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News 2009 9th December:
Ex Occidente Press are now shipping copies of Cinnabar's Gnosis, a tribute to Gustav Meyrink, which includes the short story "The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold" by R.B. Russell. Their next anthology, The Master in Cafe Morphine: A Homage to Mikhail Bulgakov, will contain Russell 's new tale "The Exquisite Process of Gala Gladkov". 27th October 2009:
Starred Review
A starred review in Publisher's Weekly for Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year describes R.B. Russell's “Loup-garou” as "a highly original shape-shifter story with a subtle psychological twist". 22nd October 2009:
Great Review
A great review of Bloody Baudelaire from The Grim Blogger. 18th October:
Speculative Fiction Junkie
A positive review of Bloody Baudelaire from the Speculative Fiction Junkie. 12th October 2009:
The first review of Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year has been spotted. The Bibliophile Stalker says: " 'Loup-garou' by R.B. Russell feels like it's another of those stories that uses the horror trope about a rare film, but actually presents a unique take on it that makes this feel refreshing." Copies will be available very soon. 4th October 2009:
Cinnabar's Gnosis
Russell's story "The Red Rose and the Cross of Gold" will be published later this month in Cinnabar's Gnosis, to be published by Ex Occidente Press. Also forthcoming before Christmas is "Company", which will be published in Supernatural Tales 16. 4th October 2009:
Literary Remains
The collection of short stories, Literary Remains, is now due to be published some time in 2010. 1st September 2009:
Highlander's Book Reviews
A perceptive review of Bloody Baudelaire at Highlander's Book Reviews. 20th August:
Publishers Weekly
Another good review for Bloody Baudelaire at Publishers Weekly! 17th August:
The Zone
A great review from Mario Guslandi at The Zone for Bloody Baudelaire. 11th August, 2009:
Real Time Review
Bloody Baudelaire received a positive reaction from Des Lewis in one of his real-time reviews. Strangely, the story "Literary Remains", recently published in Postscripts 18, is described by The Fiction Desk as having something of M.R. James about it. 30th June, 2009:
Supernatural Tales
A perceptive review by David Longhorn of Putting the Pieces in Place has just been published in Supernatural Tales 15. 17th June, 2009:
Another great review
Another great review for Putting the Pieces in Place just in. This time from Andy McQuade in Gorezone. 28th May, 2009:
Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews
A positive review for Putting the Pieces in Place just in from Mihai Adascalitei at Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews. 27th May 2009:
Best Horror of the Year
Above is the newly released cover artwork for Ellen Datlow's The Best Horror of the Year, containing "Loup-garou" from The Werewolf Pack. 11th May 2009:
The Freak Zone
The song "It Is There" was played on Stuart Maconie's The Freak Zone yesterday evening on BBC Radio Six. The show is available online for the next seven days here. "It Is There" is played 18 minutes and 20 seconds into the show. The song is by R.B. Russell, with vocals (and vocal arrangement) by Lidwine, who also plays the autoharp on this particular track. 10th May 2009:
Putting the Pieces in Place
Many thanks to Simon Unsworth for the appreciative review of Putting the Pieces in Place on his blog. 4th May 2009:
Literary Remains
"Literary Remains" is now available in issue 18 of Postscripts from PS Publishing. It has to be admitted that the interior artwork is a little disappointing. 24th April:
Year's Best Horror
"Loup-garou", which was first published in The Werewolf Pack in 2008, has been chosen by Ellen Datlow for her Year's Best Horror anthology, to be published later in the year. 12th April:
Rue Morgue
Putting the Pieces in Place is reviewed favourably in Rue Morgue magazine this month where it is described as a "superb collection". 5th April:
The poem "On Chaldon Down", previously published in Staple, has been reprinted in the Powys Society Newsletter, No 66, March 2009. 22nd March, 2009:
Putting the Pieces in Place
A small number of reviews and comments have been received for Putting the Pieces in Place. The publisher, Ex Occidente, report that the first run of 400 copies has just about sold out.

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