A Stitch in Time’, ‘Sleeping Like Snow’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘And a Young Husband to Bury Me’, ‘By Such Paths’, ‘Afterword’, ‘Acknowledgements’.


"Slatter’s characters and settings are so richly described that the pages feel akin to paintings on a canvas. Accompanied by lovely illustrations by Jennings, this is an exciting, intelligent must-read." Publishers Weekly

"Angela Slatter is a dark enchantress and her exquisite stories are likely to steal your soul (or at least your enthralled attention). The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales will also compel you to read or re-read the previous entries in this fantastic mythos." Paula Guran in Locus

"Wonderful prose and ... enticing narrative style, where words are musical notes and the stories are symphonies." Black Gate

"The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales is a deliciously sophisticated and layered collection." Aurealis #136


285: EZRA SLEF: THE NEXT NOBEL LAUREATE IN LITERATURE, by Andrew Komarnyckyj, 14th January, 2021. 260 pages. £40.00. Sewn signatures, printed lithographically on 120gsm acid-free paper, and bound by Antony Rowe Ltd, in printed wibalin cloth stamped in gilt and silver, ribbon marker and head and tailbands. ISBN 978-1-912586-30-1.


"It’s a joyful book, packed with surprises." The Washington Post

"This is a damn fine novel." Manchester Review of Books

"An outstanding read." Rae's Reading Lounge

"A landmark read."  Des Lewis

"The book is a delight." Whispering Stories

"Tartarus Press is well known for producing beautiful books of top quality, often slightly strange, literature & our shelves here are emblazoned with patches of bright yellow from their spines. I can honestly say, however, that I don't think I've ever quite as much fun reading one of their books as I have with this, their latest novel." John Llewellyn Probert


284: PAST LIVES OF OLD BOOKS, by R.B. Russell, 1st January, 2021. 282 pages. £17.95. Paperback.

Contains: ‘Introduction: Less Frequented Paths’, ‘Rolfe’s Revolver: The Baron Corvo Archive at the Brotherton Library’, ‘In the “Virtual” Footsteps of Arthur Machen’, ‘ “Find the Happiness They had Never Noticed”: Alain-Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes, ‘Correspondence, or Otherwise: Aickman and L.T.C. Rolt’, ‘Brocard Sewell: A Black Swan’, ‘Alastair’, ‘Pierre Louÿs: Pagan Sensuality’, ‘Bibliography of Pierre Louÿs’, ‘Robert Aickman’s “Holiday Photographs”’, ‘Alternative Lives: Arthur Machen’s “A Fragment of Life” and Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes’, ‘Roman Polanski’s The Tenant’, ‘The Connoisseurship of Count Stenbock and Phyllis Paul’, Count Stenbock Bibliography’, ‘Phyllis Paul Bibliography’, ‘Booksellers’ Labels’, ‘Walter J.C. Murray and Copsford’, ‘Immortal Creations: The Brontës Went to Woolworth’s’, ‘Chapman Winston Blubberhouse, and How He Returned to Haunt Me’, ‘The Moon and the Sledgehammer’, ‘Fragile Ivory Towers: The Critics and Donna Tartt’, ‘Denton Welch and Jocelyn Brooke: Kindred Spirits’, ‘Denton Welch Bibliography’, ‘Jocelyn Brooke Bibliography’, ‘George Locke: The Passing of a Legend’, ‘Collecting Arthur Machen Rarities’, ‘Visiting Chydyok’, ‘Past Lives of Old Books’, The Cocteau Twins’, ‘Christopher Millard: Posthumous Friend of Oscar Wilde’, ‘Bibliography of Stuart Mason/Christopher Millard’, ‘Frank Baker: Master of the Absurd’, ‘N.F. Brookes: International Man of Mystery’, ‘Addendum’, ‘Literary Revelations’, ‘The Dangers of Nostalgia’, ‘Pruning a Book Collection’, ‘Down the Literary Rabbit Hole’, ‘Asking About the Weather’, ‘Quentin Crisp Bibliography’, ‘Internal Narrators’, ‘Reference Books’, ‘Outsider Literature’, ‘The Most Frightening Book, Ever’, ‘Katherine Burdekin Bibliography’, ‘Memento Amori: The Poetry of John Sewell’, ‘John Sewell Bibliography’.


'Lovers of obscure authors and literature will welcome this eclectic collection of mostly previously published essays from British editor Russell His easy, accessible style is a delight to read. Publishers Weekly

'Highly engaging', Michael Dirda, The Washington Post








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