R.B. Russell

Waldron: A Sussex Village

This is the story of Waldron, a small East Sussex village, told through historic photographs and postcards, and rare surviving cine film. It shows the historic buildings of the parish, like the Elizabethan Hersonsdale, and Possingworth Mansion, an example of Victorian Gothic exuberance, as well as village street scenes through the years. We know a great deal about the people who lived in the large houses, but there is also a visual record of the ordinary people of Waldron, many of whom were employed by the various estates and manors.


For generations of Waldron families it was a hard, agricultural way of life, but much changed with the outbreak of the First World War. Not only did Waldron lose fifty-four men, but the war was a catalyst for great social and economic upheaval. This film shows many of the shops, trades and services that have been and gone, as well as local people at leisure and school, and as members of local clubs and societies.


The Second World War also affected Waldron directly. Waldron men again gave their lives fighting for their country, and those that returned faced peace having experienced more than we can ever imagine.


This story of Waldron is based on the local history collection of my parents, Barry and Susan Russell, and could not have been made without their expertise and enthusiasm. Both sides of my family, Russells and Pettits, have links with the village through several generations, and I have used family photographs to augment the story of the village.


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