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Wormwood 28

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 28, Spring 2017


Among the Toiling Masses: On Robert Aickman’s ‘Meeting Mr Millar’ by Philip Challinor

Herbert Moore Pim: Hibernian Hierophant, Chameleon of Identity, Sorcerous Scribbler by Adam Daly

Incurable: Lionel Johnson: The Disconsolate Decadent, Part 1 by Nina Antonia

Kipling’s Fancy: ‘Wireless’ Communication and Cross Correspondences by Jacob Huntley

The Fairy Suffragettes: Evelyn Sharp, Bessie Hatton and Mary de Morgan by Mark Andresen

Devil’s Tor: A Voyage from Arcturus by Robert Eldridge

The Eternal Feminine: David Lindsay’s Fixation as Developed in Devil’s Tor by Thomas Kent Miller

Under Review by Reggie Oliver

Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson

Camera Obscura by John Howard


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