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News 2015

9th November 2015:

World Fantasy Award Win!

R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker jointly won a World Fantasy Award last night in Saratoga Springs for Tartarus Press

6th November 2015:

Backgammon review

Cait Lore, in a preview of films showing at the St Louis International Film Festival, writes of Backgammon:

"Of all [the movies] I previewed I have two clear favorites, which I’m certain I’ll return to again and again once I have a chance to own them. The first is Backgammon ... which is tough to talk about[.] It’s one of those films that’s best to know nothing about going in. What I will say is that it’s an excellently cast thriller from director Francisco Orvañanos. The titular characters are a pretentious artist that won’t stop quoting Baudelaire, his histrionic muse, and a young man who is equal parts sensitive and impressionable. They are thoroughly convincing personalities, as I feel like I’ve met people like each one of them in my own life. The young man gets drawn into the web of those two slightly older aristocrats, and the results are catastrophic."

28th October 2015:

Robert Aickman documentary screening

On Thursday Nov 5th at 9:30pm the Robert Aickman documentary made by R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker will be screened at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs.




19th October 2015:

Denver Film Festival

Backgammon is an official selection of the Denver Film Festival.


2nd October 2015:

St. Louis International Film Festival

Backgammon is an official selection of the 2015 St. Louis International Film Festival .




29th September 2015:

Film News

The Dark Return of Time is scheduled for filming Spring 2016. A promo video is available on youtube.




28th September 2015:

The Stones are Singing

A new novella by R.B. Russell is scheduled for publication by PS Publishing 2016/17.





6th September 2015:

Radio 6

1hr, 1 min into Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on Radio 6, the dj plays Julian Baal's The Children of the Comet, as performed by the Mysterious Musicians of de Barry Gardens. The music is 'instigated' by R.B. Russell.



July 2015:

Best British Horror

'Night Porter' from Shadows and Tall Trees has been reprinted in Best British Horror 2015 by Salt Publishing.




9th July 2015:

World Fantasy Award Nomination

Ray Russell and Rosalie Parker are nominated for Tartarus Press in the Special Award: Non-professional category. Two Tartarus Press books are additionally nominated.



16th May 2015


This June will see the publication of SOLILOQUY FOR PAN by Egaeus Press, containing "Panic", a short story by R.B. Russell.




17th April 2015


Backgammon, the feature film based on Russell's novella Bloody Baudelaire is premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival.




19th January


R.B. Russell and Rosalie Parker are interviewed by Rick Kleffel at the Agony Column.


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