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16th December 2016:

Publishers Weekly

The Stones are Singing has received a good review at Publishers Weekly: "Russell’s expertly orchestrated weird tale."

26th November 2016:

A Weekend of Weird

R.B. Russell will be attending A Weekend of Weird, talking about Robert Aickman following a showing of Robert Aickman: Author of Strange Tales. He will also be discussing Sarban with Mark valentine.

15th November 2016:

Morpheus Tales Review

The Stones are Singing has received a good review at the Morpheus Tales Reviews Supplement: "A remarkable novella ... Russell confirms, once again, his extraordinary talent as a perceptive writer of elegant, subtly disquieting fiction."


20th October 2016:

Washington Post

The Stones are Singing is included in Michael Dirda's recommended Halloween reading in The Washington Post today.

5th October 2016:

CD Reviews

The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations has been positively reviewed at Ave Noctum where it is described as "an interesting conceptual piece", and on Wormwoodian where Mark Valentine writes: "The music conveys our yearning after meaning in a domain of shadows."

24th September 2016:

Filming begins: The Dark Return of Time

Filming has begun on the opening sequences of The Dark Return of Time, based on the novella by R.B. Russell, and with a script by Todd Niemi, Russell, and Rosalie Parker. The filming has been reported in The Sun, The Star and Hello magazine.

23rd September 2016:

The Stones are Singing

A new novella by R.B. Russell can be ordered from PS Publishing. The Stones are Singing suggests that even the smallest of changes in our world can hint at parallel existences, and the ability, for some, to move between alternative realities. A trailer can be viewed here.

9th August 2016:

New CD

R.B. Russell issues a new CD of original recordings entitled The Romance of Shortwave Radio Numbers Stations. The nine piano compositions are available in a signed, numbered limited edition with accompanying DVD of videos, as well as a standard trade CD in a jewel case.

8th August 2016:


R.B. Russell contributes a short story, 'The Mighty Mr Godbolt' to the forthcoming anthology, Uncertainties: Twenty Two Strange Stories, to be published by Swan River Press in August 2016.

8th August 2016:


R.B. Russell contributes an essay on Le Grand Meaulnes to Booklore, an anthology about the passion for books, to be published by Zagava in September 2016.

1st Match 2016:

Movie premieres

"Backgammon" will open in select theaters in New York, Denver and Los Angeles on March 11th, as well as be released via VOD. (There are no European dates yet.)

12th January 2016:

From Vienna With Love

R.B. Russell will be contributing two new tracks to the forthcoming Klanggalerie album From Viena With Love (CD album | gg211). The first is the piano instrumental "Let there Be More Love", and the second the guitar and vocal track "There is a Man in the Wood". Other artists participating are: Rhe Residents, Naevus, Natascha Schampus & Thomas Fröhlich, Cadaverous Condition & Herr Lounge Corps, Charles Bobuck, The Burning Hell, Markus Brösel, Christopher Barker, Rapoon, Eric Random, Paul Roland, 7JK, Roma Amor, Mushroom's Patience, Renaldo M., The Bumps.

9th January 2016:

Documentary Premiere

Coverdale: A Year in the Life, a new film by Rosalie Parker with R.B. Russell will be released on 10th February 2015. The premiere will be held at The Garden Rooms, Tennants, Leyburn on Tuesday 9th February, 6:30pm. A trailer is available on youtube.








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