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News 2013

16th October 2013:


Russell's story 'Brighthelmstone', set in Brighton, has been published in Terror Tales of the Seaside, edited by Paul Finch.




26th September 2013:

Ghosts review

Another overlooked review, this time of the Ghosts CD, from Sloucher:


"A perfect fit to R.B. Russell‘s book, this soundtrack is quite a delight. The most captivating piece is, oddly enough, the one with not a single electronic bit in it, the piano-driven ‘Llanfihangel’. If you are unsure about a soundtrack like this working for a book, start with this one ..."


25th September 2013:

Spanish Translation

Russell's short story 'Loup-garou' has been translated into Spanish by María Pilar San Román, and can be read here.

Additionally, an interesting blog entry in Spanish discussing Ghosts can be found here.


12th August 2013:

Leave Your Sleep Reviews

A couple of reviews for Leave Your Sleep, not previously noted:


'Leave Your Sleep is a collection that lingers on your mind for a long time after reading it. Because the stories are hauntingly beautiful and unforgettable, and the prose is amazingly good, it's easy to say that this collection is speculative fiction at its best.' Risingshadow.


'I’ll admit: I wasn’t able to guess the endings of these tales. And for me, that’s enough to recommend this collection.' Hellnotes



19th March 2013:

At The End of the World

R.B. Russell's story "At the End of the World" is now available in Shadow's Edge, edited by Simon Strantzas. Unfortunately there is a printing error that means that a part of the first line of the first story is missing!



4th February 2013:

Dark World

R.B. Russell's story "The Paschal Candlestick", set in the Yorkshire Dales, is published in Dark World. All profits from this new collection of ghost stories will be used to help the Amala Children’s Home, funding a three-week working trip in July 2013, and being donated directly to the cause.


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