R.B. Russell

Turn Your Head by The Bollweevils

The Bollweevils' "Turn Your Head" was a live favourite, first released on the "Corrupt Postman" (K7) compilation tape brought out by Windmill Records, c.1989. The song was written at the turn of 1988/89 and was first played live 14th Jan 1989 at The Leadmill, Sheffield, where the band supported The Man From Delmonte. On this recording the line-up was Sarah Griffiths (vocals), Mark Johnson (guitar), Dave Lloyd (guitar), Steve McKevitt (bass guitar), and Chris Coyle (Drums).


This presentation has been created from a video made by Travis (the random objects, colours, and heavily affected footage) which was filmed with the original band line-up, and also includes footage filmed by Jon Gilbert c.1990/91 at Red Tape Studios, with a later line-up that included Mark Shaw on guitar and Pete Darnborough on Drums.


This video edited by R.B. Russell.


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