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Wormwood 11

Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature

Edited by Mark Valentine


Issue 11, Autumn 2008


Resurrecting Alexander Crawford by Douglas A. Anderson

The Experiment by Alexander Crawford

Austin Osman Spare: English Satyr, Magus-Artist and Astral Visionary by Adam Daly

Putting on the Surrealist Hat: The Decadent Aesthetic of Jules Charnier by Reggie Oliver

The Maghreb and the Art of Living: André Gide's The Immoralist by Paul Fox

Towards the Drogulus: A Strange Implosion of Self After Reading Elizabeth Bowen by D.F. Lewis

Loving God and the Dead: Language and Theme in the Stories of Théophile Gautier by Simon Whitechapel

The Decadent World-View by Brian Stableford

Late Reviews by Douglas A. Anderson

Camera Obscura


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