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News 2010 21st December:
Black Comedy
Peter Tennant describes "An Unconventional Exorcism" as "a delightful black comedy... There are some great characters here, a witty writing style and a great twist at the end" in his review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror in Case Notes for Black Static. 10th December:
Black Static
Peter Tennant recommends both Literary Remains and The Beautiful Room in the new issue of Black Static. 9th December:
"Mathilde" by R.B. Russell will be published in the Side Real Press anthology, Delicate Toxins in the New Year. 17th October:
Supernatural Tales review
A great review of Literary Remains in Supernatural Tales 18: "a worthy successor to R.B. Russell's first collection, Putting the Pieces in Place. It should appeal to those who enjoy well-crafted short stories in general, and strange stories in particular." 11th October, 2010:
Bloody Baudelaire
Sarah L. Covert at She Never Slept has favourably reviewed Bloody Baudelaire: "This book defies categorization, as most good books do. It is equal parts gothic horror, mystery, romance, strange tale, and more. Bloody Baudelaire is a memorizing tale that deserves to be read slowly as one sips on a glass of aged wine, enjoying each sensation it brings with adoration and awe. I would recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys strange tales, dark fiction, or well written stories with great characterization." 9th October, 2010: Link Gallery Exhibition
Eight illustrations by R.B. Russell which have previously appeared on the jackets of Tartarus Press publications are on display now in the Link Gallery at Dean Clough. They are displayed alongside the artwork of Stephen J. Clark and the show continues through to January 2011. 9th October:
Another Russian Review
A Russian review of The Beautiful Room says that it is "highly recommended". 8th October:
A Russian Review
A Russian review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror describes "An Unconventional Exorcism" as "elegantly written. 7th October:
Peter Crowther
The importance and power of recommended reads, by Peter Crowther 2nd October 2010:
The Beautiful Room
A positive review of "The Beautiful Room" by Paul Magrs 28th September 2010:
Des Lewis in his real-time review that he "LOVED this story" of "Decision" by R.B. Russell from Never Again. 21st September 2010:
First review
A first review of "The Beautiful Room": "...a stunning little story, simply and understatedly, as well as artfully, told." - Simon Marshall-Jones, Beyond Fiction 20th September, 2010:
Two stories published
"The Beautiful Room" is now available from the Nightjar Press for only £3. Also available is Never Again, a collection containing Russell's story "Decision". 5th September, 2010:
Halifax Ghost Story Festival R.B. Russell will be at the Halifax Ghost Story Festival on Saturday 30th October at the Dean Clough Galleries. Tartarus Press will be hosting a number of events 11am-1pm in the project room.
In addition, 7-9pm in the Viaduct cafe, Russell will be appearing with Jeremy Dyson, who is taking time off from his new West End production of Ghost Stories, to talk about Robert Aickman. 24th August 2010:
World Fantasy Award Nomination
"In Hiding" from Putting the Pieces in Place has received a nomination in the World Fantasy Awards. 16th August 2010:
Leave Your Sleep
Leave Your Sleep, a new collection of stories by R.B. Russell will be published by PS Publishing in Spring 2012. 13th August, 2010:
The Beautiful Room
A chapbook of Russell's short story "The Beautiful Room" will be launched by the Nightjar Press at Fantasycon, run by the British Fantasy Society, 17–19 September, 2010, at the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham. 18th July 2010:
Table of contents
The table of contents is announced for Never Again, along with a facility to pre-order. 9th July 2010:
Never Again
"Decision" by R.B. Russell will be included in the forthcoming anthology Never Again, published by Gray Friar Press in September 2010. Edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane, the book is an attempt to voice the collective revulsion of writers in the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion and deny our collective human inheritance. All profits made from sales will be donated The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and others. 3rd July 2010:
Rue Morgue
A positive review of Literary Remains in Rue Morgue # 102 28th June 2010:
Yet another Literary Remains review
Another good review for Literary Remains, this time at Hyraxia, the book collecting website. 22nd June:
