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‘The Walled Garden: A Fable’, Fabulous Aesop, Zagava, 2022

‘Aircrew’ and ‘Bipolarity’, Grotequeries, Zagava, 2022

'All Talk', Supernatural Tales 49, 2022


'Dream Fox', They're Out to Get You, TK Pulp, 2021


'Madre de Dios', Raphus Press, 2021

'Homecoming', Dreamland: Other Stories, Black Shuck Books, 2021

'Home Comforts', Infra Noir 2020, Zagava Books, 2021

'Home Comforts', Zagava, 2021

'Holiday Reading', Best New Horror 30, Winter 2020

'The Decision', Supernatural Tales 45 Winter 2020/21

The Moor', Supernatural Tales, 39, edited by David Longhorn, November 2018

'Chimera', Great British Horror 3: For Those in Peril, Black Shuck Books, 2018

'Waiting', The Book of the Sea, Egaeus Press, 2018

'The Dreaming, Black Static, #59, July 2017

'The Attempt', Shadows and Tall Trees 7, 2017

'The Bronze Statuette, Supernatural Tales 33, edited by David Longhorn, October 2016

'Homecraft', Uncertainties, Swan River Press, August 2016

'Random Flight', Best British Horror 2015, Salt Publishing, July 2015

'Selkie: A Scottish Idyll', Supernatural Tales 29, edited by David Longhorn, April 2015

'Random Flight', Terror Tales of Yorkshire, September, 2014.


'Untouchable', The Horror Fields, Morpheus Tales, March, 2014.


'The Thames' in Terror Tales of London, edited by Paul Finch, Gray Friar Press, 2013.


'The Nurse’s Letter: An Addendum to "The White People" ’, Faunus 27, The Friends of Arthur Machen, 2013.


'Oracle' in Dark World, edited by Timothy Parker Russell, February 2013.


'In The Garden' in Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #21, edited by Stephen Jones, September, 2010.


'In The Garden' in The Fifth Black Book of Horror, edited by Charles Black, September, 2009.


'The Picture' in Supernatural Tales 15, edited by David Longhorn, July 2009.


'Spirit Solutions' in The Black Veil and Other Tales of Supernatural Sleuths, edited by Mark Valentine, Wordsworth Editions 2008.




'Edith Wharton', Book and Magazine Collector 323, August 2010.


'A.E. Waite', Book and Magazine Collector 322, July 2010.


'Count Stenbock', Book and Magazine Collector 317, February 2010.


'Alastair', Book and Magazine Collector 309, July 2009.



'Harry Crosby', Book and Magazine Collector 305, March 2009.


'Margaret Atwood', Book and Magazine Collector 302, Christmas 2008.

'Aleister Crowley', Book and Magazine Collector 297, August 2008.

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