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Unfortunately, the production company which hoped to film The Dark Return of Time have not renewed their option for the film, and it will not be going ahead with them. The scriptwriters hope to interest another production company in due course.

26th April 2018:

Michael Dirda in the Washington Post recommends Death Makes Strangers of Us All, calling Russell a contemporary master of the literary weird tale. He writes: 'the disorienting title story of R.B. Russell’s superb Death Makes Strangers of Us All (Swan River) takes us into an “unreal city” straight out of Kafka or Borges.'


19th March:

Death Makes Strangers of Us All is reviewed by Mario Guslandi at The Horror Review. He writes, 'a fine collection of remarkable stories told in a captivating ... fashion.'


24th January 2018:

Russell's next collection of short stories, Death Makes Strangers of Us All, will be published by Swan River Press in February 2018. The book contains ten stories: "Night Porter", "At the End of the World", "Brighthelmstone", "Death Makes Strangers of Us All", "The Man Who Missed the Party", "It’s Over", "The Mighty Mr. Godbolt", "One Man’s Wisdom", "Afterwards"

"The Ghosts of Begbie Hall".

Russell's video presentation for The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations will be shown at Dean Clough Galleries from Saturday 24th February, 2018.

14th January 2018:

Stuart Maconie played The Quiet Woman of Montevideo from The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations this evening on The Freak Zone, on BBC Radio Six, and also mentioned the video presentation at Dean Clough, Tartarus Press, and the publication of She Sleeps.

5th January 2018:

She Sleeps has been reviewed at the Gumshoe Review, where Mario Guslandi writes: "Russell's elegant but effective prose ... leads the reader with ease through the many twists of the plot making the novel an engrossing and quite enjoyable reading experience."


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