Tartarus Press


Wormwood 7

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 7, Autumn 2006


G.K. Chesterton: Artist of Fantasy and the Grotesque by William Charlton

Oriental Gothic: William Beckford's Vathek and The Episodes of Vathek by Albert Power

'Agorit': An Unpublished Fragment by Sarban

Josef Šimánek: Czech Pagan Fantasist by Cyril Simsa

Paul Leppin: The Ghost of Prague: An English Reader's Perspective by Mark Beech

Cry Mider For Zeulas: The Elak Stories of Henry Kuttner by Richard Toogood

The Decadent World-View by Brian Stableford

Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson

Camera Obscura


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