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15th August 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

The Dark Return of Time is now available as an ebook from Amazon, or from Tartarus Press.




18th July 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

There are plans afoot to film The Dark Return of Time. It is to be produced by Ian Reed, who is known for The Seasoning House (2012), The Reverend (2011) and The Hooligan Wars (2012). The script has been co-written by Todd Niemi, Rosalie Parker and R.B. Russell. A fan page for the film has been created on Facebook here.


3rd July 2014:

The Washington Post

A brief mention in The Washington Post by Michael Dirda: "R.B. Russell’s 'The Dark Return of Time' ... is a short thriller that opens in a shop selling second-hand books in Paris. What could be better?"



2nd July 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

Two more reviews for The Dark Return of Time:


"Russell's smart, dark novel is thrilling, sensuous and memorable." Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column


"As is customary with Russell's work, the book is a real pleasure to read due to the elegant narrative style, the allusive and disturbing atmosphere and the author's ability to question reality as it appears and to challenge the reader's imagination and knowledge of the universe." Mario Guslandi, The Gumshoe Review.


5-6 June, 2014

Exhibition of photographs

A selection of photographs by R.B. Russell are on show at the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, as a part of the conference, Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality.



28th May 2014:

The Dark Return of Time

Two new reviews for The Dark Return of Time:


"Russell is one of those quiet conjurors whose uncanny moments are often three-quarters-hidden behind a slatted blind of noonday normalcy." Mark Andresen, The Pan Review


"While not a supernatural tale within the strict definition of the term, this short novel offers the reader a world that is slightly out of kilter, if not quite that of a nightmare. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes intellectual thrillers with a touch of the outré." David Longhorn, Supernatural Tales



27th May 2014:


Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack is now available digitally at Bandcamp.





23rd May 2014:

Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack

Russell's CD, Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack, is now available direct from Klanggalerie. It contains 19 tracks written as a soundtrack to an early edit of Backgammon, a feature film based on Russell's novella Bloody Baudelaire. It is a collaboration with Matt Howden of Sieben, and is mastered by Andrew Liles from Nurse With Wound.


21st April 2014:

The Dark Return of Time Published

R.B. Russell's novella, The Dark Return of Time, is now available from the Swan River Press.





20th April 2014:

Night Porter

Russell's story "The Night Porter" has been published in Shadows and Tall Trees, edited by Michael Kelly, Undertow Publications, April 2014




April 2014


An Interview with R.B. Russell, conducted by Brian Showers can be read here.


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