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Wormwood 14

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 14, Spring 2010


The Ruins of Reality: Thomas Ligotti and the uses of disenchantment by Joel Lane

E.R. Eddison: Transmutation by Jon Preece

“Soft, Delicious Things”: Decadence in R. Murray Gilchrist by Laurence Bush

Why was Richard Marsh by Calum James

Robert Walser: Strange Supplicant, Idiot Savant, Master of the Microgram by Adam Daly

The Exploits of Lucius Leffing: Investigating Joseph P. Brennan’s Supernatural Sleuth by Mike Barrett

The Decadent World-View by Brian Stableford

Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson

Camera Obscura


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