Another Literary Remains review
Literary Remains reviewed by Paul Charles Smith. 18th June:
Literary Remains review
Literary Remains reviewed by The Supernatural Fiction Junkie. 1st June 2010:
Black Abyss
A good review at Tales from the Black Abyss: "A fine collection at times reminiscent of Machen, Aickman, Ligotti and others but always with that unique R.B Russell style." 31st May 2010:
A pre-review from Supernatural Tales suggests that Literary Remains is "...a remarkable read..." 26th May:
Grim Blogger
Another positive review for Literary Remains at The Grim Blogger: "This collection sets the bar high for himself, not to mention future authors, but also ensures a special place for his fiction in the contemporary weird's bright future. " 26th May:
A good review of Literary Remains at Risingshadow.net: "...strangely beautiful prose . . . compelling stories. " 11th May 2010:
Bookgeeks review
A new review has just gone online at Bookgeeks, written by Mario Guslandi: "...all the stories are elegantly written, clever, classy tales apt to delight the reader throughout the whole volume..." 10th May 2010:
All previously ordered copies of Literary Remains have now been posted by the publisher. 4th May 2010:
A great review of The Sixth Black Book of Horror by Mario Guslandi at Horrorworld singles out "An Unconventional Exorcism" saying: "...by far the most accomplished piece in the book, is a perfect, delightful tale, very elegantly written." 30th April:
Honourable mention
An honourable mention for R.B. Russell in the Campaign for Real Fear competition for the story "Don't Ask Me". 25th April 2010:
Despite the suggestion that Literary Remains is now available (made by the author himself!), there has been a delay as the jackets and covers have been reprinted. (The publisher considered them too dark.) It will be ready to ship any day now... 25th April 2010:
Real Time Review
Literary Remains has recently been subject to a "real-time" review by Des Lewis on his Weirdmonger blog. (He has also just completed a "real-time" review of Putting the Pieces in Place) 25th April 2010:
An Unconventional Exorcism
Also recently published is the story "An Unconventional Exorcism" by Russell in The Sixth Black Book of Horror. There have been a couple of positive reviews of the collection from Colin Leslie at Tales from the Black Abyss and by the indefatigable Des Lewis. 14th March 2010.
Literary Remains will be launched on Friday 26th March at 5pm in Bar Rogue at the Royal Albion Hotel as a part of the World Horror Convention. All attendees welcome! The trade edition will be available from that date, and the traycased, limited edition shortly afterwards. 21st February:
excellent and very satisfying debut
Putting the Pieces in Place is described by Ellen Datlow in The Best Horror of the Year Volume II as: "...an excellent and very satisfying debut." She also favourably mentions Russell's contribution to Cinnabar's Gnosis. 6th February 2010:
Putting the Pieces in Place
A very good review for Putting the Pieces in Place from The Speculative Fiction Junkie: "The hallmark of these stories is their subtlety. Putting the Pieces in Place is a wonderful debut from an author who is among those leading the way in blending horror and the strange tale." 5th February:
"Looking for Somebody", a poem by Ray Russell has just been published in Staple # 72, the Music Issue. 28th January 2010:
The new collection of short stories by Ray Russell, Literary Remains, is now available for pre-order from PS Publishing as a trade hardcover, or a signed, traycased hardcover. The provisional publication date is May 2010. 20th January 2010:
Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year and "Loup-garou" have been positively reviewed at Michael Lambe's Blog. 17th January:
R.B. Russell will be attending the launch and book signing of Black Book of Horror # 6 at the World Horror Convention on Friday 26th March. The latest volume in Charles Black's series contains Russell's story "An Unconventional Exorcism". He will also be appearing on the "We Are Not Worthy" panel on Thursday night, discussing literary influences. More World Horror Convention news to follow. 11th January 2010:
Wonderfully disarming
Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year has been very positively reviewed in Locus. R.B. Russell's contribution" is described thus: " ‘Loup-garou’ is a wonderfully disarming and original story that offers a thoroughly original exploration of the shapeshifter theme in an otherwise ordinary marital relationship."

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