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13th December 2011:

The Unsettled Dust

This Thursday R.B. Russell is interviewed in The Unsettled Dust, on Radio 4. Screenwriter Jeremy Dyson praises the supernatural stories of British author and conservationist Robert Aickman and argues they should receive greater recognition for their contribution to literature.



13th December 2011:

Cameras Roll

Bloody Baudelaire is still due to be filmed by 3:1 Cinema in the USA, with filming now due to commence February/March 2012.




12th December 2011:

Black Static Review

And Delicate Toxins, edited by John Smith, has recently been reviewed by Peter Tennant in Black Static: "R.B. Russell gives us a forbidden love affair in ‘Mathilde’, with the hapless Bernard sacrificing everything for the eponymous femme fatale, only nothing is quite what it seems in this obliquely written romance and death itself has a role to play. Russell touches on the hopelessness of desire when transmuted into obsession, and how our expectations keep us chained in place, the narrator having become as spellbound as Bernard prompting a spectral intervention at the height of the story."



24th November 2011:

Debut album

R.B. Russell's debut album will be released in February 2012: Ghosts is the soundtrack to the writings of British author, R.B. Russell. The songs are composed and arranged by Russell, and vocals for a number of songs are provided by Lidwine, whose voice is the perfect complement to the music. “Ghosts” will be available in February 2012 as a stand-alone CD from Klanggalerie, and also as a limited edition set with the book Ghosts (which reprints his first two publications, “Putting the Pieces in Place” and “Bloody Baudelaire”).


th November, 2011:

Today Programme

R.B. Russell will be interviewed by David Sillitoe today on Radio Four's Today programme, as a part of the feature on Murmurations, the RSPB anthology, and will read an excerpt from "The Beautiful Room".


16th October, 2011:


Ray Russell reports that, with great regret, he has withdrawn The Dark Return of Time from Ex Occidente Press. The publisher has stated that all pre-orderes for this title will be refunded. It is hoped that the material which was intended for this box set will be published elsewhere, in due course.


October 12th, 2011:

Sold Out

Bloody Baudelaire has now sold out!





September 28th, 2011:

Nightjar Press chapbooks

The Nightjar Press chapbooks receive a positive review here and The Beautiful Room is described as "a terrific short story".




September 23rd, 2011:

Dead Reckonings

A fine review of Literary Remains in Dead Reckonings # 10: "...readers are held spellbound by Russell’s elegant prose."




September 14th 2011:

Three Short stories

Three new short stories are due to be published in forthcoming anthologies this autumn: "The Restaurant San Martín" in This Hermetiic Legislature, edited by Dan Ghetu and Dan Watt (Ex Occidente Press),  "The Beautiful Room" in Murmurations: Uncanny Stories About Birds, edited by Nick Royle (Two Ravens Press), and "The Bridegroom" in  Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead, edited by Stephen Jones (Ulysses Press).


22nd July 2011:

Literary Remains Review

A fine review of Literary Remains can be found at The Stars at Noonday: "The stories in this collection are, to be sure, effective taken individually (I first read 'Loup-garou', an unsettling story that has less to do with werewolves than you might imagine, in an anthology, and very much admired it). But read as a cohesive whole, preferably in one sitting, they reveal a profound awareness of human drives and limitations, an understated but very real sense of the large and small tragedies that characterize our lives. Literary Remains is dark fantasy of the first order."


19th July 2011:

The Master in Cafe Morphine

The Master in Cafe Morphine, a tribute to Mikhail Bulgakov, has been published, containing "The Exquisite Process of Gala Gladkov" by R.B. Russell.




16th July 2011:

Film option

Bloody Baudelaire has been optioned for a film by 3:1 Cinema in the USA, with filming due to start later this year.




16th July 2011:

BFS review

The British Fantasy Society review The Beautiful Room very positively here.




27th June 2011:

Shortlisted for Award

Russell's The Beautiful Room is shortlisted in the British Fantasy Society Awards.




22nd June 2011:

Best Horror of the Year

In The Best Horror of the Year 3, Ellen Datlow writes: "Literary Remains by R. B. Russell (PS) is the second collection of stories by a writer who in the past few years has been making a name for himself with his well-written weird and dark fiction... The ten stories, eight new, are all well worth reading."

"The Beautiful Room" receives an "honorable mention" in the book.


17th June 2011:

Delicate Toxins review

Mario Guslandi on the SFSite reviews Delicate Toxins very positively and says, " 'Mathilde' by R.B. Russell, a beautiful, odd love story with an elusive but touching ending, stands out for its excellent narrative style and terrific dialogues."



9th May 2011:


"The Beautiful Room" (currently available as a limited edition chapbook from Nightjar Press) will be included in Murmurations later this year, edited by Nicholas Royle with all proceeds going to the RSPB. Other authors include Daphne du Maurier, Anna Kavan and Russell Hoban.


14th April 2011:


Delicate Toxins, an anthology of stories inspired by Hans Heinz Ewers, is now available from Side real Press. It contains "Mathilde" by R.B. Russell.




17th January 2011:

An Unconventional Exorcism

The Eloquent Page have reviewed The Sixth Black Book of Horror and in discussing their personal highlights of the collection mention Russell's "An Unconventional Exorcism" .

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