Tartarus Press


Wormwood 12

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 12, Spring 2009


Ruins of Time: The Mortal Terrors of Harlan Ellison by Joel Lane

Wilkie Collins and the Ghostly Tale by Albert Power

Jurgen by Leonard Cline

Outer Monstrosities: William Hope Hodgson's "The Hog" by Benjamin Szumskyj

The Lost Dream: The Changes Günter Eich Made to His Radio Play Träume by John Howard

Edward Lucas White: Narratives Out Of Nightmare by Mike Barrett

The Rod of the Snake Reconsidered and Some Afterthoughts by Robert Eldridge

A Gentleman of Letters: Peter Vansittart by Mark Valentine

The Decadent World-View by Brian Stableford

Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson

Camera Obscura


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