Tartarus Press


Wormwood 34

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 34, Spring 2020


'Oscar Wilde and Shakespeares Sonnets: A Study of Artful Criminality' by Geoff Dibb

'The Forgotten Novels of Peter Van Greenaway' by J. Cruikshank

'The Hand of the Invisible: On August Strindberg and the Weird' by Karen Joan Kohoutek

'William Croft Dickinson: The Scottish Ghost Stories of an English Antiquarian' by Iain Smith

'Still They Wished for Company: Two Novels Linked through Time?' by John Howard

'The Cry of the Curlew: Anne Douglas Sedgwick’s The Third Window' by Mark Valentine

'Under Review' by Reggie Oliver

'Camera Obscura' by John Howard


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